Best Simulation Gaming Seat – Test, Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Race Simulation Seat – Tests, Ratings & Reviews

1 –  PLAYSEAT – RF.00070 – Playseat® Edition Red Bull Racing F1 – Race simulation seat : the best of the best!

PLAYSEAT - RF.00070 - Playseat Edition Red Bull Racing ...

PLAYSEAT – RF.00070 – Playseat Edition Red Bull Racing …

  • Automotive simulation seat
  • Compatible with Playstation2, Playstation3, Playstation4, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Mac and PC
  • Several settings to fully adapt your driving position.

Fans of racing games have found shoes to their feet with this model of simulation seat.  PLAYSEAT – RF.00070 – Red Bull Racing F1 was designed specifically for games of motor racing . I tested and I feasted.

PLAYSEAT - RF.00070 - Playseat

PLAYSEAT – RF.00070 – Playseat® Red Bull Racing F1 Edition – Race Simulation Seat: Modern Design

Made of leather, this racing simulation seat is fascinating because of its comfort and the quality of its design materials .

At first glance, this PLAYSEAT model is typically modern . Its contemporary design is the result of meticulous finishing work. Seeing the base of the tricolor set, we notice that it is identical to the base of a Formula 1.

PLAYSEAT – RF.00070 – Playseat® Edition Red Bull Racing F1 – Race Simulation Seat: The Formula 1 Formula One Tub

PLAYSEAT has faithfully recreated the driving position of a Formula 1. The Red Bull Racing F1 was designed by experts to satisfy the most experienced players.

Moreover, the back of the tub is tilted in the best way for a more mastered driving . There are many adjustment possibilities to better adapt the location of your body. Therefore, people often raise the similarity of this model to that of a baque t a real Formula 1 .

PLAYSEAT - RF.00070 - Playseat - RedBull Edition

Benefits :
  • This formula 1 tub is designed by experts for the most experienced
  • The best driving position is easily achieved with the settings
  • The steering wheel support is innovative
  • The pedal support can receive all types of pedals
Disadvantages :
  • The range level could explain why it is among the most expensive
  • You have to get used to the central place of the steering wheel
  • The distance between the driver and the pedal is difficult to adjust
  • Missing safety harnesses and head protection


Notorious fact: this seat is intended for stalled players. By this model, Playseat offers you the driving experience of a real Formula 1 . The tub offers exactly the driving position of a Formula 1 racing car. The PLAYSEAT Red Bull F1 Racing is the best simulation seat that can make you feel the emotion of the driver in full competition. The experience of driving a real Formula 1 racing car can now start, for those with the budget or for real F1 fans.



2 –  Playseat F1 Black Leather Simulation Seat – As in an F1!

Playseat F1 Black Leather Simulation Seat

Playseat F1 Black Leather Simulation Seat

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year (s)

I have changed many times of simulation seat not being satisfied with the old playseat models. By buying the Playseat F1, I was smug about the ability ( custom tuning accessories ) of it but also its design that image a single-seater automotive cockpit . It is compatible on all platforms.

Playseat F1 Black Leather Simulation Seat

Playseat F1 Black Leather Simulation Seat: An Attractive Design

Made with high quality materials, the black leather of its seat is particularly attractive. The large black base stands as the solid base of the seat .

Connected by a wire, the arched structure supports the seat, the steering wheel support and the footrest for the pedal. The exceptional shape of the chair gave you a great experience in Formula 1.

Playseat F1 Black leather simulation seat: a custom creation

Small or big as long as you’re a car fan, this simulation seat is perfect for the whole family Its simulation seat offers relaxation and driving comfort . The back of the chair is in the best inclination. There are many adjustment possibilities. The main adjustments are made at the 2 axes of the steering wheel support and at the base of the support for the pedals .

Playseat F1 Black Leather Simulation Seat: The Structure of a Single Seat

The assembly of this seat of car racing is done very easily and quickly. The whole is supported by a base in curve in the direction of the length. The seat perfectly adopts the shapes of the driver. The support for the steering wheel is designed to allow total ease in single-seater . The footrest is wide and completely reclining.

Playseat F1 Simulation seat

Benefits :
  • The seat and structure offer the best position of driving a car to race
  • The tilt of the steering wheel bracket is doubly adjustable.
  • The external appearance shows the high quality of manufacture and finish
  • The wide bracket of the pedal can adapt to all positions and distances
Disadvantages :
  • The axis of the steering wheel support will be between the legs
  • The inclination of the seat back is defined by the manufacturer
  • Missing safety harnesses and head protection
  • The level of range could explain the very high price


The search for true sensations being at the heart of the concerns of all players, Playseat bluffed me on this model. The Playseat F1 is the seat of simulation that can feel the emotion of the driver in full competition. For other motor racing , this seat of cockpit offers more comfort and ease in driving . If you are a driving professional, you will not be harmed and the investment is worth it.



3 –  NEXT LEVEL RACING GTUltimate V2 – Racing Simulation Cockpit / PC and Consoles

– 95%

Next Level Racing GTUltimate V2 - Simulation Cockpit ...

Next Level Racing GTUltimate V2 – Simulation Cockpit …

  • Cockpit with patented design that can separate into 2 and fold for easy storage
  • Steering wheel positions, gearbox and fully adjustable pedals
  • Supplied with accessories such as seat slide, gearbox support, lumbar cushion and racing harness

The NEXT LEVEL RACING GTUltimate V2 is a high performance and realistic simulation seat . The exterior appearance has the characteristics of an authentic cockpit seat . It is steel support provided for receiving the steering wheel or handle of the shift lever and the pedal or pedals .

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NEXT LEVEL RACING GTUltimate V2 - Racing Simulation Cockpit / PC and Consoles

NEXT LEVEL RACING GTUltimate V2: the patented design

The design of his seat and the black color that impressed me greatly impressed. It gives us a feeling of real , of competition as if we were on a track. It’s a good job!

NEXT LEVEL RACING GTUltimate V2: a simulation of flight or auto racing

The seat of NEXT LEVEL RACING is designed for all simulation games . The upper part of the structure is adapted to receive either a racing wheel , or a joystick in aviation . The main devices of Logitech , Thrustmaster and Fanatec are compatible with this support. The exact locations of the accessories – in reality – are meticulously respected by the manufacturer.

NEXT LEVEL RACING GTUltimate V2: quality and performance

The manufacturing quality of NEXT LEVEL RACING makes the difference with simple simulation seats . The performance is not below this estimate. This seat model can meet all requirements. The structure supporting the seat is robust, elegant and versatile. The backrest is particularly adjustable and tilting . The lumbar cushion and the racing harness add to the decor.

NEXT LEVEL RACING GTUltimate V2 - Racing Simulation Cockpit - PC - Consoles

Benefits :
  • The seat is designed for all flight simulation or auto racing games
  • The locations for all necessary accessories are provided
  • The backrest is fully adjustable and reclining
  • The gear lever can be directly attached to the side of the seat
Disadvantages :
  • Accessories on this seat will take longer to install
  • It is necessary to provide a steering wheel adapted to the frame provided as support
  • Comfort depends on adjustment and adjustments in height and length
  • The upper part of the file seems a bit wide


The NEXT LEVEL RACING GTUltimate V2 is a high end simulation seat . Its sale on the market is targeted at the most experienced players. I recommend this model of NEXT LEVEL RACING for simulation video game competitions. You could center and fix around this chair the most powerful accessories. It is designed to receive all the accessories needed for the simulation .



4 –  RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055 – Seats for video games

RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055 - Seats for video games

RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055 – Seats for video games

  • RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055
  • Type: Headquarters
  • Features: Folding seat

The RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055 is equipped with a bracket to put the steering wheel and a footrest for the pedal . This chair is particularly foldable, which I liked very much. The shape and structure of the set offer a comfortable steering arrangement . Moreover, it is the sensation of simulation that any player of rally looks for .

RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055

RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055: the color of the race

The colors black, red and white take us directly to the world of tuning, racing … You already have the impression to swim in the world of professionals. The steel structure is compactly mounted. It is clear that the entire seat and colors undoubtedly brings us back to the spirit of competition .

RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055: the outward appearance

The appearance of this simulation seat is not reminiscent of the game , but a real rally race . First, the appearance of the chair is exactly similar to that of a pilot of racing . In addition, the tricolor seat with a black background is the first impression of a pace at full speed. The form has been arranged to put the player in the bath of the competition .

RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055: the structure

The simulation based on RaceRoom is held securely by a steel frame structure. You can easily go wild without being afraid to break it. Moreover, the height of the seat enhances the ease of driving . RaceRoom designed this prototype with a screen mount.

RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055

Benefits :
  • The right height of the seat allows you to flex or stretch your knees
  • A place for the screen can be arranged
  • The adjustment in length is very easy
  • The heads of the clamping screws allow a good grip, even in the middle of the race
Disadvantages :
  • The outer frame could interfere with the legs, especially if the pedal is close to the driver
  • The bracket for the crankset is not reclining
  • The upper part of the backrest did not provide the comfort of the head
  • The price seems a little high


The RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055 is an inspiration leading to the realism of the rally . The similarity with the interior of a cockpit no longer depends on the accessories used. The only hitch I’ve noticed is the crankset that can not bow. Apart from that, everything is there. With a shifter combined with the steering wheel , the simulation in motor racing plunges the player into the rally tracks . All that’s missing is the cockpit and the bodywork.



5 –  Playseat – RRC.00152 Evolution RedBull GRC – 

– 8%

PLAYSEAT - RRC.00152 - Playseat EVOLUTION RedBull GRC -...

PLAYSEAT – RRC.00152 – Playseat EVOLUTION RedBull GRC -…

  • Car simulation seat compatible with Playstation2, Playstation3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Mac and PC
  • Washable
  • Easy to assemble and store: Patented folding system

The Playseat – Evolution RedBull GRC is a video game simulation headquarters. Lovers of speed and motor sports have found shoes to their feet thanks to this model. Its design has been geared towards racing . It consists of a support for steering wheel and a tilting base for pedals . The tubular steel frame reinforced keeps the seat in synthetic leather. It is compatible with most flying and pedal sets.

Playseat - RRC.00152 Evolution RedBull GRC

Playseat – RRC.00152 Evolution RedBull GRC: sporty design

It’s a seat of an authentic race car. Blue color and graphics add to the high quality finish. His sporty appearance gives his pilot the air of being always victorious.

Playseat – RRC.00152 Evolution RedBull GRC: a stable and sturdy seat

The seat is made of blue synthetic leather , very good quality and durable. The material has been designed to be scratch-proof and wear-resistant longer. Its appearance reflects the image of a victory already in his pocket. It is supported by a very strong steel structure . An important detail that makes this chair exceptionally stable and robust.

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Playseat – RRC.00152 Evolution RedBull GRC: The Scalable Adjustment and Adjustment System

To be one with the seat, an optimal adjustment mechanism must be at the rendezvous and revolutionary. That’s what this Playseat model offers us. The seat can therefore adjust at will , which I thought was great because I am small. The setting accommodates players from a wide range of heights and sizes. As a result, it adapts to all people of standard size .

Playseat RRC.00152 EVOLUTION RedBull GRC - Race Simulation Seat

Benefits :
  • Sports Design
  • Adjustment and adjustment of distances seem to be the ideal mechanisms
  • The seat template fits all people (standard size)
  • The seat is supported by a very strong steel structure
Disadvantages :
  • By increasing the height of the steering wheel, the pedals can not get closer
  • A gear lever will struggle to find its place to stabilize
  • The inclination of the file is already predefined
  • The little ones will find the head of the seat useless


The Playseat – Evolution RedBull GRC seat is designed with a powerful adjustment system. Reinforced steel tube frame eliminates unnecessary excess movement. This makes it easy to slide the structure to fit. The seat can therefore be adjusted in 3 planes. Whether you are tall or short, I recommend this model really comfortable.



6 –  Simulation seat for PS3 – M Alcantara

Playseat Evolution - Alcantara - REM.00008 - Seat ...

Playseat Evolution – Alcantara – REM.00008 – Seat …

  • Used by professional drivers
  • High quality, hand-stitched work
  • Compatible with most flying / pedals on the market

The simulation seat for PS3 – M Alcantara is the most concrete way to experience racing racing. This seat is a set consisting of a wheelchair for a pilot , a support for steering wheel and a base for fixing the pedals . Driving simulation games can now start.

Simulation seat for PS3 - M Alcantara

Simulation seat for PS3 – M Alcantara: an implausible similarity

Just by seeing the appearance of the seat, amateur or beginner driving, you will be seduced by the model and the world of the rally. The backrest is identical to that of a racing car seat. Upholstery can defy any competition.

Simulation seat for PS3 – M Alcantara: A trio centered on a seat

The simulation seat for PS3 – M Alcantara takes the basic elements to give you the feeling of being in a car. The steering wheel support is adjustable . And the distance between the seat and the pedal is also adjustable.

 Simulation seat for PS3 – M Alcantara: a solid and stable structure

The latter is designed on a solid and robust structure. The steel frame allows for more aggressive driving and steering. An achievement that will put you at ease and offer you a better stability when driving. Personally, I was conquered.

Benefits :
  • The quality of manufacture is up to our expectations
  • The comfort of the seat allows hours of play without back pain
  • The price is among the most interesting
  • The steel frame is a new design for better stability
Disadvantages :
  • The steering wheel support is difficult to adjust with a tall person
  • Backrest angle is fixed and not adjustable
  • The seat back creaks a little during brutal movements
  • An armrest might be useful


The simulation seat for PS3 – M Alcantara enters a satisfactory level of range. With this seat, video game sessions are even more fun parties. The presence of the armrests would be desirable, especially for those who are used to it. Despite the absence of these, the shape of the chair already provides remarkable comfort. I recommend this seat for players who want to experience a simulation seat for the first time.



7 –  Playseat Challenge Game Headquarters

– 4%

Playseat Challenge Game Chair, Black

Playseat Challenge Game Chair, Black

  • Playseat Challenge
  • Playseat
  • 2 years

Fans of motor racing games will be able to experience the Challenge game headquarters. Playseat has designed a seat with a steering wheel mount and a bottom bracket location. The adjustment of the distances for a better maneuverability is done easily by oneself, with screws, and without tools. The strong point of this model is its ability to be foldable and transportable.

Playseat Challenge Game Chair, Black

Playseat Challenge game chair: the simplicity and ergonomics associated

This Playseat seat looks very simple compared to more sophisticated models. Once installed, the player will feel his driving needs intensify. He can make all the settings himself to put himself in the best comfort.

Playseat Challenge Play Seat: A Foldable and Transportable Model

The creation of this model challenged the design of traditional simulation seat models. Thanks to its unique folding system, this Playseat seat folds easily and takes up little space when not in use. Your could easily carry it to challenge a competitor at home. Even with the steering wheel and pedals fixed, everything wraps around to stay compact.

Playseat Challenge game chair: the best price

For small budgets, satisfaction is at the rendezvous. The Playseat Challenge Game Seat is the model that ranks among the cheapest on the market. Its performance and quality can not be acquired at the price offered. In addition, it is compatible with most existing flying and pedal assemblies. Its long-term use will make you forget about its weak points.

Playseat Challenge Gaming Seat

Benefits :
  • This model is a foldable and easily transportable simulation seat
  • Its shape is very compact
  • The frame is made of metal tube, so robust and lightweight
  • It is compatible with all standard models of steering wheel and bottom bracket
Disadvantages :
  • The backrest is difficult to adjust and tilt
  • Synthetic leather does not stand up enough to scratches
  • The movement of the legs is free only in the longitudinal direction
  • Good stability is limited with a person of high weight


The Playseat Challenge Game Seat is the kind of seat that everyone would like to have. One more guest will still have a place in the competition. Despite the imperfection of the stability, this seat satisfies enormously by its utility and its solidity. I recommend this model for beginners in car racing simulation game. With the price offered by the manufacturer, owning a copy is really profitable in the long run. Group video game sessions will continue well.

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Best race simulation seat

Best Racing Simulation Seat and Driving Simulator Seat – Buying Guide

race simulation seat is an armchair specifically designed for video games of motor racing . Its design aims to put the player in the shoes of a real pilot . That’s why it has been adapted to receive a steering wheel and compatible pedals . There are several models to meet the needs of a particular player. The accessories can already be included in the offer. The settings can be customized and adjusted according to the silhouette of each. The chair must essentially perform its functions of simulation seat: protect your back , ensure optimal comfortfor any type of driving. Of course, prices are proportional to the options offered.

How to choose a race simulation seat?

The design should not be the first factor to choose your little gem. A race simulation seat differs from the classic chair by its different characteristics. Its main features are the backrest , the adjustment and its robustness to support your driving style.

You can have a brilliant simulation seat, all beautiful but if the media are not Herculean, you will put it to oblivion after a few months.

The comfort, the ergonomics, the robustness of the materials of manufacture and the compatibility of the accessories will have to be the criteria to be checked before leaning for a model.

Lastly, it would obviously be necessary for your choice to adapt to your portfolio. Do not worry, there is something for every taste and price. And low-cost is not always cheap.

What are the criteria for choosing a race simulation seat?

Now that you have chosen a model for both its design and its performance (especially for its prowess), it is necessary to take into consideration the technical details (the supports) of your seat to be sure of your choice. Namely, we will quote the following characteristics:

The structure

durable upholstery , a leather or fabric upholstery but tenacious , a solid support frame , steel or PVC , are the key words to remember on the way to go to the seller. Because yes the most important when investing is to see its simulation seat last as long as possible. In order for this to be the case, you need to check if the mounting brackets will support your furious conduct from time to time. Without this, it is useless to bet all of your savings.


Of course, if you want to have this type of equipment at home, it is because you are a real racing fanatic and you have time to spend so you can test it again and again. That’s why comfort matters a lot. The simulation seat has been specially designed with a comfortable backrest for you to sit at your ease for 5 hours of non-stop play.

Without this, in addition to investing in this dream material, you will need medications for back pain and cramps to the glutes.

Two details to remember before deciding:

  • your seat needs to be well stocked. A compact padding is necessarily synonymous with comfort. There are some softer models and some firmer ones, for you to test. Also think about experimenting with the backrest for a better ease of your back and a better stability of your head.
  • In order to be well installed at best, a custom setting according to your silhouette is also a key factor. You can adjust the height of the steering wheel, the angle of the backrest , the distance of the pedals (provided the seat is on rails) and for some models the inclination of the pedals.

If you combine all this into a model, the experience can only be pleasant.

Compatibility with your racing wheel

The steering wheel is the most important accessory for the car, even in a simulation situation. The central square is therefore reserved for him. It is at headquarters to provide the most comfort and stability possible. The compatibility of a car seat with the steering wheel should fit all standard steering wheel models. A driver will probably change the steering wheel to full satisfaction. And the mounting bracket assembled to the seat must be able to receive and fix very firmly the steering wheel. Anyway, the steering wheel should not be unstable so tighten your screws well and remember to check them time to time. Do not forget also that its height is adjustable according to your morphology.

Addition of additional accessories

In addition to a steering wheel, having a pedal is already a good thing for a driver. On the other hand for a pilot and a lover of the speed, it still misses a thing (and not less anyway) to make this seat of simulation a true reality: a lever of speed .

The gear lever

gear lever can be associated with the steering wheel, fixed on a table or integrated on the support of your simulation seat. The supports are used to reduce movement and shaking during aggressive maneuvers. Pliers allow secure attachment of the lever on these basic supports. This racing game equipment is very often attached using built-in bolt mounting points.

If you think you need this extra accessory, make sure you have the proper support on your simulation seat. But otherwise, you can still find independent media (not very stable) on the market.

The pedalboard

The pedal is the ideal instrument to gain realism during your frantic races. Most simulation seats are equipped with a bracket that can accommodate a standard bracket. The pedal can consist of a footrest for two or three pedals. Their presence will offer you more real sensations.

Have a simulation seat with the complete accessories will make you live more intense moments and ever more real!



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