30 quick tips to start Dauntless on the right foot

Dauntless is being the last shout of the free to play , but we understand that it is not the action game that everyone is used to and it may be that your first hours of play are a bit discouraging. Especially because the game strives to explain more than you can assume instantly, and if you try to memorize everything, you may not learn anything. For that reason, in 3DJuegos we have prepared a guide with 30 quick tips that can help you to understand the small empty spaces that Dauntless does not finish making clear during your first games and hours of play.

  1. If you’re a Monster Hunter veteran and it’s your first time at Dauntless, go to the Dauntless guide for Monster Hunter veterans .
  2. Long lines to enter? Do not worry, it’s normal and they’re already solving it.
  3. If a character has a symbol “!” in the head, is that it offers a mission. Take all the missions you see, even if you are not going to do them at once.
  4. If you have to visit several merchants before starting a mission, save time by starting the matchmaking first, and talk to the merchants while looking for the game.
  5. You do not have to go to the missions station to take a mission, you can also start a hunt directly from the map. 
  6. In addition to weapons and armor, remember to equip potions . The health ones come by default, the others you must prepare them in their corresponding merchant. Of course, you need materials to create them.
  7. As you raise the hunting pass, you unlock some extra rewards, such as grenades or missiles, that are equipped in the consumables inventory as well as the potions.
  8. Never forget to hit the “ready” button during the mission preparation screen if you have everything ready to help the mission begin before.
  9. The simplest and most recommendable weapon for beginners is the sword.
  10. In addition to gestures, the action wheel allows you to fire a flare into the air. Use it to communicate to your classmates that you have found the Behemoth.
  11. If you are looking for the Behemoth, look at the compass at the top of the screen. The flares of your companions are marked right there and can help you get into action quickly.
  12. Normally, you will start to find plants and other manufacturing materials from the first screen. Do not forget to take them.
  13. The ether spheres that float on the map apply a temporary velocity buff. Take all you see while looking for the Behemoth.
  14. There is no damage from falling.
  15. Sometimes you find ether cracks in the ground that you can use to heal yourself, but leave them for when the Behemoth moves away or you will be an easy target.
  16. Aether cracks have a limited number of uses.
  17. The minor Behemoths of the tutorial are very easy, but you will quickly unlock their standard versions, harder to peel. 
  18. Most weapons and armor have elements , but we recommend making and improving a neutral equipment for your first 10 or 15 hours. Try the things of the Shrike.
  19. The elements of the Behemoth work in a similar way to Pokémon, each one has weaknesses and resistances. For example, fire and ice are strong against each other, but resist their very element. That is, fire can to ice and resist fire; Ice can burn and resist ice. The same with terra and shock. As you progress through the game, try to get at least one weapon and armor of each type.
  20. Some weapons and armor require special manufacturing materials that are obtained by breaking parts of monsters. For example, Skraev’s peak is achieved by damaging Skraev’s head until it looks physically damaged.
  21. All weapons harm the Behemoth, but sometimes they do not serve to break certain parts . For example, the hammer can not cut tails because it has no edge.
  22. Remember that you can install cells in your armors to confer additional abilities. Each piece of armor supports different kinds of cells, so in the future you can try to mix armor from different sets to get fixed abilities of your interest and improve them with the cells you find.
  23. If you are concerned about the appearance of your character when combining different pieces, remember that you can use the transmog function, the dyes or even choose if the helmet is visible or not. We all want our character to look good.
  24. The character editor allows you to modify your appearance at any time and is totally free. It is possible to change sex, shape the face or put facial hair on a female character. There are no ties.
  25. In Ramsgate there is a secret stream that leads to a turtle and a mysterious cave.
  26. Many Behemoths have more than one form or phase , which affects their speed, aggression and damage. For example, the Hellion can get angry, charged in ether or even get angry while it is loaded with ether.
  27. As you progress you will see that the Behemoth have more powerful and dangerous subspecies, such as the Calcined Stone Hellion. This, in turn, has a heroic version that in turn can also get angry and charged with ether at the same time. It’s scary to imagine, right? But do not worry. The first is a level 7 threat, and the second is level 16. Dauntless reinvents himself to stay cool.
  28. Monitor the meter in the upper right corner of the screen. When it reaches 100%, the mission enters a critical state where you can not revive the fallen allies: it is an all or nothing, a sudden death.
  29. If you fall into a state of danger, you can still revive if you use special syringes and very limited use. They are your only chance.
  30. These syringes are very rare, so do not use them unless you think that if you revive you will be able to finish the mission successfully.



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