5 Important Features to Look for in a Gaming Laptop

Buying a gaming laptop is a much different buying experience compared to buying a laptop for regular, everyday use. Video games often require high-end components to be able to work at their best and provide you with a fun and exciting experience. Although many of our guides already give you some great tips on choosing a laptop that suits you, it seemed necessary to me to take some time and provide you with a brief guide to help you find the key things to look for in a gaming computer. While there are other things to consider for your purchase, this list outlines the key components you’ll need in a high-end gaming computer that will be able to launch and manage the latest AAA titles such as Far Cry 5, FIFA 19 and the other big titles set for release.

Graphics Card

Nowadays, your favorite games are very graphic-centric, providing very realistic 3D worlds that you can explore and interact with. These universes must be brought by something, and it is the graphics card that takes care of this massive task. Your graphics card processes all the code to display it as graphics and provides fast frame rates that allow you to move quickly and smoothly. So, the logic is that the better your graphics card, the better your gaming experience. For the best experience, I recommend, at the time of writing, something in the product line such as the Nvidia GeForce 1080 These cards will provide you with excellent graphics and frame rates and many of them are even ready for virtual reality, if that’s something you want to try.

Display / Monitor

Let’s come to the display now. No matter how good your graphics card is, if your screen is poor, your gaming experience will not be good. In the current world of gaming, you have to turn to screens with IPS panel with a wide range of colors in addition to a high resolution. Speaking of resolution, the best gaming laptops have 4K screens, but you can get away with a full HD screen supporting 1920 × 1080 resolution. It really depends on you. I love the experience of 4K, but if you have the idea of connecting your computer to external screens when you play, then it will not be the most important part of your list. Anyway, make sure you have a high resolution, good colors, and a refresh rate of 120Hz. You’ll be assured that your screen will stand up against the data created by fast-paced games, without slowdowns or rips, and that the rendering of your games will be good even in these conditions.

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Hard Drive

And now let’s talk about the hard drive. Your hard drive will be used to store everything, from your favorite games to your office applications through your movies, music and even work files. A lot of data will be saved on it. This means that you need a hard drive with available storage space as a result, but that is also fast. Ideally, you will need an SSD rather than a mechanical hard drive. Unfortunately, these discs do not contain as much as their mechanical counterparts. Which means if you can afford it, I recommend an SSD drive with 512GB of available storage. On top of that, if you can, look for computers that incorporate an SSD in addition to an HDD in a range between 1 and 2 terabytes. This configuration will give you enough room on the SSD for Windows, all your applications, and games while leaving you plenty of storage space for other files and data.


I know you might have imagined that I would have put the processor higher on my list. But there is a good reason to explain my choice. The fact is that the other components are more important than the processor, but that does not mean that it does not deserve its place on the list. Even though your video card will handle most of the graphics processing, it does not mean that your game will not need to use the processor. There are a lot of things to consider in a game and not just the graphics, and it’s the processor that will handle all these other things. This implies that you need to have a processor at the height of this task. I recommend an Intel Core i7 processor, sixth generation or more recent. This will give you all the power to manage your favorite games, and other applications, all without difficulty.

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Memory (RAM)

The last point concerns the memory of your gaming laptop. This vivid memory, also known as RAM and not to be confused with storage space on your hard drive, is what allows you to load more things at once, without putting your hard drive to the test. The more memory you have, the more your games or applications can be loaded into this memory. If you have little memory, part of your application can be loaded into a paging file on your hard drive. This can negatively impact the performance of your computer. When you have to choose RAM, look for memory capacity in the 16GB range, but in some game configurations, you can cope with 8GB. Remember that usually the most is the best, but not excess! For now, many games will not use more than 32GB, but these laptops are rare. Most will fall into ranges between 8GB and 32GB. If your computer does not have enough RAM, you can still upgrade for a relatively low cost.  

Final Words

These are not the only things you need to consider when buying a gaming laptop. There are other factors to consider, such as design, price, battery life, and even additional features such as SD card readers, etc. But when you buy a laptop for gaming, these are the elements to look at first to choose the best. If you spend your money wisely and find a gaming laptop that excels at the 5 criteria mentioned above, then you will have a great gaming experience. Do you agree with the criteria I presented? Give me your opinion in the comments.


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