Mouse bungee: No “clutter” on the gaming table

Many gamers continue to rely on a wired gaming mouse.

Because it continues to be so – the reliability of a mouse with cable, even today, not every wireless mouse approaches.

This leaves cable management a topic on the gaming table. Here, a mouse bungee can help to create order.

A mouse bungee belongs to the category of gaming accessories that does not cost the world. In addition, in a mouse bungee often useful (eg USB hub) or nice (eg LED lighting) additional functions are integrated.


Mouse bungee – the recommendations

How does the bungee work?

The mouse bungee has a free-floating arm in which the mouse cable is hung.

This should have two advantages: on the one hand no wild cable salad on the gaming table and on the other hand a clean tracked cable even in hectic gaming maneuvers.

This should also prevent the mouse cable getting tangled during a gaming session.

Put simply, it is a cable holder.

This cable holder is designed to minimize the so-called “cable drag”

Another reason why gamers increasingly resort to a mouse bungee is more of an aesthetic nature. The accessory can be in a difference gaming room .

Three recommendations for a mouse bungee

Simple and stable: BenQ Zowie Camade mouse cable holder

BenQ ZOWIE Camade mouse cable holder for e-sports

If you are looking for a simple and solid solution without bling-bling, you can have a look at the BenQ Zowie Camade Mouse Cable Holder .

The solid design also makes the mouse bungee interesting for “normal” PC users who want a tidy workspace.

The block also has anti-slip rubber feet to ensure a stable footing.

If you do not want additional features like USB hub or LED light, you will find a minimalist solution here.


Cheap and reliable: Roccat Apuri Raw

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Roccat Apuri Raw - Gaming Mouse Bungee with zero drag, stability through weights and rubber feet, easy cable management, black

If you are looking for a simple solution without additional features, you can take a look at the Roccat Apuri Raw .

In plain black, this mouse bungee does what it’s supposed to do – avoid “cable-drag” and reduce clutter on the desk.

On the integration of features such as USB hub or LED lighting Roccat dispenses.

For improved stability, the stand has metal weights and rubber feet.

With lighting and USB hub: KLIM Bungee

KLIM Bungee for PC Mouse - 3X USB 3.0 Hub - Multifunctional - Black - High Quality Rear Illuminated - Cable Organizer - 5 Year Warranty 2019 Version

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If you want more elaborate, you can take a look at the KLIM Bungee .

This has RGB LED lighting and a 3-way USB hub (USB 3.0).

In addition, a micro-SD card reader is also integrated.

Thus, the KLIM bungee is  technically “rebuilt”.

Of course, at the end of the day it also fulfills the actual purpose as a mouse cable holder.

And more mouse cable holder …

The three featured mouse bungee models are just a few of the options available.

Ultimately, the construction is similar and many cable holders differ mainly in appearance.

Many manufacturers of gaming accessories also have a mouse bungee in the lineup. Some research and comparison can be worthwhile.

Is a mouse bungee worth it?

The mouse bungee is not that long, and more and more gamers seem to enjoy it.

A mouse bungee is certainly not a must-have accessory – you can do it without gambling.

Anyone who taps with a wired mouse and occasionally gets stuck with the mouse cable during fast in-game maneuvers will probably be interested.

Also, a bungee is used when a tidy desk is appreciated – keyword cable management.

And even if a mouse bungee is actually gaming accessories: There should also be one or the other office, in which a mouse cable holder has arrived.

Finally, a tidy and efficiently designed computer desk is also an issue in office use of the computer.

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