Assembling a Basic PC Gaming Computer

You will agree with me that PC gaming computers are taking center stage in the world of gaming. A gaming PC is a computer that has been designed or tweaked to deliver excellent gaming performance. Most games are heavy and require high configurations and good features on a computer, to be installed and run without any bugs. Let’s go around the different elements that a good gaming PC should have.


The Motherboard
The motherboard is a centerpiece in the configuration of any computer especially since without it nothing can work. Indeed, it is the computer component on which all other parts are connected. The choice of the motherboard is in agreement with the processor. Both must indeed be compatible.

The PC’s processor is the very brain that determines its speed. That’s why it’s essential to opt for a processor with a high speed. Two main types of processor are available: AMD and Intel. While it is true that AMD processors are good enough for games and offer excellent value for money, the fact remains that Intel processors have the best performance.

Graphics card
PC gaming computers must have a good graphics cards because gaming nowadays relies more on the graphical aspects rather than the gameplay. Ordinarily, most heavy titles would play on an Intel Core i5 processor with dedicated graphics, but a Core-i7 processor without the back up of a dedicated Graphics card will lag. When it comes to graphics cards, Nvidia and AMD are the best manufacturers.

But there’s more into graphics cards than you think. Here is my detailed review of the best gaming graphics cards plus a comprehensive buying guide.

Power supply
Here is a somewhat essential component as it ensures the supply of power necessary for the operation of the device. It is always better to opt for a power supply with the automatic regulation function when using a gaming PC. You will agree with me that PC gaming computers have a lot of small electrical components that require different amounts of power. With an automatic power supply, the machine can maintain its power requirements sufficiently.


Choosing the right RAM
After the processor, RAM is the component that determines the overall speed of the computer. It is better to select a rather large RAM: 8G Giga minimum and 16 Giga ideally. Take a look also at its frequency which must be at least 1600 MHz.

Regarding the PC case
Desktop PC cases come in many different types and shapes. Opt for those who are not likely to electrocute you. Give particular attention to the material of constitution. For the rest, everything is about taste. But also, remember portability and also, the space you have.

Storage options
SSDs usually perform better than HDDs, but the problem is that they are expensive when you look at the capacity to price ratio. But the former is more costly. If your budget is slightly tight, a large HDD hard drive is already a good option.

PC Cooling system
It’s all about preference and budget. However, note that coolers are a good deal in terms of value for money. As for water cooling, it is much more efficient, quieter but also more expensive to buy and also to maintain.

Wi-Fi card
Most PC gaming computers are desktops that hardly have Wi-Fi. If you cannot connect with an Ethernet cable, consider adding a Wi-Fi card to your configuration. You don’t want to miss those adrenaline-filled online competitions.


These are just some of the many things you need to address when talking about PC gaming chairs. Above all, make sure to have enough resources to help you out. Read product reviews and PC gaming guides to learn new things as time goes by. This is the only way to tweaking that absolute PC gaming beast. Remember, this business is just like that of souping up rides. Today you have a new Graphics card tomorrow you upgrade to a new processor!



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