Best Gaming Controllers Buying Guide

Today, we inspire your mind with another interesting topic “Best Gaming Controllers 2018.” As a matter of fact, many people find gaming sessions as a vital activity for entertainment and skill enhancement.

And, both the mouse and keyboard are always their first choice for playing games on PC. However, some games are usually best performed by a controller. Actually, more and more players find it comfortable and pleasant to hold such device on hands.

Of course, it is worth noting that gaming sessions may become long and tiresome if you don’t possess the right controller. Comfort plays an important role in playing gaming so that you can gain a good experience and much fun.

In general, there are many types of controllers for users to choose from. But, each person has their own preferences. Whatever your option is, it is better to take into an account the durability and performance of the product. Make sure that your chosen controller is of high quality. For those who tend to enjoy a long gaming session, then comfort should be part of their purchasing target. Try to find the controller that is cozy and comfortable to both of your hands and fingers as well as efficient during the playing.

There is no denying that searching for the best gaming controllers 2018 for PC is not a piece of cake. As a result, we are today going to create this list so that readers can take an ocean-deep look at these tools. Nevertheless, before starting to discuss, we throw some light on other vital factors that are also necessary for selecting those. Keep reading right away!

Best PC Controller 2018 – Why Buy a PC Controller?

Best PC controller 2018, basically most of the gaming computers have per-configured keyboard and mouse controls for players to deal with their games.

First of all, a lot of games have long and complex story lines which may even make you stuck in the desk for hours. In that case, the position of both your hands and elbows on the desk can have the bad long-term effects on your posture. Additionally, suffering from wrist pain is unavoidable as this is a common thing for PC users. With a controller in hand, users are able to switch methods from time to time if they feel very bored of playing in the same position for a period of time. Besides, the device also gives a unique experience for all genres of games, especially the driving game. Just enjoy the driving skill on your own!

Second, best PC controllers 2018 are particularly designed for prolonged use. Meanwhile, keyboards are engineered for typing. With the ergonomic design of the controller, all of the buttons you need are easily reachable with comfortable spacing.

Third, a serious gamer probably has his own gaming TV or projector setup, in which everything is often configured to perfectly fit his style. To be sure, things are fine if he is at home. But, what happens if he is another situation? It seems to be a big issue even if he is able to move his entire PC setup. However, everything can be solved with a portable PC controller. See!

Best PC controller – What To Expect?

Best PC controller Reddit, a gaming controller is simply an input device used in different kinds of games or entertainment systems. Such is usually connected to a PC with the aim of dominating an action, object or character in the way you like. To be sure, it is such an efficient device in which players use both hands to hold while the thumbs provide the input. Generally, the gaming controller comes with multiple buttons, triggers, or sometimes a joystick and pads. Furthermore, it may be also rigged to use with a PC as well. The following are some awesome advantages you can gain from the best gaming controllers 2018:

More Comfort

In fact, the ergonomic design from a controller allows for easy and simple access. There is no need to twist or bend your hands or even the rest of your body into an awkward shape in order to reach the keys you need for easy and comfortable use. That’s because the buttons are exactly at the position you’d expect them to be.

More Convenience

Regardless of whether you want to play gamer’s at home, in the living’s room or anywhere else, that device does go with you with minimal effort. If you are not traveling, it is simply stress-free to even pick up or set down whenever you want.

Quick Action

While it takes extra time for players to control keyboards and mice during the gaming sessions, they waste no time in doing their gaming functions with such devices, thanks to the presence of multiple buttons and triggering.

Enjoy Many Types of Games:

Users are able to play many types of games on their own choice with the help of this gadget. Sometimes, inviting your friends to play with you is a good idea, too!

Game PC controller Software – Common Types Of Controllers

In general, the Game PC controller Software have 4 popular types. Whatever the type you are fond of, it is better to choose the one that is suitable for your style and needs. Considering their price is important as well. Let’s open your mind to the following information to know which is best suited to your demand!

(i) X-box Controller – Mainly designed for Microsoft’s Xbox console, Xbox controller itself makes use of a proprietary USB interface. Thanks to the support of user modification and third drives, lots of players also use it as a standard USB controller.

(ii) Third-party Controller – As a PC amusement controller with very low cost, such third-party controller is especially intended for PC gaming. It has its own arrangements, which require users to adjust to the strategies of this particular controller.

(iii) PlayStation Controller – Sony PlayStation controllers are typical examples for the current trending. Such win numerous players’ interest in playing PC computer games. There also come with informal programming software and drivers that may constrain the PC to perceive the PlayStation controller.

(iv) Alternate Controller – Those unique controllers are for flight and driving reproductions. Hence, they do not like other classic handheld controllers.


After we have going trough all general information of “Best Gaming Controllers 2018” we hope that you have now some basic knowledge to identify all unit that we will handle and we start now with unit number 1!

1. Microsoft Xbox One Controller – Xbox One S Reviews

People on Earth are very similar to the famous brand, namely Microsoft, right? So, when it comes to the best gaming controllers 2018, it seems a big pity to overlook Microsoft Xbox One Controller. Generally, the Xbox One controller is a great option for those who wish to get the one that is really easier to set up, those who have large hands, or if those who just love the design of Xbox controllers. You may undoubtedly choose such product, due to its high-end finish, top graded precision, and prominent features. Hence, all of your requirements are suitably catered in this device.


  • Works across the gaming platforms of Microsoft.
  • There is no need to change batteries.
  • Thumb stick allows for high accuracy.
  • Play wired or wirelessly.
  • Enjoy wired connection.
  • Easily fit your hands.
  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Hassle-free installation


  • Only Windows 10 is suitable for the controller.
  • Cable length is not too long.
  • May not sit far away.
  • D-pad is not good for in-game movement
  • Charging kit tends to be sold separately

Image result for Microsoft Xbox One Controller

The appealing thing of such Xbox One controller is its ergonomic shape that brings players the wonderful experience. Not only does it help you hold the controller more comfortable, but it is also more stable in your hands. You can easily control the gaming sessions, thanks to the device’s ideal grip and easy approach to all of the control buttons. Surely, its effective and ergonomic design also offers the firm grip. Furthermore, the re-designed structure and alignment of control buttons also provide perfect accuracy and precision to control moves of your player throughout the game.

On the whole, the Microsoft Xbox One Controller comes with many prominent features that can catch your attention at the first sight, such as captivating- and easy-to-use D-Pad, versatile connectivity, and the greater compatibility with all kinds of Windows platform. Due to these reasons, it is known as one of the best gaming controllers 2018 without any hesitation. The following are what you positively get from the product:

  • Native Windows support: Belonging to Microsoft system, there is no hassle when you set up this controller. What users need to do is to plug it in. Then, Windows will download the essential drivers on its own. As a result, the controller is easily set up and ready to go.
  • Button remapping: While making use of Microsoft’s official utility, you are freely able to customize the controller’s button layout.
  • Headphone jack: The Xbox One controller has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, just like the DualShock 4. In that case, you are able to turn the wired headset into a wireless one with ease.
  • Removable batteries: Such controller also wins users’ heart by the fact that they may use it with the regular AA batteries or even removable and rechargeable ones.

However, it is worth remembering that the length of the cable seems to be the only issue here. If you may withstand the long coiled wire well, then it is quite possible to enjoy a wonderful gaming experience by the support of this Xbox One controller. Consult the following table to grasp its bright sides and dark sides in general:

2. Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller – Microsoft Xbox One Controller

Another product of Microsoft is the Xbox One Elite controller. This is described as an improved and expensive version of the Xbox One controller. While the device has all features that its lower-priced sibling does, it still sports an array of extra ones on top of that. You can distinguish such controller at first glance from the Xbox One controller through color scheme. That means it comes with black color as well as several shades of grey. Besides, it is noticeable that the product incorporates several metal parts, too, which were originally made of plastic. As one of the best gaming controllers 2018, users will get a feeling that they are holding a premium device with much comfort.


  • Have rechargeable battery.
  • Possess adjustable hair trigger locks.
  • Comes in a flexible color range.
  • Enjoy an ultimate firing machine.
  • Come with mature design.
  • Premium build quality
  • Have additional 4 buttons in the form of back paddles


  • Battery life is not long.
  • Quite heavy in weight.
  • Have high price tag
  • Not as durable as it should be

Image result for Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller

With 350 grams, the Microsoft Xbox One Elite is likely to be heavy for some users. However, its weight feels really reassuring in your hands. The clam-shell case enables you to store its necessary accessories. The build quality of the gamepad is very robust. Why do we say that? The gamepad is not only durable, but it also feels good to hold. The black-colored design with some metallic accents in certain places bright impressive sight. The thumb-stick shaft is made of metal. Moreover, you are able to put either a concave or even a dome-shaped thumb-stick.

In general, Xbox one Elite Wireless Controller is a perfect device for ultimate gamer’s. Developed by Microsoft, such product can meet the needs and requirements of all passionate gamer’s. Let’s check some interesting features of this controller by keeping reading information below:

  • Swapp-able thumb-sticks and D-pad caps: Fascinatingly, the product has several fine options for users to customize the thumb-sticks and D-pad, depending on their preferences. This way, they are able to gain the feel and the look that suits their style the most.
  • Hair trigger locks: The Xbox One Elite also incorporates hair trigger locks which may be easily switched on or off on the fly. Of course, such feature is highly appreciated by a lot of shooter fans. That’s because it can render accurate shots easier and more pleasant to make.
  • Back paddles: Thanks to the support of 4 paddles on the back of such device, you have access to up to 4 even additional buttons/button combinations. This way, you can freely customize by using Microsoft’s official app. So, it is possible to input a complex set of controls without a need to let go of the thumb-sticks.
  • Wireless functionality: The Xbox One Elite controller has a special built-in feature of wireless working. Therefore, it gives the greater comfort and freedom to control the game. Plus, the wide wireless range also ensures un-interrupted gaming experience. Thanks to this function, there is no need to sit right in front of the screen. Rather, it is easy to play game sessions from a fair distance that surely protects your eyes from strain and stress. Besides, it brings greater comfort to sit. That means you are able to sit on a chair, sofa, and even play though laying on your bed.

This Microsoft XBOX ONE Elite Wireless controller is a flawless option for users who wish to enjoy games with greater customization and higher precision. The device is a good solution for high tech gaming. So expert gamers should not overlook it in all cases. The following table is its benefits and drawbacks in short:

3. Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller – Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

Microsoft products seem to account for one-third of the list of best gaming controllers 2018, right? It is not quite hard to understand the reason. Microsoft is the leading name in the world of technology, which can satisfy needs and tech requirement of the users. And Xbox 360 Controller is the next gaming device we want to introduce to you today. During the previous generation of consoles, such controller had nearly become synonymous with “PC controller.” The reason is that it was the unique real option.


  • Guarantee the power consumption.
  • Allow for a long gaming session.
  • Have adjustable vibration feedback.
  • Operate from anywhere.
  • Come with 30 feet wireless range.
  • Possess AA batteries.
  • Enjoy native Windows support
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes in both wired and wireless versions


  • May not play blu-rays.
  • Have fewer exclusives.
  • Come with Poor D-pad
  • Rechargeable batteries and charger are sold separately

Image result for Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

In comparison to other modern controllers on this list, even though it can look cheap and outdated, the Xbox 360 controller is indeed a tried-and-true solution that can suit most players’ demands.

Fascinating, the controller is cleverly designed to enhance accuracy and improve response time for players when they play games. As a result, buttons on the device are well placed in the way that provides the greater angle to push. Looking at the left and right shoulder buttons, and you can easily notice that they offer better comfort and ease to use. Hence, its ergonomic design gives you not only the precision you need, but also the gracious look that can interest your vision at the first glance.

Manufactured for gaming-freaks, this Xbox 360 wireless controller contains a lot of amazing features that certainly make it unique and outstanding from other siblings. From the advance buttons to the latest wireless technology, there are a number of factors which can meet your needs in all cases. Let’s take a closer glimpse of the certain important aspects of this that product now:

  • Plug and start Windows support: The Xbox 360 controller has a few similarities to the Xbox One controller. That means it needs to be plugged into your PC. And then, the Windows does the rest.
  • Affordability: Surprisingly, users are able to buy an Xbox 360 controller for half the cost of the Xbox One controller. That’s because here is an older model.
  • Wired and wireless variants: For those who are in search of a budget controller without caring the Bluetooth connectivity, then the Xbox 360 controller can be a wise choice as it is available in a cheaper wired variant.
  • 4 simultaneous controls: The Xbox 360 wireless controller allows users to apply multiple buttons as well as controlling operations simultaneously. At that time, your game skills can reach an advanced level since you may not only defend rivals’ attack, but also immediately deliver a counter punch.
  • Summary

So, regardless of whether the power or the performance is the major factor you are looking for, this Xbox 360 wireless controller definitely does not disappoint you in any aspect. That’s why we are glad to recommend this product for you all to consider. It is an excellent gadget with nice features. Furthermore, it is affordable for everyone’s find. Give it a try right away. Let’s throw some sights on its advantages and disadvantages through the table below.


Logitech Gamepad F310 – Logitech Game pad

Logitech cannot be missed in the list of the best gaming controllers 2018. As a reputable Swiss company with a lot of offices and sites around the world, this firm manufactures a wide variety of accessories. From game controllers to amazing mice and ultra-effective keyboards, every product from the firm enables you to gain the premium technological experience.


  • Work with more PC games.
  • Get compatible with all of the PCs.
  • No drivers are required.
  • A budget friendly product.
  • Have plug and Play.
  • Sturdy build.


  • Cannot support wireless technology.
  • Lack vibration feature.
  • Do not use it with XBOX.

Related image

One of the powerful PC controllers from Logitech is Game pad F310. It promises a comfortable play, a long-gaming life, in addition to unmatched reliability. Apart from the low price, it is also a wired controller that is totally ideal for those who seek for the budget-friendly device for the PC. Generally, it comes with the rounded edges, a blue-grey plastic body and rubber grips, as well as colorful buttons.

Prominent with the comfortable design, you find it easy to enjoy a long gaming session with the controller. Users will certainly not feel tired, due to the device’s less weight. In addition, it flawlessly fits in your hands which allows you to control the game’s moves quickly and efficiently. Hence, its simple design not only adds comfort, but also facilitates you to make any quick move during the game.

What makes people fall in love with this great PC controller is that it is easy to get it working on the PC. What they need to do is to download its drivers from the Logitech’s website. Then, have them installed and plug the controller in through its USB cable. Sounds very simple, right? Let’s see what the else the controller can offer you right away:

  • Easy customization: As a matter of fact, customization is always a big case. However, your anxiety will go away as it is possible to customize each and every button of the F310 controller, thanks to its fully programmable buttons. Moreover, you are also able to adjust the role of each button, depending on your feasibility and requirement.
  • Attach with TV easily: The Logitech Game pad F310 permits its users to enjoy all kinds of PC controller games on the big screens. They simply attach it to their TV to gain much fun and excitement. The device also helps you seamlessly navigate through many different apps and games. Why this PC game pad is on a top seller among other products of this company is that it comes with a budget-friendly price and versatile features.
  • Greater compatibility: For Window’s users, Logitech Game pad F310 becomes their best option, because of its compatibility. Its Plug-n-Play is perfect for players to enjoy their gaming sessions. Plus, high level of customization makes it wonderfully compatible with all types of games, such as fighting, racing, etc.
  • Summary

Overall, the Logitech Game pad F310 leaves a strong impression on Window’s users, thanks to its easy to use and compatibility features. Furthermore, the price of the product is also what makes it really shiny. You will not feel disappointed when enjoying amazing gaming experience with it. The following are some of its pros and cons on the whole:


  1. Logitech Game pad F710 – Logitech Wireless Game pad F710


Basic Info: Top 5 Logitech Wireless Game pad F710!

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  • Introduction

Another suggestable product of Logitech that specifically caters to PC users is Logitech Game pad F710. It surprisingly works all Windows versions as well as with most games, due to its X Input and Direct Input APIs. Besides, the controller is a good choice for those who simply want to buy an inexpensive but effective game pad. With the small and convenient shape, it brings the more comfortable experience for players with smaller hands. Find out why this device becomes one of the best gaming controllers 2018 now!

  • Design

Basically, the Logitech F710 has a similar design to the one of the Sony Play-station controllers. There are an instruction manual, a cable, a USB dongle for wireless connectivity, and the controller itself inside the package. Though the product does not come with the bells and whistles in comparison to others, its simple design is the big magnet. Generally, it has 4 main buttons located at the center, including Mode, Back, Start, and Vibration.

On the back side, it is easy to notice the two AA batteries cleverly hidden under a plastic cover. Below the battery holders is exactly a placement holder for the Wireless Dongle, which makes it a highly compact game pad. Furthermore, it also ensures that the USB dongle is not misplaced since it is neatly plugged into the controller.

  • Outstanding Features

Seeking a right game pad is definitely important for every Play-station gamer. So, the Logitech F710 wireless controller becomes their best choice as it has many powerful features, such as pressure-sensitive triggers, programmable buttons, etc. It is sturdy and wireless, while the rubber grips ensure that the controller is firmly kept in your hands. What else? Keep reading to know more about the controller’s impressive features:-

  • Responsive controls: It is really engaging and wonderful when you do feel the heat while enjoying the game of favorite, like driving or fighting game. Perfectly designed to support dual vibration feedback, it helps users experience each crash, hit, and even explosion in the real level in game. The presence of the X-Input / Direct Input makes you easily setup and control the device with your liking games. The best part here is the innovative technology of the D-pad control. It truly glides over 4 individual switches, which make it more and more responsive.
  • Highly compatible: It is worth noting that the controller is extremely suitable with the majority of Playstations. Working well with Android TV, you are smoothly able to navigate through the TV settings by using the Back Key on the controller. Thanks to a unique Big Picture feature, it is quite possible to play games, surf internet, and do much more. Besides, the in-built X-ID mode makes performance very smooth as well as provides you with an edge over your competitors. You can use the game pad with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows Vista. It generally includes the manufacturer warranty of 3years.
  • Summary

In brief, the Logitech F710 is a bare bones controller with responsive buttons, a Play-station-like design, and a respectable set of thumb sticks. Based on the batteries you use, the wireless connectivity may be well improved. Hence, it is good practice to always charge them before you use the device. If you want a cheap game pad that consists of the essentials, then the Logitech F710 is a wise buy. But, don’t expect too much from it. Let’s see its bright sides and dark sides through the table below:


  • Inexpensive price
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Come with comfortable grip
  • Support Windows PCs, Android smartphones, and tablets.


  • Have trouble with wireless connectivity.

Logitech Gamepad F710 – Evaluation!

Logitech Gamepad F710 ,



Logitech Gamepad F710

  • Appearance check – 8.24/10
  • Quality check – 7.65/10
  • Support check – 8.53/10
  • Price check – 7.44/10



No cords to get in your way. The Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 uses a powerful reliable cable-free 2.4 GHz connection while dual-motor…

By Logitech


Rated 5 out of 5 by 2 reviewers on

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  1. Razer Wildcat – Razer Wildcat Review


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  • Introduction

While most of the players with high aspirations of going pro pay attention to mouse and keyboard setups, this does not mean that competitive-level gaming controllers have no room in the current market. Among the best gaming controllers 2018, Razer Wildcat stands out from apart, thanks to its built-in audio controls, remapped buttons, and optional stick-on grips. In addition, the Wildcat just features a few small drawbacks that can satisfy users’ need in all cases.

  • Design

Aiming to offer users the most comfortable gaming experience during the most intense of battles, such Razer Wildcat controller has a better balance in regard to its weight. A refined ergonomic shape helps you feel pleasant while holding it. Along with the tactile feel of the Hype-response ABXY buttons, the controller is ideal to stay on top of your game during any critical tournament moment and extended training session. But, there is a minor drawback about the device, too! While the thumb grips are sturdy, comfortable, and built to last, the palm grips seem to be hard to apply, uncomfortable to use and tough to re-position.

  • Outstanding Features

What truly makes the Razer Wildcat shiny is with 4 additional buttons, a pair of triggers on the underside and a pair of bumpers at the shoulders. On the whole, the buttons are totally easily remapped via holding the remap input down, pressing a button, as well as tapping the desirable replacement. It is also possible to set up 2 distinct layouts for such additional keys that users are able to swap between on the fly. Spend time consulting its other great features now:

  • Quick control panel for both easy profile and audio customize ability: In fact, the built-in quick control panel provides users with easy access to a wide variety of functions, such as toggling between other profiles, adjusting and muting game/chat volume, etc. Hence, they don’t need to take their hands off the controller during a match.
  • Great additional inputs: The Wildcat comes with volume control and microphone mute buttons which are sincerely appreciated.
  • Comfortable and responsive thumb sticks: These are really good and solid thumb sticks. The Wildcat’s face buttons are very responsive, and can keep up with the repeated button presses.
  • Summary

All in all, Razer Wildcat is a controller that can be used not only for the Xbox One, but also for the PC without any intense problems. Besides, it also comes with an easy-to-carry case that gives a nifty compartment for the cable and accessories as well as a space for the controller. For us, this is a dazzling product that is worth your money. Even though the Razer Wildcat has a few drawbacks, many users are still impressed with it and continue to use it as their go-to for competitive play. Don’t miss it if such above features do catch your attention. Let’s see its pros and cons immediately:


  • Two profiles to map
  • Have comfortable feel
  • Easy key mapping
  • Triggers are in just advantageous and intelligent places
  • Enjoy built in audio
  • Rubber add-on for thumb sticks adds extra grip and comfort
  • Possess affordable price


  • Soft sticker pads are laughably tough to use

Razer Wildcat – Evaluation!

Razer Wildcat ,



Razer Wildcat

  • Appearance check – 9.15/10
  • Quality check – 8.75/10
  • Support check – 9.43/10
  • Price check – 9.16/10



Razer Wildcat eSports Customizable Premium Controller for Xbox One W/ 4 Programmable Buttons

By Razer (Dec 10, 2015) (xbox_one)


Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 392 reviewers on

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  1. Sony Dualshock 4 Controller – Dualshock 4 Controller


Basic Info: Top 7 Dualshock 4 Controller!

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  • Introduction

As a Japanese based international firm, Sony wins an award worldwide for its creative and high-end electronic solutions. From TVs to mobiles, each and every product of such famous brand shows high innovation and tech understanding. When it comes to the controller, the company has truly made its name widespread with the launch of Dual-Shock 4 – an intelligent PC controller. The most prominent feature of this product is that it is the radical revision of the Sony’s classic PlayStation controller to date. From the design and layout to the functionality, everything had hardly changed since the original iteration of the console. For that reason, the Dual-Shock 4 is just like a light-year long leap. Wonder why it is listed as one of the best gaming controllers 2018? Such information below can help.

  • Design

While its prevision version – the Dual-Shock 3 – was too small to comfortably hold, such issue has been wonderfully solved with Dual-Shock 4. At the first sight, it is easy to recognize that the controller is noticeably larger and nicely sits in your hands, right? Furthermore, its strong grip and triggers do bring much greater comfort and ease as these may be used and held down. It is indeed a good news for FPS and TPS enthusiasts. There are minor changes in button positions, so it gives precise and accurate control over the game. Thanks to the improved design of analogue sticks, you can find it easy to attack and defend without losing much energy.

  • Outstanding Features

Actually, Dual-Shock 4 wireless controller is indeed a notable product, in terms of precision, compatible design, and connectivity. To know more details, let us share with you some of its key features:

  • Touchpad: Maybe, touchpad is the most outstanding feature of such new controller. It tends to occupy the middle portion of the device and you can use it in many different ways. Moreover, the touchpad is easily clickable and may be applied as 2 separate buttons.
  • Gyroscope: The presence of gyroscope in the Dual-Shock 4 enables for greater freedom and more accurate input. Users may apply it to steer a car in racing games or even fine-tune their aim in shooting games. On top of that, it helps the use of a cursor on the desktop easier and simpler than ever.
  • Light bar: As one of the key features of this gadget, light bar helps users to track the status of their player with ease. Besides, with the support of such light bar, they may easily identify their player and key information about this player. The light bar, for instance, can show multiple kinds of pop-ups if your player has low power or faces too much health damages.
  • Headphone jack as well as built-in speaker: The package includes a 3.5mm headphone jack and a built-in mono speaker. These accessories will not make you disappointed, regardless of whether you want to use headphones for better immersion or simply wish to avoid blasting your speakers.
  • Summary

If you are in possession of the Dual-shock 4 Wireless Controller for Play-station 4, then buy it right away and then enjoy its full compatibility and efficiency. The product is surely a perfect match because it is fairly cheap and has notable features. Its benefits and drawbacks are also shown as follow:


  • Have many color options.
  • Enjoy wireless connection.
  • Fast in performance.
  • Come with intuitive design.
  • Show touch pad.
  • No messy wires.


  • Only compatible with play station 4.
  • Have poor battery life.
  • Only 500GB available
  • Lack of direct Windows integration

Sony Dualshock 4 – Evaluation!

Sony Dualshock 4 ,



Sony Dualshock 4

  • Appearance check – 9.23/10
  • Quality check – 8.75/10
  • Support check – 9.12/10
  • Price check – 8.64/10



DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Magma Red

By Sony Computer Entertainment (Nov 21, 2016) (playstation_4)


Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 7425 reviewers on

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  1. Valve Steam Controller – Valve Steam Link


Basic Info: Top 8 Valve Steam Link!

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  • Introduction

As an American based video game developer firm, Valve has gained their reputation by not only video games but also gaming hardware. As a result, there is no denying the fact that the company has launched the best gaming controllers 2018 for PC which can daze your interest at the first glance. The firm itself develops video games, so it certainly understands the hardware requirements. And this is where the Valve Steam Controller does shine. The company has succeeded in making the game pad set itself from apart. The evidence can be seen through the fact that more and more people actually like to use this controller while enjoying games on the PC.

  • Design

The truth is that the design of the Valve Steam Controller is quite different from what you are accustomed to. Basically, the controller comes with an all-plastic build, a black cover, and a rather concave style grip. Although plastic material feels cheap, as per many users, there is no problem with it in terms of durability. In regard to design, there is also an undeniable air of elegance around the futuristic-looking exterior.

Best Gaming Mouse 2018 – Buyers Guide Reviewed for Gaming!

  • Outstanding Features

Valve Steam controller is described as a features-rich product. From elegant appearance to catchy buttons, each aspect of the device gives expertise of Sony. The following are some of its prominent features:

  • High customize ability: Interestingly, you are able to customize all of steam controller’s buttons and control pad, depending on your ease and feasibility. Besides, advance customization of this gadget allows you to adjust controls in the way you want. Therefore, according to your playing style, sitting position, and nature of the game, it is quite possible to switch among controls. In this regard, the Steam controller seems to be unrivaled.
  • Superb haptics: While most of the high-quality controllers have vibration motors built into them, the Valve Steam controller does take vibration to a new level. That means it gives accurate and high-fidelity haptic feedback which enables for maximum immersion.
  • Feasibility for all kinds of games: Tooled with dual track balls, the device can be used to play all types of PC controller games. There is no need to use separate joystick or mouse to enjoy the game that requires the use of these input devices. Rather, it is quite possible to make use of built in trackballs from the product in place of mouse and PC joystick. As a result, such controller does ideally fit for games of all genres. And users don’t need to purchase any other stuff in presence of steam controller.
  • Good battery life: The Steam controller generally utilizes 2 removable AA batteries. But, even though you don’t have rechargeable ones, the item still has power consumption much lower than the ones of the competition.
  • Summary

Let’s order the Valve Steam Controller if you long to game hard and play hard. Coming with fine price, the product also satisfies your need with exceptional performance. However, this is not the gadget for the novices who start playing the game sessions. Instead, this is a fairly professional gadget. And the choice is yours, remember! Its advantages and disadvantages are as follow:


  • Have advance customization options.
  • Free from messy wires.
  • Compatible with all platforms.
  • Come with cheap gaming system.
  • Show dual track-pads.
  • Highly customizable
  • Excellent haptic feedback
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer make for powerful motion control


  • Don’t have rechargeable batteries.
  • Must have a strong Wi-Fi.
  • Customization method is a bit hard.
  • Unusual design asks you to get used to

Valve Steam Controller – Evaluation!

Valve Steam Controller ,



Valve Steam Controller

  • Appearance check – 8.14/10
  • Quality check – 7.47/10
  • Support check – 8.35/10
  • Price check – 7.17/10



Steam Controller

By Valve (Nov 10, 2015) (SteamOS)


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  1. ThrustMaster GPX Controller – ThrustMaster T500


Basic Info: Top 9 ThrustMaster T500!

Thrust Master’s PC gaming controller can be different from other picks on this list of the best gaming controllers 2018. Thus, why do we still vote it? The reason is simple. If easy to familiarize is your thing, even with other brands, then the ThrustMaster GPX controller should not be missed. In general, its contoured design provides players with as much comfort and handling as possible. Along with that, the vibration motors, as well as highly precise analog sticks make your game play experiences of all genres feel incredible. It is actually a standard wired controller in which it bells and whistles is similar to an Xbox controller. The device is totally compatible with PCs. There is no need to download and install additional drivers as it works out of the box.

  • Design

At the first sight, the controller’s refined ergonomics make sure the optimal comfort and handling with non-slip grip on the whole lower surface. But, sometimes, its rubber less and all-plastic shell can drive you to lose your grip during some intense games. Try to hold it firmly in hand so that you can gain a real feel of comfort and ease.

The best part is that if you mistakenly break it, it is possible to take advantage of its 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to replace another one.

  • Outstanding Features

Following the standard features of other controllers, ThrustMaster GPX generally has 10 configurable buttons, pressure-sensitive triggers, dual-analog sticks, and vibration. It is also small and comes with a more-pointed hand grip, too. For those who want to buy a cross-over wireless controller, without affording the one of the higher-end products, then such ThrustMaster GPX is a fine idea since it brings them a comparable gaming experience. Enjoy other key features of this device now:

  • Vibration motors for multiple frequencies: Of course, high-frequency motor on the right, as well as low-frequency vibration motor on the left allows you to feel distinct feedback effects in gaming sessions, on either the right or left-hand side. It is indeed a big advantage in real-time gaming.
  • Progressive triggers: Accuracy is definitely guaranteed, due to the support of the optimized resistance pressure.
  • Precise mini sticks: Users will enjoy optimized precision, thanks to the two non-slip mini sticks clad in the textured rubber for optimal comfort and handling.
  • Summary

Overall, the ThrustMaster GPX Controller appears completely different from others, because of its design aims of ease and comfort of use, along with distinctive features. Internally, the analog interfaces and updated vibration feedback bring a superior gaming experience. Read some information below to know more about its bright sides and dark sides:


  • Come with beautiful and form-fitting contoured design
  • Have a great trip cord feature which disconnects the wire, rather than taking the USB port out of your PC
  • Replicate the memorable feel of the Xbox 360 controller


  • Difficult to map for some games
  • The trigger buttons give a bit more resistance

ThrustMaster GPX – Evaluation!

ThrustMaster GPX ,



ThrustMaster GPX

  • Appearance check – 7.26/10
  • Quality check – 7.12/10
  • Support check – 7.94/10
  • Price check – 6.29/10



ThrustMaster GPX Controller with Official License

By ThrustMaster VG (Oct 12, 2012) (Xbox 360;6306200)


Rated 3 out of 5 by 43 reviewers on

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  1. Nyko Technologies 80650 Airflow Ex-Pc Game Controller – Nyko Xbox One


Basic Info: Top 10 Nyko Xbox One!

  • Here detail info of Top 10 Nyko Xbox One.
  • Introduction

Nyko has just introduced its range of PC controllers. And one of the company’s famous products is Nyko Technologies 80650 Airflow Ex-Pc Game Controller. Like its predecessor, such gadget is a flawless mixture of convenience, comfort, and precision. The best part here is that users can get powerful driver software that enables them to create lots of the custom button configurations. Moreover, it is quite possible to use the controller to emulate mouse and keyboard functions, allowing you to apply the Air Flo EX with all genres of games, even with the ones that are not compatible. Lastly, the unique Air Flo technology does keep your hands dry and cool. As a result, just enjoy the game of favorite as long as you want with ease. With such the above reasons, it is not hard to understand the controller is on our list of the best gaming controllers 2018.

  • Design

Typically, the controller’s shape is inspired by Xbox although its button arrangement seems to be more like the PlayStation’s design. At the first sight, you can notice that it is a little more rounded at the edges and naturally fits in your hands. In terms of its body, the device’s case is a silver and plastic shell with rubber grips which allow you to enjoy the great comfort even during the intense games. Interestingly, it works well with all versions of Windows, thanks to a notable plug-and-play response.

  • Outstanding Features

Nyko has gain credit from the users, due to their affordable and user-friendly products. Thus, there is no wonder that their PC controller is excellent enough to stand amongst better-known brands. In general, the wired-only Nyko Technologies 80650 Airflow Ex comes with the D-pad, standard buttons, dual-analog toggles as well as bumpers you have expected from console controllers. While the controls are pretty responsive, the software is unobtrusive. The strength is that its drivers have had no compatibility issues. Keep following to learn more about its important features:

  • Ventilation for your hands: Yes, this feature is clear through the fans inside the grips. Players are able to control the two-speed fan while the “low setting” is still good enough for most of them. Such advantage is very suitable for the sweaty-handed.
  • Lots of the useful buttons in the controller. You can use the “inner buttons” as function (i.e. taking screenshots) buttons without applying any face buttons.
  • High precision: The controller brings the good accuracy, regardless how many years you have used it. There is no need to install any drivers for this to perfectly work in XP. However, the included key/mouse mapping software is very wonderful for you to try. Through the presence of such mapping software, it is possible to apply the Nyko, rather than the mouse to browse the web.
  • Summary

If you are still wondering whether to buy this Nyko Technologies 80650 Airflow Ex-Pc Game Controller or not, then let’s inspire your mind with its powerful feature – an internal fan to cool your hands. It is a good thing for long gameplay sessions. Just have programmable for both current and retro games. Let’s see its pros and cons through the table below for much more information:


  • Perfect for the big hands
  • Buttons feel good while pushing
  • The rubber grips are from high-quality material
  • Come with natural and comfortable design
  • The internal fan is awesome
  • Analog sticks work well


  • The cable is stiff that may be quite annoying.



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