10 reasons why building your gaming PC is a good idea

Every player knows the problem: The current gaming PC is getting old and a new model is coming up. Complete PCs are the simpler solution, but self-built computers offer many benefits. Even less tech savvy players are afraid of doing something wrong and damaging expensive components.

But do not worry, the assembly is very simple. Forums are often the motto “who could play with Lego as a child, can also put together a computer”. This post is based on ten reasons why a self-assembled gaming PC is a much better idea.


1. More power for the same money

  • A fully assembled computer from the store is always slightly more expensive than self-built models. This is simply because the assembly has to be paid for. This alone increases the cost of the PC by a few tens. And that is not the only saving potential.
  • Many complete packages offer services that players do not need. For example, an overly large RAM, a processor that is oversized in relation to the graphics card or the like. Most complete PCs that fulfill their own requirements are oversized in their own subareas. This additional but unnecessary performance must be paid.

With a self-built computer, every gamer can save on these two additional costs . The remainder of the money can either be invested in additional performance improvements or some interesting games. In any case, it is better invested than in a pre-configured model.

Realistic prices for a self-built gaming PC start at 450 euros. These configurations are sufficient for League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive and similar games. Tripple-A titles in FullHD and with the highest details can already be realized from 800 bucks.

2. High quality components for the same price

Most complete systems come with inexpensive OEM mainboards and power supplies. The quality of these components is well below the well-known brand manufacturers. The same applies to the main memory and the cooling. As a result, many computers are less stable or significantly louder.

But why do big manufacturers rely on these cheap components? Most companies try to maximize their profits . This inevitably leads to the most favorable components, which are just enough. The systems are stable under good conditions and survive the warranty period. This is the provider from the tailor. With all the rest, the player remains alone.

When assembling on your own , the best components are chosen on the market. A good motherboard not only runs more stable, it also offers more adjustment options than OEM models. Power supplies are known weaknesses of inexpensive complete systems. These are much more stable and protect the rest of the hardware from damage.

3. The learned ability will bring much in the future

Building a gaming computer is not difficult. Several YouTube videos, online guides and more bring this topic to anyone interested. For the first time, players may need four to five hours instead of two. This is of course a bit awkward, but brings a lot for future problems.

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Bad cooling systems are a thing of the past. That was probably. However, off-the-shelf solutions are usually not optimal. Good cooling systems with powerful fans and neat CPU and GPU coolers offer many additional options. So can theLife example clearly Longer side ‘ll siege n, In addition, by targeted overclocking of the components as needed, the last bit of power can be tickled out of your own computer.For example, if the graphics card is dropped, we can easily remove it and temporarily put it on the integrated graphics unit. Although this can not be played, but at least a computer is still available for school or student projects. In addition, it is much easier to install a replacement part should a specific component break down after the warranty period.

On the other hand, those who rely on a complete system must rely on the manufacturer in case of doubt. If the warranty expires, either a completely new computer is required or the owner must acquire the problem solution in a hurry. This problem does not occur when players know how to assemble a computer.

4. A home-made computer improves the software

The preinstalled software of the manufacturer is called bloatware . This comes from the English word bloat, which means to inflate. The supplied software offers mostly no benefit, but inflates the installed operating system unnecessarily. As a result, the computer slows down significantly. Often these programs can not even be removed. A self-configured system can be set up as desired. There are no unnecessary trial versions installed, except gamers want to have them.

In addition to increased performance, too, is fill annoying messages interesting. The preloaded trial version of Office packages, anti-virus system and other programs often announces Lockangebote, discounts and the like. This annoys a lot of players. The getting rid of these messages is always associated with work, sometimes the software is not so easy to remove.

In addition, many finished computers offer limited driver availability. This is especially true for the motherboard. These drivers are usually not developed further or only for a limited time. By contrast, renowned hardware manufacturers attach great importance to satisfied customers, drivers are updated comparatively long. This is especially interesting when new components are to be installed. So upgrades do not cause problems with outdated drivers.

5. The self-built computer is more suited to your own needs

The price of a computer was already the appropriate configuration for their own needs addressed. The whole thing is so relevant, however, that this section should go into it again. Complete PCs usually bring as standardized as possible package, which is not suitable for every player, however. For example, Arma III requires comparatively far more processor power than graphics performance. There are many such examples. A typical complete system is therefore not enough for many gamers.

In an individual configuration, the components can be customized according to your own wishes . Those who like to play MMORPGs rely on a powerful processor with a graphics card of the upper middle class and enjoy the maximum settings with decent resolution. Fans of Tripple-A titles rely more on a mid-priced CPU and add a very powerful graphics card for best performance.

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There are many other points for custom configurations. Many players like to use illuminated computers to visually enhance their own desks. The self-built computer can use illuminated fans, LED strips or fancy housings instead of off-the-shelf solutions. Especially gamers are often fans unusual computer and come with preconfigured models not really at their expense.

6. Only own buildings offer particularly good cooling

Another advantage is the possibility one as possible quiet. It depends on the choice of a good graphics card with quiet cooling and the use of low-noise fan. With a sufficiently large cooling block on the processor, the demand on its fan can be significantly reduced. An insulated housing completes the entire package. The insulating mats on the housing significantly reduce vibrations and other sources of noise.

The optimum for any gaming PC is infinity . They are more expensive than classic air cooling, but offer more power with less noise. There are two options. Especially simple are all-in-one water coolers, which are mostly available for processors. The radiators are mounted on the housing and equipped with fans. Cooler and pump find their place on the CPU itself. More individualized are self-built water cooling systems. All components can be included in the cooling concept, from the graphics card to the processor and various components of the mainboard.

7. Homebuilt calculators can be better upgraded

Further above, already poor mainboards and power supplies were addressed. The cheap installed components in complete systems often do not allow upgrades. A very common problem is lack of power supply plugs. If, for example, a graphics card with only one power connection is installed in the complete system, the included power supply unit will generally only offer one connection. When upgrading to a new and more powerful graphics card, upgrading the power supply may be necessary. In the self-built system, this can be avoided by a very small surcharge, which keeps all options open.

Another aspect is that the components used in self-built systems tend to offer up-to-date connections. For example, .2 ports are found in finished computers relatively rare (as of 2017). However, these are very interesting, should an SSD be retrofitted. The significantly faster performance and better power supply is a significant plus in the current account of your own computer. Of course, countless other technologies found in motherboards and other components are rare in complete systems. To enumerate all here, however, the frame.

8. The self-built computer can save a lot of power

Good power supplies are usually much more efficient than cheap models. This means that less power is taken out of the socket for the same performance in games. Over the life of a computer, a well-chosen power supply often already saves up to 20 dollars alone due to the reduced energy loss. And that’s just a component.

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The power supply is far from the only way to drastically reduce power consumption. Various graphics cards, processors and even fans require different amounts of energy. By skillfully selecting the components, two computers themselves can quickly derail performance of 40 watts and more per hour. If the computer is only used for three years with four hours of fun every day, that will quickly be € 40 savings or even more.

Of course, that does not seem like much, but those who pay their own electricity bill will appreciate the long-term savings. And one should not be forgotten: The calculator is still cheaper than a purchased complete system with better efficiency and the same performance.

9. The project teaches professionally relevant skills

Especially at a young age, players often underestimate the importance of individual decisions for their future. However, assembling a computer teaches many skills that are in great demand in professional life. This already starts with the planning. In many jobs, balancing different alternatives for small part solutions is very important. An example of such an important decision is choosing the right graphics card for your own needs or matching the different components.

In addition, a gamer learns how to distribute a given budget to different components of the gaming PC. This is a very simple example of common business budgeting issues . Anyone who lays the foundation for this early on will have more options open later in their professional life. The entire profile is also rounded off by the mediated sense of responsibility of such a project.

This is a skill many are missing and employers are looking for.

10. The whole thing is just a lot of fun

Many fear the process of building a gaming PC themselves. There is no reason for this, quite the contrary. Once started, most gamers really enjoy the process. You gain full control over your own computer and learn a lot about hardware, which can be helpful even with the next smartphone. Some even develop a new hobby and look forward to helping others build their PCs in the future.

In addition, many social media forums and communities offer the opportunity to interact with like-minded people. This creates new and interesting acquaintances, where everyone can learn from each other. Some like to work on their scooters, cars or furniture, others enjoy the process of building a perfect computer for specific gaming demands.

Closing words

A home-built gaming PC is not just a new box for gambling. It is much more. Players get much higher-quality components, which come closer to their own claims than any even more expensive complete solution.

In addition, many gamers go through the construction of their first own project on their own. That brings many benefits for the future. These can be professional or private. For example, if you help a friend with their computer, they may change their brakes for you at cheaper prices than in the workshop.


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