Acer unveils screens 27 inches 4K HDR 144hz, a bit more affordable

The 4K HDR 144 hz monitors were so far expensive and if they remain expensive, Acer has just unveiled two models that should perhaps tickle some of you.

47K 144hz HDR monitors are currently at very high prices, meaning that they cost at least 2000 euros. To kick in the anthill and display its power, Acer has just shown its XB3 and XV3, two screens that are respectively 1299 euros and 999 euros. Yes, it is below the rates mentioned above.

The XB3 measures 27 inches, is 4K UHD and certified HDR 400 and icing on the cake it is G-sync compatible. Side contrast and brightness, it offers 300 and 400 cd / m2 and 1000: 1 which makes it a very good product.

The other model also measures 27 inches and is therefore the XV3 . Unlike his big brother he can only offer FreeSync (and that’s a shame). The contrast and brightness are similar and it has a response time of 1ms against 4 ms for the most expensive model.

Does this justify the $ 300 difference? Not sure.

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