Best Nintendo Switch Chargers Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best Nintendo Switch chargers? You came to the right place. This review will guide you in finding the best charger.

The Nintendo Switch is a great console but with its USB C port and how it is loaded, it creates a lot of confusion.

Let’s try to resolve this confusion a bit. How is the Nintendo Switch charged and what kind of charger do you need for it?

Let’s find out!


The Nintendo Switch

Let’s start with the credit situation. Nintendo has missed the switch a USB C port and also puts on a USB C power supply which can deliver 1.5A at 5V or 2.6A at 15V.

However, Nintendo does not rely on its own charging system, but uses the USB Power Delivery Standard.

However, the switch can also be charged in a classic way with a normal charger.

The charging current at 5V is approx. 1.5-1.9A, at 15V approx. 0.65 – 0.75A. Who now calculates the watts will notice that the difference is not so great between the two charging methods.

At the “normal” store we come to around 9W

When “fast” loading, we come to about 10.5W

Therefore, fast charging is only about 10-18% faster than normal charging. These few percent can even be quite important.

0,616A at 15V

If you consider that the battery of the switch 4310mAh or 16Wh has, you come in the normal loading arithmetically to a charging time of about 1.7A.

1.42A at 5V

If you now expect a loss of energy when loading about 20%, we come to a charging time of just over 2 hours. The maximum battery life of the switch contributes while playing and high brightness of 2.5 hours.

During playing the battery charges very slowly or not at all. Here, the slightly higher performance of the “fast charging” power supply can help.


Finding the right charger

So as with the Powerbanks / External Batteries is basically any USB charger for smartphones with 2A or 10W fits.

Here is more is better! So it’s no problem if you use a 3A charger for the switch, it just should not be weaker than 2A.

If you want a “Schelladegerät”, the selection is much smaller. You need a charger with USB Power Delivery. Important Power Delivery is not the same as Quick Charge.

Unfortunately I have NOT found an alternative charger that works with the dock. Even the Power Delivery Chargers do not work here. Nintendo seems to have set at this point but on any special standard. My guess is the Nintendo power supply delivers 15V and 5V at the same time so that the dock does not need a voltage converter for the USB ports.


Charger recommendations

Of course, it also depends on the other desired features. Do you only want to charge the switch, do you want to charge several devices like the switch and one or more smartphones at the same time, should the charger be particularly compact?

Let’s start with the quick-charging chargers. There are only two recommended options in addition to the Nintendo own charger.

On the one hand, this would be the RAVPower Type-C Charger 36W / 2 port and the Anker PowerPort + 5 Premium .

The RAVPower model is a bit more compact and has a USB output as well as a USB C fast charge output.

The anchor model even has 4 more ports, but is a bit bigger and more expensive.

Basically, these two chargers would be my first choice.

If you do not want to spend that much money, or if you just need a simple USB charger, the Anker 2 Port USB Charger , the RAVPower 4-Port 40W 5V / 8A USB Charger, or the Anker PowerPort Speed ​​5 will work best foryou.

If you are still looking for a powerbank / external battery for the switch HERE my recommendations.


What’s the best cable?

It depends on the charger used here. Do you have a USB C to USB C cable on this USB C output recommended. Here the Anker PowerLine USB-C on USB-C 2.0 cable has done a good job!

For normal chargers which have a normal USB output, I would recommend Ankers Powerline + cable. These very high quality, the switch and smartphones load quickly and reliably, but are also a bit more expensive.

Alternatively, AUKEY has some very good USB C cable in the offer which are also very high quality but also quite stiff, but a bit cheaper. If you need 3 meters, the  Speedlink Stream Play & Charge USB charging cable would offer.

  • Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB-C 2.0 cable – If a USB C output is present
  • Anker PowerLine + – When a normal USB output is present
  • AUKEY USB C cable – the cheap alternative
  • Speedlink Stream Play & Charge USB Charging Cable – 3 meters Normal USB to USB C



Unfortunately, I have not found a way to supply the dock with an alternative charger. But this is probably less tragic because you have the included charger.

However, the constant switching of the charger from the dock to the switch and vice versa is the annoying.

Here can a 10 ¬ charger, however, already remedy. The anchor 2 port USB charger would be my “cheap and good” recommendation which is quite useful for travel.

However, if you want to load the Nintendo Switch “fast” you have to use a charger that supports the USB C Power Delivery Standard.

Here is my recommendation Anker PowerPort + 5 Premium , a very good, if expensive charger. Alternatively, the RAVPower Type-C Charger is well suited for the 36W / 2 port, which is a bit cheaper.

For the cable, it depends on whether you need a “normal USB” to USB C cable or a USB C to USB C cable. For “normal USB” on USB C I would advise to anchor the Powerline + cable or if 3 meters are needed for comfortable playing to the Speedlink Stream Play & Charge USB charging cable . When the USB C to USB cables C I would either again to anchor Powerline cable or AUKEY USB cable C USB C rates.


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