HomCom Gaming/Office Chair with Heating and 6 Massage Points

Whenever a person spends many hours in front of a screen, whether playing, working or studying, fatigue in the body is the first factor that influences him to leave aside what he is doing and end up resting in bed, so Why not look for a plus of comfort? See this offer from the HomCom Office Gaming Chair . It is a chair manufactured to solve all these problems, it has 6 massage points on the backrest, a heating system, inclination and everything you can ask for a seat that can be in any entertainment room or in an office and will add personality for its attractive design that is elegant as any corporate armchair, and modern as the chairs of a game room .

After sitting in this magnificent chair and observe the ergonomics and comfort it offers, we decided to try it directly in the office. For a long week it has been the chair of our content manager, Paqui, who has subjected her to long massage sessions and hours of continuous heating. What was the result? A 10 in comfort, long uninterrupted days are muscle or postural pains. It is a good chair that meets the expectations of both a gaming environment and an office and overcomes without hesitation all the aspects included in our purchase guide .

HomCom gaming chair with massage and heating, unique in its segment and with a spectacular price!

Technical specifications of the HomCom Gaming Chair

  • It has a function that very few gaming chairs or office chairs offer: It has heating in the waist area, which is a dream come true for gamers from cold countries (and not so cold hehe !!). On the other hand, it has a massage system, it has 6 vibrating points in the backrest and in the seat, which are activated with a remote control with which you can set the specific time and place for the massage, the player only needs corresponds to enjoy comfort.
  • This is a suitable seat both for use at home and in the office, only to see it you know that it is very easy to combine with any space , available in black with white details, a classic and elegant combination. Or if you are looking for something more aggressive, you can buy it in black with electric blue or red details.
  • Ergonomic design that provides support to the spine and neck, the user improves the position when sitting and can spend more productive time in it.
  • The Homcom Gaming Chair deoficina has an adjustable seat height: 49-58cm.
  • Its metal base has 5 legs with rotating wheels that do not damage the floor where they slide. It has an optimal stability that allows a maximum load capacity of 150 kg. Compatible with parquets and platforms.
  • This game seat includes a pillow on the headrest and another pad at the waist, so it offers great support and reduces fatigue.
  • Its inclination is “rocking type” can move forward or backward with the lever that is on the bottom.
  • Made with the best materials: PU cover, and mesh fabric, durability, good ventilation and softness, everything that gamers need in a single product.
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Best deals HOMCOM gaming office chair

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Advantages compared to other gaming chairs

Massage control of the Homcom gaming chair, a delight ...The real question is: why not buy it? The HomCom Office Chair Gamingis all at once, a massage chair, with a great design and professional office (at the height of the success of the acclaimed Intimate WM Heart) and that at night can become your partner for fulfill any mission or win all the games in front of the console or pc, it is practical, modern and comfort is 100% guaranteed with all the adjustments you can make and the extra features such as the delicious heating that you will not find in any other chair market with a price like that. Do not hesitate!

Enjoy your review:

Conclusion and evaluation: Hom Com gaming, comfort and luxury go hand in hand.

Homcom assures 2 year warranty and assembly is simple, includes a simple instruction guide that can help your HomCom Office Gaming Chair be ready in less than 15 minutes. Once assembled, configure the massages with the remote control included, activate the heating, and enjoy!


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