AMD and Samsung announce a collaboration. Radeon on your phone?

AMD and Samsung today announced a new strategic collaboration to bring high performance graphics to the field of smartphones. The agreement implies that “Samsung will license AMD graphics IP and will focus on advanced graphics technologies and solutions that are critical to improving innovation in all mobile applications.” In other words, the South Korean company will use the RDNA architecture to make graphic processing chips a reality, as we have never seen before in mobile phones.

The key terms of the association, as we read in the press release , include that:

  • “AMD will grant custom graphics IP licenses based on the recently announced highly scalable RDNA graphics architecture for use on mobile devices, including smartphones and other products that complement AMD product offerings.
  • Samsung will pay AMD technology license fees and royalties. “


This is a great strategic achievement for AMD , which is increasingly covering more and more land with its technology. As stated by Lisa Su, president of the company, the user base of Radeon will be increased, and the development ecosystem will increase considerably thanks to this integration (as well as the benefits of your company, clearly). With this, in the future we could start to see Samsung phones with “Powered by AMD Radeon” stickers in the box or some engraving in the back.


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