Acer H7550ST Review: An excellent value for money

Full HD, including 3D glasses and hidden port – The short-throw beamer Acer H7550ST leaves nothing to be desired in the test thanks to extensive equipment.

The DPL projector Acer H7550ST is a short distance beamer. At a minimum distance of 60 cm to the wall or screen, it will reach an image with a maximum diagonal of 100 cm (about 40 inches). If you want more, you have to go much further. So he needs for a distance of 150 cm for 255 cm (about 100 inches). The optical zoom subtracts from the diagonal on request, another ten percent.

Thus, the projection ratio for a short-distance projector is rather poor. For comparison: The Optomo GT1080 Darbee (review) 100 cm for 235 cm diagonal, the LG HF85JS (review) even only 20 cm for a diagonal of 250 cm. Basically, the conditions at the planned site are crucial, whether the projection ratio fits, or not. However, the Acer H7550ST does not have the advantages of an ultra short throw projector such as the Xiaomi Laser Projector (test report) , which can stand close to the wall. Nevertheless, normal projectors must be almost twice as far away from the screen to project a similarly large image.

The H7550ST has an optical zoom.

In most cases of permanent installation, the Acer projector will find itself on the ceiling. Acer uses threads on its underside for an optional ceiling mount. Thanks to a position sensor, the H7550ST turns autonomously and performs an automatic digital keystone correction.

According to Acer, the 210 watt lamp from Osram creates a brightness of 3000 lumens with a contrast ratio of 16,000: 1. It should have a lifetime of 4000 hours (6000 in Eco mode). The replacement lamp Acer MC.JKY11.001 costs 130 euros.

The picture quality pleased us in the test. The H7550ST is bright enough to throw a decent picture on the screen even in low light. However, it is less suitable for use in daylight or in brightly lit conference rooms.

The full HD resolution is clearly reproduced, individual pixels are clearly distinguishable from each other. The brightness is evenly distributed over the image, there are no individual halos. However, we had problems with the focus. If the right side is in focus, the pixels on the left side and vice versa blur. This is noticeable in text presentation, but not in films.

The enclosed bag protects the device safely, looks chic and offers enough space for all accessories.

In the menus, there are numerous ways to influence the image quality. By default, the Acer H7550ST images are a bit too bluish dar. This makes the image brighter, which should promote sales in demonstrations. With the Xiaomi Laser Projector (test report) we had a similar problem. In normal operation, we recommend choosing a slightly warmer and therefore more natural color.

Although the Acer projector is already quite quiet anyway, the Eco mode further lowers the noise level while extending the life of the lamp. But users have to live with a darker overall picture.

Overall, the menu is clearly structured, in part, Acer has supplemented the points with self-explanatory graphs. This makes navigation easier.

The remote control looks a bit cheap and stale. It’s a pity that so few companies really care about the design. After all, the remote control is held in the hand during use. After all, she is functional. Buttons in the top third lead directly to functions such as zoom, input source, screen ratio or 3D. The arrow keys in the middle are for navigation, the lower third is reserved for numbers.

The Acer H7550ST includes two 3D glasses worth € 60.

The Acer H7550ST can simulate 3D and play real 3D. This can meanwhile some beamer. It is noteworthy, however, that Acer equips two active 144 Hz 3D glasses, which together cost at least 60 euros. The glasses are light, comfortable and can also be worn in addition to an existing glasses. It is charged via a supplied USB cable.

In the test, the option failed 2D to 3D. The 3D effect was low and the picture seemed somehow shifted, in any case not right. Real 3D we tried out a Macbook and the software Bino 3D . That worked better. The depth effect was as noticeable as in the cinema. However, the glasses darken the picture a bit. Also, the 3D effect on the long term to the eye.

Lots of ports, including exotics like the serial port RS-232.

The Acer H7550ST has really many connections. On its rear panel it receives video signals via two HDMI ports, one of which is MHL-capable. It also features VGA In and Out, S-Video, a Chinch video input and a RCA component input. Retro fans will be pleased: Thanks to these connections, the H7550ST also reproduces video signals from old video consoles. Of course, one could also resort to current replicas of popular retro consoles , which offer a video enhancement and the digital HDMI standard. Even the now very unusual RS-232 , a mini-USB port (service) and a USB-A port to power external devices has installed Acer.

Incidentally, Acer puts in the chic and stable included transport bag a VGA cable, but no HDMI cable. For audio data, the beamer uses one blade plug for incoming and one jack plug for outgoing signals. Optionally, the H7550ST connects via Bluetooth with external speakers or headphones.

Inside is tray to hide matching streaming sticks.

Under the bolted cover of the H7550ST, Acer hides a third MHL-capable HDMI port and a micro-USB plug for powering streaming sticks. In itself a fantastic idea, so dangling nothing behind the projector. However, the sticks must not exceed the dimensions of 9.3 × 3.3 × 2 cm to fit in the recess. This fits the soon to be sold Fire TV Stick (review) , the Google Chromecast 2013 and even a Raspberry Pi Zero W. For larger solutions like the Google Chromecast 2015 (review) , Ultra and Apple TV or the slightly too long Fire TV Stick 4K (review) is no place.


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