AMD confirms that 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs will be soldered

When AMD introduced the third-generation Ryzen processors at Computex last week it left an important piece of information in the specifications: What kind of thermal interface material will they present? In the market of the CPU there are two options, mainly: apply thermal compounds based on polymers or solder the encapsulation . Normally the second is the best solution for microprocessors, given that they give a higher level of thermal conductivity, although the other option is cheaper and allows to avoid damage during the manufacturing process; as we saw when we studied why it was good news that the last ninth generation Intel arrived soldiers .

As you can see here, the technical marketing director of AMD, Robert Hallock, has confirmed on Twitter that the third generation Ryzen “Matisse” will arrive soldiers, and this will allow them to operate at more moderate temperatures. The multi-chip nature of these processors makes the welding process more complicated than usual , but AMD is committed to offering the best thermal solution for its consumers .



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