Logitech G432 headset review: Plastic is not fantastic

In terms of helmets, it is necessary for everyone. From the most fortunate to the easy ones, the essential thing being to be able to benefit a minimum at the same time of a correct sound and exchanges with the other players. At Logitech, the G432 is proposed to meet these specifications.

At Logitech, there is the Admiral ship for gaming headphones with the G935 . But there are also other things in the range, if you just want a decent sound and what to play without disturbing the whole household. The G432 is the all-successor of the G430. Let’s see if things have changed.

Mobilize this joint and you will be entitled to a grinding worthy of an old stroller.

It squeaks and squeaks

First observation, it is obviously not necessary to ask the moon in terms of materials . The G432 is both plastic when you touch it and when you hear it. The slightest displacement that solicits the articulation between the ears and the hoop causes unpleasant squeaks. Same penalty when it comes to readjust once on the head.

It is an inconvenience that happily disappears at stake , but which is confirmed by acoustic insulation a fair game. The imitation leather is not thick and despite the correct level of comfort it provides, it easily passes the ambient sounds. On the other hand, we can note the possibility of changing the foam of the ears , which is far from the case of all helmets in this category.

Designing a cheap gaming helmet obviously requires concessions and we will easily pass these points back on the nobility of materials, with a sound rendition of good quality . Logitech expertise in the field is well established and the G432 may well be below 100 € it still offers 7.1 surround sound (emulated of course with DTA 2.0).

The ears are removable …

Maximum compatibility

The G432 has become much more versatile than the 430 . It comes with USB sound card that will be an essential interface if you want to connect to a PC or a Mac, in order to enjoy its qualities. But you can also connect mini jack on any compatible interface and in this case on PS4, Switch or Xbox for example. Of course, going through these classic connectivity, we lose the benefit of the surround.

But the sound is good, whether in stereo or spatialization . Of course, do not expect to have the depth of high-end, but we must recognize that the sound reproduction is much better than the first impressions could suggest. 50mm transducers fare well with a good overall balance. As usual, this balance can be modulated on PC with the use of the G HUB which manages the entire range of Logitech hardware.

The sound level is modulated by a wheel on the back of the left ear and by raising the stem of the cardioid microphone you cut the latter without any other form of lawsuit. No gaming partner came to complain about having their ears scratched during the long sessions of Division 2 that punctuated the testing of this helmet. The hiccups that may have existed before are forgotten.

With the G432 , Logitech offers an entry level by highlighting its brand and its audio expertise. Of course, by accepting concessions to lower its price.

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    IN SUMMARY    

The G432 is as surprising in terms of sound as it can be scary in terms of its physical qualities. Very close to the material already existing in the previous series (we change two or three details and colors), it has improved in terms of rendering with more powerful transducers . The compromise between price and quality is good and it will find its place as the second helmet or as the main use, if you are not a player who will seek to get the best of the best in his wallet.

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     WE LOVED:    WE DID NOT LIKE:    
  • Sound reproduction in stereo or 7.1
  • PC compatibility and consoles
  • A good comfort
  • Removable earcovers
  • A really plastic feeling to the touch and on the head
  • The audio cable sealed on the left atrium
  • A light sound insulation
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  • Price : € 80 (April 2019)
  • Weight : 260g
  • Connectivity : USB via external sound card and mini jack cable 2m
  • Transducers : 50mm
  • Frequency response : 20Hz – 20Khz
  • Sensitivity : 107 dB
  • Compatibility : Win7 and up, Mac, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, mobile devices with mini jack
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