Gaming chair in fabric or leather? Advantages and disadvantages

Should you buy a fabric or leather gaming chair ? The selection of different materials is great and not everyone has the same taste. But which material is better? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of the materials? This is exactly what we explain to you in this post and also reveal our personal opinion.

First of all, to say: Look for the right model for you, no matter if it’s leather or plastic. If you like a model in particular, but it is made of fabric and not leather, so take it easy. After all, you’re the one who has to sit on it day after day.

Gaming chair fabric

fabric Gaming chair is a popular among gamblers. Fabric looks beautiful, there are no color variations that do not exist and it offers some more advantages over a leather Gaming chair. However, there are also some disadvantages that we will show you as well.

It’s been proven that you sweat a lot less on a fabric Gaming chair than on a leather chair. That’s because fabric is breathable. In addition, the seat is not cold in winter, as is the case with leather chairs.

Fabric and stains? You already know that there is a big disadvantage, right? No matter what you spill, the fabric cover absorbs everything in itself and cleaning is not quite as easy as with a leather cover. It must therefore be paid a little more. If you spill something on a fabric Gaming chair, you have an optics problem. You will not get that out, or very badly, and then you will see that something has been cleaned up.

Fabric Gaming chair Recommended: DX Racer 1

Not only the look speaks for itself, but also the workmanship and not least the comfort. There are also two pillows, which contribute to the seating comfort. The backs, as well as the armrests can be adjusted and the rollers make almost no noise. In short: our favorite with the best price performance ratio.

DX racer 1 gaming chair

DX racer 1 Gaming chair

  • Executive chair in sporty racer look with armrests and imitation leather cushions …
  • Resilient up to 100 kg
  • Infinitely height adjustable, backrest adjustable up to max. 135 ° and …

Imitation leather

Many of the offered gaming chairs, which come in a leather look, are covered with imitation leather. This can be seen quickly in the price. Synthetic leather is much cheaper than real leather. In terms of appearance, there is nothing to complain about, because even the artificial leather looks classy and gives the chair a special look. 

An advantage of a synthetic leather Gaming chair is that it is insensitive to stains. Even if you spill something, so does the leatherette absolutely nothing. Once wiped over it, the spot is already removed.

A disadvantage of a synthetic leather Gaming chair is the material. Synthetic leather is not breathable, which is why you get sweaty, especially in the summer. This makes for an uncomfortable feeling and does not spoil a gaming session.

Gaming chair leatherette recommendation

Deterious design, shapely and comfortable armrests, sewed on Diablo logo, removable head and lumbar cushions ensure high seating comfort and optimal posture. These are the features of the Diablo X-One Gaming chair . The chair has all the important features that a Gaming chair needs to have. Ice can be the backrest, as well as the armrests adjusted and there are the lumbar and lumbar cushions. All at a relatively low price. A clear recommendation on our part.

Diablo X-One Horn Gaming Chair

Diablo X-One Horn Gaming chair

  • Office chair in sporty racing design, robust and stable construction, …
  • Devilish design, sewed on Diablo logo, shapely and adjustable …
  • Infinitely height-adjustable, 360 ° freely rotatable, tilting mechanism (BIFMA …

We recommend a synthetic leather or real leather office chair especially in offices. When gambling at home, it does not really matter which material you use. However, when you run a business, a leather office chair does make a higher quality impression. Although these are only small features, the eye eventually eats with …

Gaming chair genuine leather

In addition to the leatherette gaming chairs , there are also gaming chairs made of genuine leather . Genuine leather is much higher quality than artificial leather. There are no big differences to artificial leather, at least none which are so striking and recognizable.

The quality of the leather is already impressive, but you may already suspect that these chairs have their price. Real leather is always expensive and associated with high initial costs, but the quality itself is much better compared to artificial leather variants. Also the premium Gaming chair manufacturer noblechairs put on real leather.

Recommendation Real Leather Gaming Chair

The noblechairs ICON series is covered with a first-class cover made of grained real leather, which has a very high material thickness of 1.5 millimeters and a unique seat pattern. Due to the strength and quality of the material, the cover also feels extremely comfortable and guarantees a sublime sitting feeling.

If you do not yet know Noblechair, they make world-class gaming chairs that are among the best on the market. So far, we could not find another Gaming chair that offered as much comfort as the noblechair. Although these models cost a hefty price, so it’s worth the purchase, especially for hardcore gamers.


noblechairs ICON Real Leather Gaming Chair

noblechairs ICON Real Leather Gaming Chair

  • HIGH QUALITY: Gaming chair with excellent workmanship and first-class …
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Noble & discreet look thanks to high quality black …
  • COMFORTABLE & COMFORTABLE: Breathable cold foam padding with a density of …

Leather or fabric in the Gaming chair?

Which material in the Gaming chair you ultimately decide is not important. You have to decide for yourself if you would rather have a leather, or at least a fabric seat. If you sweat a lot, then a fabric Gaming chair is a better choice, if you often spill something or eat on your desk, a leather Gaming chair is the better choice.

Really serious differences do not exist in our opinion. The advantage of fabric is that it is always comfortable. Leather, on the other hand, feels very high quality. At least if a good leather was used. In any case cheap artificial leather does not feel very comfortable and high quality for us.

Did you decide? What material has become the Gaming chair? Discuss with us in the comments, we would welcome it.

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