LG 27GL650F: the first monitor to include home certification for FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible?

NVIDIA launched a variant of VRR as a cheap alternative to Adaptive Sync. We are talking about G-Sync Compatible , which is being verified in selected models already on sale. Instead, LG has released its 27GL650F , which would be the first monitor to include it as standard.


There are many curious things in this LG 27GL650F , where it does not even appear on the website of the LG itself and there is hardly any information available about the monitor. But from TFT Central the inclusion of FreeSync technology and NVIDIA G-Sync is discussed , where logically we understand that it must be support for G-Sync Compatible.

The information currently available is, curiously, on Amazon.com , where that feature is not stated, but for some reason if it is dropped in the article cited. We understand that they already have some information that nobody has, so this would make the LG 27GL650F the first monitor in history to include the NVIDIA and AMD certification at home .


It is not the only quality in which it stands out, since other monitors have received the NVIDIA certification a posteriori, but it does have certain unusual peculiarities in 2019. Starting with its 27-inch screen , where the 16: 9 ratio is maintained and by which we will find a borderless design on three sides of the screen, leaving the bottom with a thicker bezel where the brand logo is displayed.

To be a 27-inch screen we would expect a 2K resolution, but LG has instead opted to introduce a panel with FHD (1080p) , movement to complete range at first, while at the same time can reach more users who are satisfied with the resolution, but not with the size of your current screen.

This will cause a lower sharpness, since the size of the pixel is greater, but on the other hand the graphical load will be smaller .

Support for HDR, 144 Hz and medium response time


Said panel will include a refresh rate of 144 Hz , perfect for competitive shooters, car games and certain higher-speed games and apparently will include a motion blur reduction mode of 1 ms.

G2G response time of 5 ms is expected , which is not really fast today, just enough for the refresh rate provided. At the same time, the contrast should be 1000: 1 with a sRGB range and 178º / 178º viewing angles thanks to its IPS panel . In these specifications the support for HDR10 is mentioned , so it is possible that it finally includes VESA DisplayHDR 400.


What is confirmed is that it will include one DisplayPort and two HDMI . Currently it is only available on Amazon.com, at a price of $ 349.99 , where its availability time is surprising, since it is estimated between one and three months , so we will not see it in our stores at least during the middle of summer.

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