Even Google will not have been spared by the leaks since the media La Presse dropped the price, the date and the launch line-up of Stadia. The Google conference has just ended, the whole world was able to seize the truth of this information, out before the hour, about the famous service of the American giant. 

Thus, we learn that for $ 169 Canadian (129 €), we will be entitled to a Founder Edition ( available for pre-order now )  including the Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra,  Destiny 2  and three months of subscription. ” This will be the beginning of the only way to access Stadia, ” says the article, knowing that the service will be operational from next November in 14 countries (United States, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden) . Side line-up launch , no less than 31 games are on the program, mainly AAA. 

” Ubisoft has adapted six games, including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and The Division 2, as Bethesda and its DOOM 2016 , and Square Enix with three editions of Tomb Raider, ” reads. According to  Majd Bakar, vice president of engineering at Google, the catalog is doomed to grow quickly enough, Google ensuring that publishers / developers will not have to deal with any constraints. Regarding the subscription, we are told that there will be two formulas. The


a more complete, Stadia Pro, will cost $ 11.99 Canadian per month (9.99 €). ” The player then has access to games in 4K and 60 fps quality, some available at no additional cost to all subscribers, the most recent to be purchased , says La Presse.These purchases will remain accessible even if the player abandons his subscription Stadia Pro . ”  

The other formula, Stadia Base, will be free but with limited video quality at 1080p. The player will not have access to the “free” games of Stadia Pro but will be able to buy them and keep them on his account. ” This formula will not be available until 2020, ” he says. To turn all this, it will at least have to have, and 1 Mbps  upload . To enjoy the most complete experience, in 4K with 5.1 surround sound, a connection of 35 Mbps will be required. ” Our streaming technology adapts to your connection, ” says  Majd Bakar. At launch, users must have Chromecast and the Stadia controller (which will cost € 69 per unit), but in 2020, any computer with a Chrome browser will be able to access the service. ” Pixel 3 and 3a phones, as well as Pixel Slate tablets, can also be used, ” says the paper. For its part, Google ensures that other devices will be added as and when, the ambition being that any screen can broadcast games.


And since we are talking about ambition, the Mountain View company promises ” the players a fluid experience, without interruption, with imperceptible reaction times “. And even if some observers are skeptical considering that everyone does not have a solid connection,  Majd Bakar is formal, ” there is no difference in latency between Stadia and Xbox One S. “


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