Devil May Cry 5 Review

18 years after its first delivery and 11 of the last chapter related to the main line of its history, Devil May Cry is back in what supposes the return of Capcom to the first planes with a series of proposals that have retaken the essence of franchises that took the company to the top. Unlike its predecessor, released in 2008, Devil May Cry 5 seems to have debuted at an excellent time because, today, many players give evidence of having overcome this need to get lost in expectation of the future of the industry, the next step in technical terms , in favor of retaking the traditional elements but brought to their maximum potential. Since its disclosure at E3 2018, Devil May Cry 5it ignited the expectation of the fans since everything indicated that hack and slash in pure state had returned and it was only a matter of time to verify that it was so. Will the recent episode of Sparda’s offspring be another jewel in the crown that Capcom now boasts? Let’s find out.

  • Reviewed version: Xbox One
  • Also available in: PlayStation 4 and PC


Emerged from a series of projects that sought the diversification of Resident Evil , Devil May Cry was able to generate an identity of his own that earned him a legion of millions of fans who succumbed to a proposal focused on pure action and the charismatic personality of the protagonist, Dante , a demon hunter sure of his power, haughty and confident enough to see the devil face to face knowing he is the winner of the duel. After all, the path of the franchise started thanks to Hideki Kamiya, an authentic rockstar of the industry.

However, the story of Devil May Cry was not without stumbling blocks and the sequel suffered from an uneven development process faced by Hideaki Itsuno, one of the most prominent creatives of Capcom, and the result was disastrous. However, already with the franchise in his hands and taking advantage of his great experience in fighting games, Itsuno was able to overcome the stigma of the failed sequel and gave the world Devil May Cry 3, game that for many years was considered the best of the series and one of the best action games of all time. In that installment, we learned the origin of the dispute between good and evil materialized in the children of Sparda, Dante and Vergil with a proposal that enhanced the most significant elements of the first title, which was irresistible for the fans, who were witnesses of the redemption of the franchise.

The development process led by Itsuno gave for more and Devil May Cry 4 tried to break through in an industry that was going through a generational transition of consoles and, although the game was well received by the fans, the truth is that, as I mentioned before, at that time we wanted the future and the land promised by new technologies and high definition to come, so that the tragic story lived by Nero, the new character in the series, was not able to leave its mark. 11 years after that, Itsuno prepared to return with an unexpected revenge and Devil May Cry 5 was the way to tell the world that the most powerful demon of the hack and slash was back and that the dispute between Sparda’s offspring was about destroy the entire planet.

The War of Dante

As for its history, Devil May Cry 5 takes place years after the events of Devil May Cry 4, with a more mature Nero and a Dante who is still dedicated to maintaining the lifestyle he has always led, as a demon hunter, both settled in Red Grave, a city inspired in London, England and whose name refers to the alias that Dante uses After starting in the business of demon hunting, Tony Redgrave. However, this same city witnessed the collapse of mankind when a tree began to grow more than normal until it reached the heavens and from whose roots infernal creatures were released that began to exterminate every living being. This tree is known as Qlipoth and its name is related to Qlifot and its variants in different cultures, as it is the name used to refer to the Tree of Death or the Tree of Hell. Precisely,

The root of hell lies in the place where the children of Sparda were born

In response to the call for help from the citizens, Nero and his co-worker, Nicoletta “Nico” Goldstein – granddaughter of the weapons forger Nell Goldstein, creator of the two .45 caliber pistols that Dante, Ebony & Ivory uses – come across a demonic invasion out of the ordinary, but the protagonist of Devil May Cry 4 is able to solve it without problems, although something draws attention: it does not have the arm that concentrated the strength of the Yamato katana and instead has an arm prosthetic with high technology.

An excellent story management that will catch you and never let you go

Although the story of Devil May Cry 5 is based on the basic premise of previous deliveries in relation to the fight between good and evil that has accompanied the offspring of the demon Sparda, the development team led by Hideaki Itsuno opted to handle it with a structure that allows you to see the facts from different perspectives and at different times to the point where all the roads meet. Precisely, the first thing we will see will be what appears to be the final battle against Urizen and from the first moment we know that Dante, Nero, a mysterious character known as V, Lady, Trish and Nico will be part of the adventure and from there we will know how and when all these roads were connected to reach the jaws of hell created by the Qlipoth.

3 demon hunters ready to kick ass

The first success of Devil May Cry 5 is in the management of its history because Capcom managed to create a very attractive proposal in narrative terms without the need for thousands of lines of dialogue or hours of cinematic. Appealing to the essence of Devil May Cry, located in its exquisite gameplay, the developers present a simple but powerful story and very well achieved that keeps you on the edge of the seat at all times, with memorable situations, unexpected twists and tie different loose ends present in the different installments of the franchise . The structure by missions is masterfully adapted to the events of the game and there will be times when you will control Nero, V or Dante and others in which you will have to decide which character to play with, but everything will be intertwined and will always leave you wanting to move on to the next mission and learn more.

The last option to resurface as a demon or die


Obviously you can not talk about Devil May Cry without mentioning Resident Evil , because Capcom’s zombie franchise has not only acted as a midwife for various projects, among which the series that we are dealing with today stands out, curiously, its recent rise to the top Close-ups have served for Devil May Cry to return and do so triumphantly.

At a time when the industry is on the way to standardizing graphics engines, specifically Unreal, Capcom opted for a home engine developed for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard whose results showed the quality and commitment that the company had put in it. Precisely, when it was officially announced that Devil May Cry 5 was in development, those responsible for the title confirmed that RE Engine would be the chosen engine to give life to the title and today I can say that the results are impressive.

In terms of the visual section, Devil May Cry 5 is outstanding and although it is a pure action game, the development team took care that this is carried out in relevant scenarios that highlight the combat and reflect the different moments of the game. the history. As I mentioned earlier, Red Grave is a city inspired in London and the first missions are carried out in urban locations that reflect the chaos unleashed by the invasion of the demons and the devastation they have left in their attempt to exterminate the humans.

The visual section is impeccable

In both open and closed spaces, Devil May Cry 5 absorbs you with a combination of colors and lighting effects that generate mixed feelings for the imminent end of the planet, as it seems that time stopped at the time of the attack, and maximized the feeling of loneliness in areas where humans are a thing of the past and everything is reduced to the protagonists against a legion of demons.

Also, at some point in the story Nero, Dante and V will have to enter the hell created by Urizen and, as it could not be otherwise, Capcom shows that he knows how to work very well with the gore, so you can expect worthy scenarios of the worst nightmares.

Perhaps, the only detail in this section is that there is some generic content, specifically that which is included to fill the scenarios, but this you will only notice if you dedicate the necessary attention. However, we must not forget that Devil May Cry 5 is a pure hack and slash and the intention of Capcom is that the focus is on the combat and not on the enjoyment of the scenarios, after all, this is pure action and there is no time to lose admiring sunsets or how well worked a river is.

A frantic fight requires visual performance at height

Special mention deserves the visual performance of Devil May Cry 5 as far as the action is concerned, in that section, the development team delivered a product with the highest quality and although for this delivery the photorealism of the characters was presumed and some environments, Capcom fulfilled its word to concentrate efforts on achieving a fluid combat experience that respects in most cases 60 frames per second.

The fluidity of the combat is spectacular

In that sense, Devil May Cry 5 is a visual delight and the deployment practically responds to the needs of the battle, highlighting the important movements, but without leaving behind the details of combat, in fact, every detail is there and the Work is so good that you will notice it even if it is not your intention.

However, a negative point in this section is the record of a decrease in the rate of frames per second in the battles that pounds with V since this character makes use of 2 supports, a panther and a bird, so there were occasions in that the number of enemies on the screen, coupled with the movements of V and its supports, affected the visual display, although I must say that this did not cost me the fight and only represented an uncomfortable moment that does not affect in general.

On the other hand, Devil May Cry 5 suffers with the constant presence of load screens and there are times when it is annoying to have to wait, even if it is just a short time, to enter the management section for the progression system or see a screen of load for a short sequence that leads to another waiting period.

A soundtrack designed to motivate you to fight and show off while kicking ass

One of the most attractive and essential elements of Devil May Cry has been its heavy rock soundtrack, is there better music to liquidate entire hordes and show off the best moves? In that sense, Devil May Cry 5has the quality that is already the hallmark of the franchise and each fight will be taken to the maximum with relevant musical themes that do nothing but motivate and provoke you to perform the best combos. Each character you control, whether Nero, Dante or V, has a specific theme for the battles that frenziedly contextualizes the action. In the same way, the combats with the bosses have specific themes and, from my point of view, the highest point is reached in the 2 final combats, whose soundtrack evokes different emotions converting them, immediately, in moments that will pass to the story of your life as a player.

Of course, in Devil May Cry 5 there are times when there is no need to fight and it is necessary to advance through the different sections of the stages, well, these are also framed by appropriate themes that generate tension due to the imminent danger that awaits later or that they make the devastation of Red Grave more noticeable. At the same time, the cinematic, especially in its most dramatic points, have themes that highlight the pain, hatred and despair that the characters live.


After addressing the different elements in which Devil May Cry 5 stands out, it is time to talk about the most important thing: the game experience. In general terms, Devil May Cry 5 maintains the design and mechanics of the other installments of the franchise so you will find a game based on combat action in its purest state with a progression system that adjusts excellently to the difficulty curve.

As dictated by the story that precedes it, the primary objective of Devil May Cry 5 is to show off in combat with a sufficient number of moves that you can link to create devastating combos that will be qualified by the system. As has happened in other installments, the rating ranges from the “D” to the “SSS” and this is determined according to your creativity, skill with control and braggadocio because the intention is that you feel such a rock star as do Nero, Dante and even V in some moments.

The primary objective of Devil May Cry 5 is to show off in combat

This you will achieve thanks to a simple control scheme in which you have commands to jump, use your weapon, shoot, set an objective, make a special movement and another to unleash the demonic power of the character. Also, Devil May Cry 5 respects the defensive proposal that has accompanied the franchise, so you will have to dodge the enemy’s attacks and the best thing is that you can determine the distance you will go away. Put another way, you decide if you just dodge the blow by staying on the radio to perform a counterattack, perform a lateral movement that allows you to harm one or more creatures or, if the situation is compromising, you move far enough to keep distance and attack in another way.

The design of Devil May Cry 5 in terms of its combat proposal is impressive and sometimes requires basic skills and intermediate polished fighting games, of course, if you’re looking to show off because the game is so generous that, on occasion, will give the victory to a “button masher”, although, inevitably, the moment will come when that will not help. In the same way, a basic parry system is included that allows you to block and counterattack as long as you respond with an attack in the required animation box, which is greatly enjoyed as the visual and sound sections highlight the success of the counteroffensive, motivating you to start an SSS category combo to crown your skill.

From the "S" you can consider that you have learned well

Devil May Cry 5allows playing with 3 characters, Nero, Dante and V. Fortunately, each has its own personality and combat system, a proposal that refreshes the franchise interestingly and, incidentally, maintains interest in the development of the game Well, as I said, your mission scheme is presented with an adequate balance that is not focused on a specific character, letting you enjoy each other’s story and their combat skills. Personally and at least in terms of gameplay, there is nothing but praise from me for the design of each character and their respective combat mechanics, except for a technical-visual detail with the camera -which sometimes does not give you the best perspective and can cause you can not continue with your combo or, worse,

Also, the progression system remains intact, so the collection of red orbs is crucial to get new moves, weapons and skills that will help you to deal with enemies as they get stronger. In that sense, it is important to note that, in addition to having enough enemies, Devil May Cry 5 presents a boss at the end of each mission and, as expected, there will be some clashes with huge enemies that will require a particular strategy to be defeated

Nico has everything you need

In the same way, the title maintains the need to learn patterns of movement to deal with the bosses and determine the right time to attack or defend. The battles with the bosses of Devil May Cry 5are something would be and in the maximum levels of difficulty, some could take you a considerable amount of time but, at all times, the feeling of victory is indescribable and more if you could show off your best moves .

However, I must leave a few words for the final 2 epic battles, yes, some games have one, but Devil May Cry 5 has 2, and although I can not say anything about them since it is spoilers, I will just mention they are worth the whole game because they condense all the quality that the title presumes in all its sections and, as you can expect, they will be the equivalent of a final exam where everything you have learned along the way will be put to the test.

Nero, the rebellious boy and heir of Sparda’s power

When starting Devil May Cry 5we find that Nero lost his right arm, where he kept the power of the Yamato katana, after a stranger cut him, leaving him badly wounded. The solution to the delicate situation came from Nico, who having inherited the skills of his grandmother as a forger of weapons, created a series of prosthetic arms with different abilities that Nero can use in combat. Hence, in addition to using the Red Queen sword and the pistol, Sparda’s heir can use Nico’s creations to perform movements as varied as launch a devastating attack, draw a loop that will allow you to pull the enemies towards you and follow the sequence of a combo, detonate a time capsule that slows down enemies that are in the radius of explosion and, even,

Nero in the mouth of hell

The prosthetic arm of Nero has 2 functions in combat that were very well implemented by the team led by Itsuno. If you press the special movement button, you can use the skills described above but, as I mentioned, Nico created different models with different abilities, known as the Devil Breakers, and include the possibility of making a devastating movement that will free you from many problems but that will leave the prosthesis unusable. Fortunately, you can take different models at the same time to use them at the time you consider appropriate.

We must highlight the great work that the development team achieved in order to integrate the use of arms and the electronic limb in the correct way in its attack, support and defense functions. The system of fight with Nero feels great in the control and is handled in a great way, allowing to spin attacks and to make impressive combinations.

V, the mystery embodied

Devil May Cry 5 presents a new character known as V, whose motives of struggle are a mystery at the beginning but will reveal themselves as the story progresses. Unlike Nero and Dante, V has only one combat ability that serves to kill enemies because his attacks are made by summoning Griffon, a bird that serves as a trigger for long-range attacks; Shadow, a panther that is responsible for hand-to-hand combat and with which you can perform the combos and Nightmare, a huge creature that fulfills the function of special movement and that will appear when activating the Devil Trigger.

V, a humanity that wanders in search of the other part

As you can imagine, the combat with V requires you to be aware of what is happening in the whole scenario and you can not lose detail of anything because, while the supports fight, the character is vulnerable to enemy attacks and your offensive can be broken if V receives a blow. As I mentioned, this mysterious character has only one attack ability and that is to finish off the enemies, so that once you have left their energy zero, it will be enough to press the special movement button so that V I eliminated them.

Regarding the gaming experience with V, it is generally good and I recommend that it be done by moving the character to places that allow the camera to be enlarged, because in case the combat closes to a specific space, the saturation on the screen it does not let enjoy the combat and causes a fall of the rate of pictures per second.

Dante: you could not expect less from the son of a demon

From the beginning to the end, Devil May Cry is Dante’s series and the fifth installment is no exception and Sparda’s son is back to face his biggest challenge and wage a new episode of the struggle between good and evil. wrong. For Devil May Cry 5, Dante is presented as the most powerful character because he has more weapons and special moves, so, in addition to different swords, you will have the classic Ebony & Ivory pistols, the lethal shotgun, King Cerberus, Balrog gloves, and after beating an old acquaintance, you will have a Cavaliere motorcycle that can be turned into a pair of powerful sharp blades capable of damaging the enemy in an important way. Also, at some point you will be awarded the Dr. Faust hat, which will give an exquisite style to your fighting skills.

Dante, face to face with the guardian of hell

Also, Dante is presented as the best exponent of the gameplay in Devil May Cry 5 thanks to the 4 combat specialties that he has, same that you can select at any time with the digital pad. Gunslinger is a style focused on shooting and ideal for long distance combat; Trickster concentrates the skills to dodge attacks; Swordmaster is the best for close combat by using the swords and Royal Guard, the most difficult to master, will make you a master of the parry and counterattack skills. Whatever the case, the gameplay with Dante is, perhaps, the best part of Devil May Cry 5 and its missions are the moment when the game reaches its peak.


There is no doubt that the wait was worth it and even when doubts were generated regarding what would be Devil May Cry 5 after so many years and after the controversial episode that the franchise lived in the hands of Ninja Theory, everything has been dispelled in favor of the new work of Hideaki Itsuno and his team. Devil May Cry 5 is an excellent return to the basics and pure gameplay, but taken to a new level thanks to current technology. With a proposal full of action, fun and motivating, Capcom has hit again and has delivered one of the best games of 2019.


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