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A PC gaming chair is among the most important equipment for hardcore gamers. Sitting down for the long hours can be a problem if you don’t have the right chair. The good thing about a PC gaming chair is that they are designed to keep you seated in the correct posture. The soft padding and cushion further enhance comfort.

But for many guys out there, spotting the best gaming chair is a big deal. If you are out looking for a good gaming chair, here are the essential aspects.

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Many brands are currently sharing the juicy business of gaming chairs. It becomes difficult to choose among the hundreds of models available on the market. The purchase of a PC gaming chair is even more complicated since the appearance of dozens of cheap brands that offer imitations of chairs of major brands at competitive prices.

You will get a gaming chair for $100 yes, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired … Crumbling plastic, stuffing cup, loose padding, etc. A few weeks of use and the actual color of the gaming chair starts to show.

Before buying an office chair, it is essential to consider specific parameters such as manufacturing materials, ergonomics, durability or compactness rather than relying solely on price.

Why Buy a PC gaming chair?
The importance of the gaming chair in the gameplay is no longer something to be proven. All video game enthusiasts will tell you, comfort enhances gaming performance. By being properly seated on your chair, you can spend hours in front of your screen without having pain in the back or neck.

A gamer sitting on an ergonomic chair will no longer worry about his posture or small pains caused by a prolonged sitting. This will allow him to focus more on his game and thus optimize its performance.

Besides, a good gaming chair will save you a lot of health problems. Statistics show that bad sitting posture causes most of the chronic back problems.

Also, a gaming chair adapts to your body thanks to the height adjustment and the large back area. On such an ergonomic chair, you can adjust the height of the seat, the inclination of the backrest, the spacing of the armrests, etc. All these adjustments will allow you to find the ideal position for maximum comfort and optimal gaming experience.

What criteria should I use to choose a PC gaming chair?

Now that the choice of a gaming chair has become a real headache, we have prepared a small summary of the parameters to be taken into consideration so as not to be ripped off during your purchase:

Metal frame
Although the majority of gaming chairs currently on the market are equipped with a metal frame, it is not uncommon to come across cheap models with plastic frames. Never buy a gaming chair with a plastic frame. These chairs are very fragile or even dangerous in case they break.


The piston of an office chair is the part that allows for the adjustment of the height of the seat. This fundamental part must be very robust because it is on it that rests all the weight of the chair (and the person sitting on it at the same time). Although today most gaming chairs are equipped with steel cylinders, there are still some models with a plastic cylinder. These models are to be avoided strongly because they are likely to drop after a few days of use. Always look out for a Class4 Gas Cylinder; it is the best!


Again it is better to opt for a gaming chair with metal wheels. Strong and robust, this material will guarantee you a chair made to last. Avoid plastic casters, which will tend to deteriorate after a few weeks of use. Also, you need to note what the different sizes offer. Small caster will make a lot of noise and leave marks on the floor. Large casters, on the other hand, are very stable and easy to maneuver than the small casters.

Backrest recliner

Reclining backrests make it easy to adapt to the needs of users. Unfortunately, many entry-level chairs do not allow tilting the backrest. These models are rigid and very uncomfortable. The intermediate quality chairs allow you to tilt the backrest up to 120 °, they offer a fairly satisfactory comfort, it is already much better than low-end chairs. On the other hand, high-end models allow up to 180 °.

The main advantage of quality a PC gaming chair is the ability to adjust the armrests height, rotation, tilt and width (distance between the two armrests). All these adjustments guarantee the player maximum comfort and optimal playing conditions. Sitting on one of these chairs, you can spend hours behind your screen without having to hurt your arms. The mid-range chairs allow for them to adjust the armrests at least is tilted, these adjustments provide relatively good comfort.

Weight load

The maximum weight supported by a PC gaming chair is a good indicator of quality. The chairs available on the market generally support a maximum weight of between 90 and 130 kg. The maximum load supported by a gaming chair varies depending on the models and materials used.

What is the right gaming chair size?
The majority of chairs on the market are standard size. They adapt to almost all sizes (between 1m55 and 1m90). If you measure more than 190 cm, you may feel cramped in one of these chairs. It would be better to opt for an XL model more suited to your needs.

The upholstery is also a good indicator to gauge the quality of a gaming chair. Here is a small overview of the materials most used by manufacturers

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-Faux leather: The imitation leather is none other than synthetic leather, not expensive, solid and available in several colors. This material is the darling of gamers. The advantage of leather-coated gaming chairs is that they are easy to maintain and not expensive. Occasionally passing a damp cloth on your chair will remove all the stains on it. A small problem though, leather tends to overheat and consequently leads to sweating because of poor breathability.

-Fabric: Office chairs with fabric upholstery are more pleasant in the summer. Unlike leather, the textile does not stick to the skin during a heat wave. Regarding maintenance, it gets a little complicated because the spots will tend to become embedded in the fiber fabric.

-Leather: Real leather upholstery are reserved for luxury gaming chairs. Soft, pleasant and particularly soft, leather is an exceptional material. It will take around $800 for a model with real leather covering.
The design of the gaming seats:

What are the best gaming chair brands?
Difficult to answer this question precisely, because many masters currently share the juicy business of gaming chairs. Nevertheless, some emblematic masks have been proven for many years such as Vertagear, Klim Maxnomic, AKRacing, DxRacer or NobleChair. For these and more, please check out our guides in the gaming chairs category.


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