First analysis of the Intel Xeon W-3175X 28 cores

Intel Xeon W-3175X from Intel with 28 cores and 56 threads has just come out and we have the first review of this processor shared by Toms Hardware people. This chip costs about $ 3,000, a huge cost compared to the Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX , which can be achieved for about $ 1,800.

Toms Hardware analyzes the Intel Xeon W-3175X

Intel Xeon W-3175X

Intel Xeon W-3175X – Specifications

LGA 3647 (Socket P)
Nuclei / Threads
Base Frequency
3.1 GHz
Turbo Frequency (TB 2.0)
4.3 GHz
Cache L3
38.5 MB
Integrated GPU
Do not
Base / Turbo GPU (MHz)
N / A
Memory Controller
Unlocked Multiplier
PCIe tracks 48

The existing Xeon W models of the company have 18 cores and adapt to the LGA 2066 sockets. However, this new chip requires a more advanced socket, the LGA 3641 , which has not seen daylight outside the centers. data.

Test equipment

Intel Xeon W-3175X

For the tests, an Asus ROG Dominus Extreme motherboard was used as a base together with two 1600 W EVGA T2 power supplies to supply enough power to the entire configuration, complete with 96GB of DDR4 RDIMM memory. The graphics card used is the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FE .

The processor seems to easily reach 4.6 GHz in all overclocking cores , so you will surely see the results with the overclocked chip as well.

Performance results in games


First, let’s see how this processor behaves in games, both real and synthetic.

3DMark Fire Strike Physics (DX11)
Core i9-9980XE @ 4.4 31988
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 28887
Core i9-9980XE 28214
Core i9-7960X 26855
Core i9-7980XE 25477
Xeon W-3175X 25153

The games do not usually take advantage of so many nuclei, so the 3DMark results do not surprise us, placing us below the i9-9980XE .

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation – 1080P Crazy Preset – Average FPS
Core i9-9980XE @ 4.4 55.9
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 55.8
Xeon W-3175X 53.6
Core i9-9980XE 51.4
Core i9-7960X 50.7
Core i9-7900X 49.8

One of the games that do not lack in any comparison and is more of the same, below the i9-9980XE but above the i9-7960X and 7900X.

GTA V – 1080P Ultra – Average FPS
Core i9-9980XE @ 4.4 107.1
Core i9-9900K 106.6
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 106.3
Xeon W-3175X 102.7
Core i9-9980XE 98.3
Core i9-7980XE 94.9

We can not say that the performance is ‘bad’ at all, being on par with an i9-9900K in this case. In general, it is a processor that gives the size in games, even though the titles of today do not take advantage of such amount of nuclei.

Rendering and compression tests

This would be the ground where the new member of the Xeon family is focused, let’s see how it behaves, especially when compared to the Threadripper 2990WX .

Cinebench R15 – Multi-core test
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 6416
TR 2990WX with PBO (Precision Boost) 5840
Xeon W-3175X 5458
TR 2990WX 5175
TR 2970WX with PBO 4812

We see that it is placed above the AMD option , despite having fewer cores (28 vs. 32) in Cinebench.

Blender 2.78c – BMW Render – Less is better
TR 2990WX with PBO 5.11
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 5.17
Xeon W-3175X 5.47
TR 2990WX 6.04
TR 2970WX with PBO 6.44
I9 9980XE @ 4.4 8.26

Threadripper triumphs rendering in this application , but by an invaluable difference compared to the new Intel option.

Video Editing – PCMark 10 – Mas is better
TR 2990WX with PBO 2796
Core i9-9900K 2580
TR 2990WX 2443
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 2433
I9 9980XE @ 4.4 2369
Ryzen 7 2700X 2320

In the video edition, Threadripper scores a win in the PCMark 10 test.

Compression and coding

In the field of compression and coding, are two tasks in which we look more when assessing the power of a processor, especially for workstations. Let’s see the results you have obtained.

7 Zip – Multi-Core Compression
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 93914
Xeon W-3175X 89559
I9 9980XE @ 4.4 87743
I9 9980XE 76026
I9 7980XE 72663
Core i9-7960X 71864
TR 2950X 62963

Intel demonstrates its leadership in this test, the Threadripper is far behind in this test.

Handbrake – x264 encoding an MKV @ MP4 of 4.19GB (Seconds)
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 311
Xeon W-3175X 341
I9 9980XE @ 4.4 408
I9 9980XE 439
I9 7980XE 466
TR 2990WX with PBO 573

Another triumph of the Intel platform in the video encoding test, the Threadripper 2990WX falls far behind.

Mathematical calculations

Calculix – Less is better (Seconds)
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 61.79
Xeon W-3175X 74.01
TR 2990WX with PBO 78.86
TR 2990WX 88.07
Monte Carlo – Less is better (Seconds)
TR 2990WX with PBO 9.81
Xeon W-3175X @ 4.6 10.64
TR 2990WX 11.05
Xeon W-3175X 12.97

Finally, we can see that the Xeon wins in two tests that require mathematical calculations (Calculix, Monte Carlo).


Intel Xeon W-3175X

In general, the Intel Xeon  W-3175X matched or beat the Threadripper 2990WX in most of the tests performed by Toms Hardware , which we recommend to read the full analysis . It is interesting that this processor comes with the unlocked multiplier to reach very interesting frequencies, always bearing in mind that it is a 28-core processor with a 14 nm node.

Working fully, the whole team seems to consume around 700 W of power, so you need a very powerful power supply or add two in parallel.

The Intel Xeon W-3175X 28-core would cost about $ 4000

Although in performance it seems to be an ‘unbeatable’ option, its price of $ 3000 in launch may lead users to opt for AMD’s Threadripper, which costs almost half. What do you think?

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