Logitech G513 Carbon Gaming Keyboard review: The class on the desktop

Logitech has a full range of Gaming devices. From headphones to mice, keyboards and joysticks. In this ecosystem supported by the G HUB PC software, we find almost all types of keyboards. The model that concerns us today is 513, which comes to take over from 413. Is it ensured brilliantly? This is exactly what we will see from this step!

With its wrist rest, the G513 combines sobriety with elegance.

Velvet under the fingers

When we take a look at the 513, we immediately think of its previous version. At the exit of the box, there is not much that differentiates them . Exactly the same size, the measurements are strictly identical. Of course, Logitech did not come out exactly the same material, but to find differences, we must start it and start to put his little pudgy fingers on it.

The G513 is now equipped with Logitech Romer-G switches . They exist in two versions: tactile or linear with a life expectancy of 70 million strikes . For our part, we had in our hands a linear version with carbon finish (brushed aluminum look). It must be said that under the fingers, the G513 is extremely pleasant . Very responsive at play, it has also been effective in writing. It is not 100% geared towards Gaming as its layout suggests.

Here, no extra keys for various macro, no multimedia keys. We focus on the essentials with a clutter on the desktop. The G-HUB still allows you to configure the entire keyboard as you wish, but you will have to play key combinations for the secondary functions. However, it remains quite effective in Gaming , with the ability to activate only the keys required for the game in progress (the Windows keys are for example disabled by default and this mode is confirmed by an LED).

Speaking of keys, the keyboard comes with additional Gaming keys notched specifically. They espouse more precisely the shape of the end of your paws. It is a detail, but it ends up counting when you have your eyes riveted on the screen and you use a series of varied keys. The tool allowing you to change the keys with the ease and grace of a ballerina is delivered in the box.

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The Romer-G switches are very pleasant to the touch.

And there was light

The other main difference with the previous version is the arrival of the backlight that ignites the keys. Once again, by switching the G-HUB interface, you can turn your keyboard into a dance floor for Travolta. The patterns are infinite, so many variations, that Logitech should offer its keyboard as a medical diagnostic tool for epileptics.

At the margin of all the aesthetic reasons that you can adjust on the keyboard, there are still functions that will probably have real practical applications. For example the choice of keys to illuminate and their colors. This allows both to focus on the essential functions of a game and / or categorize their role . One could for example make a panel of red keys for weapons and blue or green for care and repairs.

On the plane again practico-practical , the keyboard can be slightly inclined by two legs on its back (you know people who prefer to type flat?) And remains perfectly stable with its rubber pads. It is unfortunately wired and we do not forget, with a massive cable and braided . The latter ends in two USB sockets, one of which is dedicated to the redundancy of the USB socket located on the top right edge of the case. Convenient to connect a USB key or other device temporarily. On the other hand, it’s USB 2.0 and it’s a shame . Others have moved to 3.0 for a long time.

The G513 ends up justifying a move upmarket with a particularly elegant flexible hand rest. It fulfills its role perfectly and avoids the articular pains consecutive to your sleepless nights of Gaming or writing (we know that you write books at night). If you die, it will not be osteoarthritis of the wrist … On the other hand, your little heart may be put to the test, the price of the animal jumped by nearly 80 € and the bar of 100 € has been blithely outdated.

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    IN SUMMARY    

Logitech offers us here a very nice keyboard, evolution without revolution of G413. He is superb in his black brushed dress and adds a nice touch of elegance to the desk. We appreciate his sober style and the refinement of the wrist support cushion. However, we regret a price that corresponds to the high-end exclusively Gaming keyboards. But it may be the price to pay for a device almost as comfortable in office use as fun.

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     WE LOVED:    WE DID NOT LIKE:    
  • Sober, elegant
  • The backlight
  • The support cushion
  • Gaming keys
  • The touch of Romer-G switches (in linear)
  • USB port only 2.0
  • The very massive and rigid appearance of the keyboard USB cable
  • The price
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  • Price : € 180 (February 2019, is sometimes cheaper)
  • Report rate : 1ms
  • Announced Compatibility : Windows 7 and above
  • Connectivity : USB 2.0 1.8m sealed cable + a redundant USB port on the housing
  • Measurements : Length 112mm, width 445mm, height 35,5mm
  • Weight : 962g


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