AMD Radeon graphics cards – Extensive driver update expected for December

AMD will probably release a major driver update for its Radeon graphics cards at the end of 2018, as it did in recent years.

AMD’s Terry Makedon has been known as @CatalystMaker for years and works on the drivers and software for Radeon graphics cards. At Twitter, Makedon has revealed that AMD is currently giving certain media outlets a glimpse of the future. Similarly, AMD has proceeded in recent years, as the media had received a first insight into the planned, major driver update at various events worldwide.

In 2015, AMD introduced its Crimson drivers, followed by the Crimson Relive version in 2016. Last year, AMD chose adrenaline for the new driver. With each step, new features were added, such as a game overlay, streaming support, the frame rate limiter chill and many options for settings and adjustments of graphics cards. Owners of AMD’s Radeon graphics cards may be curious to see what the company has come up with for the new driver.

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However, an indication of what Radeon gamers want is provided by the Radeon Software Feedback page . It features new performance metrics, Virtual Super Resolution for Ultrawide screens, and global Radeon Chill settings. AMD should be guided by the wishes of its own customers when implementing new functions.

The new name of the driver update is not yet known, but it is safe to say that AMD has again chosen a term that can be associated with red color. In the next few weeks AMD will probably hold several events. According to rumors that Videocardz reports on Twitter, the driver update will be released in about three weeks, just before Christmas.

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