Corsair T1 Race PC Gaming Chair Review

The Corsair T1 Race is a new PC gaming chair that competes with some of the biggest household names in the market.

Retailing at around $300, the Corsair T1 Race will have a lot to do to catch up and prevail among the best models of the day. Having used it for a couple of days now, I decided to do an in-depth review of this chair that is actually among the best PC gaming chairs you will find in the market.

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Like most of the PC gaming chairs, the Corsair T1 model is delivered disassembled in a very large cardboard box. We discover on this one some sketches of the seat, and the set effectively protects the various elements of the chair.

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Inside the box, we found

  • The back of the armchair
  • The seat of the armchair
  • A headrest and support for the lumbar
  • The foot of the chair and its five wheels
  • The lifting piston and its cover
  • The lifting mechanism
  • Four side covers
  • A bag of hardware and a mounting key
  • A mounting guide



Assembling the Corsair T1 Race

With only a few parts, the assembly of the T1 Race is relatively simple when you follow the manual delivered in the box. You can assemble it in less than an hour as long as you understand the parts and where they should be.

The first step is to position the casters on the Corsair T1 Race foot. A small “Click” will confirm that the casters are in place.

For the second stage, we will position the piston in the center of the foot, then the three covers protecting it. Here, it is essential to remember removing the small red cap placed at the end of the piston.

The third step is the assembly of the lifting mechanism. We will remove the four screws already positioned at the back of the chair, place the mechanism in the right direction, and then screw all on the back of the seat. No need to take out a tool, since Corsair included an Allen key adapted to all the hardware of the chair.

The fourth step is to fix the T1 Race folder at its base. Again, the four screws required for assembly are already positioned on the front of the file. Then just remove them, and position the two elements correctly and screw the whole thing.

At this level, the chair starts to take shape, and it is now time to position the seat and the backrest on the piston. The stage is a little less obvious than the previous ones since it will be necessary to align the various back chair with the base perfectly.

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At this point, the chair can now be used, but only after the side covers have been positioned. Ironically, this is the most complex stage of the Corsair T1 Race!

The next thing to do is to place the support cushion for the lumbar, as well as the headrest. A system of straps allows this task to be completed in a few seconds, but also to adjust the position of the cushion according to its preferences (and its size obviously).


Corsair T1 Race: Design & Aesthetics

Every gamer wants a gaming chair with a sleek and stylish design, preferably with flashy colors.

As explained in the introduction, the Corsair T1 Race has a style similar to that of most gaming-oriented chairs. For this first model, we, therefore, have a racing-style seat, reminiscent of the bucket models generally reserved for the automotive industry. A style that will not necessarily be to everyone’s taste, but which nevertheless seems to be very popular among players.

To blend easily with most setups, the Corsair model is available in 5 colors. The all-black version presented today will be the soberest, but flashier color lovers will be able to move towards models with yellow, red, blue or white accents. Everyone should be able to find their match.

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Regarding dimensions, the T1 Race has a well-contained footprint, with a more compact construction than some competing models. The seat measures 56 x 58 cm, while the backrest is 95 cm high and 56 cm wide at the shoulders. Practically, the chair should fit most users, supporting a maximum weight of 120 kg. If you exceed the weight limit, note that some competitors offer XXL gaming chairs meeting the expectations of the largest or strong players.

A little more in the details, we start with the foot and wheels of the chair. As explained above, Corsair is here the choice of scooter-type wheels, reminiscent of those we could find on our old pairs of rollerblades.

The plastic foot has a classic construction, just like the piston that will integrate. Then we come to the lifting mechanism, which takes a structure identical to that of many models already on the market (and sometimes more affordable, like AK Racing for example). Here, a wide wheel adjusts the tilting of the seat, with a maximum adjustment of 10 °. It’s not huge, but it brings extra comfort to use.

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On the side, a long rod accessible from the right hand can manage the height of the Corsair T1 Race. Nothing very original, we pull up to raise the seat and press down to go down the chair gaming. Always from the stem, it will also be possible to block the inclination of the seat or leave it free (from 0 to 10 °). Note, however, that it is not possible to lock the tilt to an intermediate value.

The back of the seat is structured around two metal bars, associated with three green straps bringing better flexibility to the whole. The quality of construction seems to be at the rendezvous, and should in practice bring a better comfort than the models merely presenting a steel plate.

Place now the two main parts of the chair: the seat and the backrest. Corsair is here choosing a polyurethane imitation leather covering, offering in practice a good compromise between comfort and robustness. The material is designed to withstand tearing and should be able to provide substantial durability. I like the upholstery, but my problem comes in when gaming in the hot summer. You will feel a little bit uncomfortable because of reduced breathability.

The facades and the outer part of the back cover have a slightly different upholstery, but always in imitation leather. It has a rather well-done carbon vinyl cover while confirming the general feeling of quality offered by the chair.

The upper part of the gaming seat incorporates two large spacings for the straps to adjust the positioning of the lumbar and headrest cushion.

On the right side of the chair, a handle can be used to adjust the inclination of the backrest. As often with gaming chairs, you can set a recline angle between 90 ° and 180 °. This feature comes in handy when you want a virtually elongated positioning if you want to take a nap on the T1 Race.

Now place the 4D armrests, which can be adjusted in many positions. Made of plastic, they have a length of 26 cm, for a width of about 10 cm. Their corners are beveled, and a polyurethane coating slightly softens the top padding. We would have perhaps preferred to find a real foam armrest padding for improved comfort.

Several buttons will change the positioning of the armrests, to obtain a seat perfectly suited to the desired use. The first button, placed on the stem of the armrest, allows adjusting its height on a movement of 10 cm.

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We then find two buttons on the inside of the armrests. The first can be used to move them forward or backward, while the second can slightly shift the armrests from left to right.

Finally, it will also be possible to rotate the trays on plus or minus 13 ° to perfect their adjustment. You will find the perfect configuration with time.

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Comfort & Ergonomics

Now that we’re up to date on the possibilities offered by this Corsair T1 Race, it’s time we focus on the comfort and ergonomics now.

We remind you obviously that it will be necessary to always take into account your size and weight before you start buying a gaming chair. Most gamers buy the wrong size and end up giving a good gaming chair with very bad reviews.

After about three days with the T1 Race, the comfort is not bad at all. The seat cushioning is neither too firm nor too supple relieving you off the pressure while supporting the back correctly. The fact that you can adjust the inclination of the chair, and also the height and the position of the armrests make the T1 Race best for all-day comfort.

On the downside, the armrests are a little too firm for our taste. A foam with faux leather cover could probably have brought additional comfort to this level.

In addition to the adjustments discussed above, note that you will also be able to position a cushion for lumbar support, and a second to support your head. In our opinion, the pillow for the lumbar has a generous width, but the headrest lacks flexibility in its adjustment. On these points, preference will be given to models with lumbar support directly integrated into the file (Ikea Markus for example).

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Wrapping Up

Overall, the Corsair T1 Race is positioned as a good chair for gaming. Easy to assemble, adjustable on many points, and above all very correct regarding comfort, it does not present unacceptable defects. However, this first model of the manufacturer does not revolutionize anything new. We have all seen the 360 degrees swivel, Class 4 gas lift, and even 4D armrests.

Clearly, and if the seat itself is completely correct, nothing will differentiate it from models sometimes more affordable.



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