Battlefield V Review: The king of multiplayer FPS is back

In September 2002 came Battlefield 1942 , one of the first large-scale competitive shooting games, featuring massive clashes during the Second World War. The players then discovered the talent of the studio Dice and the series has since gone through the ages. After the modern war, the future, Vietnam and the First World War, Battlefield V returns to the front and is once again interested in the deadliest conflict of the twentieth century. The result is brilliant.

By the way – with no apparent logic in the titles – from Battlefield 1 to Battlefield V you might think that Dice is playing the easy game. At first glance, this new episode looks like a big update “second world war” of the previous one. This is particularly obvious on the side of the solo mode, which takes up more or less the same structure. Instead of opting for a single campaign of 4 or 5 hours, the title offers three independent stories, to be done in any order. Three facets of the conflict, featuring little-known “war heroes” from history books. The will of the studio is here to tell the fate of men, but also of women who acted, each in their own way, for the resolution of the conflict. We will therefore be interested in a young English delinquent who, despite himself, is involved in sabotage operations in North Africa, a young woman party deliver her mother of the Nazis in a base in Norway or a group of Senegalese riflemen trying to take a castle under German control in Provence. Landing point on the beaches of Normandy or Battle of the Ardennes here, and that’s good, especially since we are pleasantly surprised by the staging and writing of these mini campaigns, often very fair.

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In terms of gameplay, however, the pattern is still a bit the same: after arriving in a large open area, with three goals in three different points to complete, it is up to the player to decide how to proceed. Infiltration is even encouraged (especially in the Norwegian countryside), but remains limited and we will quickly tend to speak the powder the minute we get spotted. On these three scenarios, the one featuring the Senegalese riflemen is probably the best, offering both particularly epic clashes and some cutscenes playing subtly on emotion. Unfortunately, the whole loop quickly (count 1:30 per story) and we would have balked on a little rabe. Be aware though that

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Epic like never

In spite of its taste of too little, this solo mode fulfills its office of nice aperitif. A pleasant appetizer, which quickly gives way to the main course: the multiplayer mode. Because it is good for him that one buys a Battlefield , for his big battles with 64 players, involving infantry, tanks and airplanes. On this point, Dice has little more to prove, but refines its formula and surprises us. With Battlefield V , Dice admirably manages to mix competitive gaming, cooperation, and tactical fun on a grand scale, while delivering pure adrenaline. In terms of achievement, Battlefield Vis probably the most impressive multiplayer game of the moment and not only for its graphics. Of course, Frostbite 3 works wonders, delivering impressive viewing distance, subtle lighting, realistic smoke effects and partially destructible decors.

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But what really impresses in this BFV is the work on sound, which is more than ever part of the experience. The immersion in the battle is here reinforced by automatic dialogues between the members of the same team, confusing of natural. The soldiers talk to each other, scream, yell, call a doctor, almost never the lines of text are repeated. Add to that explosive effects and shots particularly realistic and you probably get the best sound-designpresent in an FPS.

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But a high-flying achievement would be nothing without solid gameplay. On this point, Dice does not reinvent his formula, but improves a whole lot of parameters. The different game modes emphasize more than ever the cooperation and solidarity within a squad and everyone has a role to play. Some changes compared to BF1However, if the medics still have the ability to quickly pick up a fallen comrade (in an allotted time), any class can now do the same, for a little longer. Biggest novelty: the possibility for any class to build barricades, care stations and ammunition, at predefined locations. An excellent way to strengthen your defenses around a strategic point, and another reason for the enemy to steal such or such a position, these defenses being highly destructible. 

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The game modes are known (taking strategic points, advanced in a front line, team match to death …), but the “Big Operations”, already present in BF1 are here improved and bring a surplus of script. This is a great battle spread over 3 games, each based on a different game mode and each time introduced by a briefing “historical”. Once again, the staging impresses, especially for a multiplayer game. When we keep a strategic bridge and we see a plane landing 32 paratroopers ready to fight, when we finish building the last barricades, we say that Battlefield Vreally offers a unique experience.

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Battlefield V represents in a way the result of a known formula, but executed with so much control that it is impossible to sulk its pleasure. It is certainly not perfect (the driving of planes is frankly missed, in particular) and it will be necessary to wait a few weeks or even months, to enjoy a truly complete game: in addition to its 4th solo campaign, the long-awaited Battle Royale mode n ‘ will arrive in March, while a “training” mode is still pending. But what it offers at its release is already extremely solid, which allows it to far enough out its competitors in the same niche.


  • Visually splendid.
  • A work on the sound very impressive.
  • The scripting of multiplayer games.
  • The construction system.
  • Friendly and well-written mini-campaigns …


  • … but far too short.
  • The interest of the vehicles in withdrawal.
  • It lacks content at the exit.


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