Marshmello unveiled some details about his concert on Fortnite

DJ Marshmello has organized a concert on Fortnite through Epic Games and he has revealed some details at the level of this titanic organization.

This very first concert on Fortnite Battle Royale in Pleasant Park made a lot of noise in every sense of the term this Saturday night. Subsequently, the CouRage streamer had the opportunity to play a few games with the DJ and took the opportunity to ask him some questions about the event.

He asked her if her voice that could be heard during the concert was pre-recorded, because for most people she was, but her response was quite surprising.

Everything was live guy! 
That was the whole thing, so you see, at the very beginning of it all we were not sure we could handle all that bandwidth, the live voice and all the rest. 
But they took their time and were successful and when it was time everything was ready. 
It is these details that make it on another level.

The voice of Marshmello was not pre-recorded for the concert but everything was well done live, without any problem. As events unfold, Epic Games continues to impress us all since the rocket event almost a year ago now.

Now that Season 8 is coming, what can we expect ?!

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