Intel reveals Tiger Lake processors for a launch in 2020

Intel revealed its plans for 10 and 7 nm nodes , and also some details about Tiger Lake , a new series of processors for the segment of laptops that will arrive from the year 2020 with several very interesting innovations.

Tiger Lake will arrive in 2020 with a node of 10nm +

Tiger Lake

If we follow the roadmap published by Intel, the Tiger Lake series of processors would be released in 2020 focused on laptops , with Intel listing the product with the phrase “mobility redefined”. With this in mind, it is likely to release in the form of low power chips of the Y and U series for laptops and other devices.

It is said that Tiger Lake uses a completely new central architecture , but no details were entered into. Intel has been using variants of its Skylake architecture since 2015, giving the company a lot of time to make radical changes in the architecture of its processors. With this in mind, we expect a significant boost in IPC performance.

Tiger Lake

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Graphically, Tiger Lake will be Intel’s first product to integrate the new Xe graphics engine , with Gregory Bryant claiming that Tiger Lake is designed to be used with 8K screens or multiple screens in 4K.

Intel has compared a Whiskey Lake 15W processor with 24 execution units with a 25W Tiger Lake chip with 96 execution units to show a 4 times better performance graphically.

Ice Lake will be the first series of processors for laptops that will use a 10 nm node and Gen11 graphics , these will arrive in the coming months. The successor will be Tiger Lake , which will use an improved 10nm + node and integrated graphics based on the Intel Xe graphics cards that will debut that year.

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