Noblechair’s EPIC Gaming Chair Series in Review

Noblechairs has launched  a new gaming chair, the Noblechairs EPIC .

We looked at the gamer chair in the test.

Noblechairs EPIC series: imitation leather and real leather finishes

Noblechair’s EPIC , strictly speaking, is not the name of a chair model, but the name of a model series.

The dimensions and the frame of the EPIC models are completely identical. The models differ only in the upper and in the design used.

The basic version of  Noblechairs EPIC  is made of PU or imitation leather. Noblechairs, on the other hand, uses genuine leather in the premium version.

Logically, this material difference is reflected in the price. Genuine leather is significantly higher quality and more expensive, so that the real leather trim costs around 200 euros more than the artificial leather version.

classy chairs-sk-gaming
Noblechair’s EPIC SK Gaming Edition

In addition to the choice of material, the Noblechairs EPIC  also allows you to choose between different colors. The gaming chairs are available

in plain black or with a red, green or gold stripe.

Noblechairs also launched two special editions to launch the new series. The SK Gaming special edition in black and white as well as the PENTA Sports editions in orange and black are each additionally provided with a logo of the famous eSports teams.

Noblechair’s EPIC test


Noblechairs is a new manufacturer on the gaming chair market, which is based in Berlin and develops gaming chairs in Germany.

The EPIC series is the first chair series of the German manufacturer. In the community, the series immediately met with a very positive response, as Noblechairs consistently occupies the premium segment in gaming chairs.

Initially, the manufacturer has initiated a cooperation with Caseking , so that the chairs will be sold exclusively through the German gaming specialist.

However, we expect that this exclusive cooperation will be relaxed for further growth over the next few years and that the chairs will also be available for purchase through other online shops.

Noblechairs EPIC: Technical Data & Quality of Workmanship

noble chairs EPIC gaming-chair-2The technical data of  Noblechairs EPIC  are consistently positive.

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The chair is delivered with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and brings a decent weight of about 28 kg on the scales.

The heavy weight is no coincidence. The  EPIC  is based on a sturdy steel frame that is designed for a body weight of up to 120 kg.

The chair comes to a total height of 131 – 141 cm. The seat height can thus be adjusted by 10 cm. The seat and backrest are 29.5 and 35 cm wide inside.

With these dimensions, the Noblechairs EPIC is suitable   for a body size between 170 – 200 cm.

For upholstery, the  Noblechairs EPIC uses  a cold foam material that is also used in car seats. This material promises a comfortable sitting even with long gaming sessions and a good durability.

All in all, the technical data and the build quality make a very good impression on us.


One of the big advantages of the  Noblechairs EPIC  is the wide range of setting possibilities of the gaming chair.

The armrests can be adjusted in height by 8.5 cm up and down. It is also possible to move the backrests to the right and left and to the front and back. In addition, the angle of the backrest can also be adjusted.

The backrest can be adjusted and fixed at an angle of 90 ° – 135 °.

In addition, the EPIC comes with  a neck and a lumbar pad. Both cushions can be attached to or removed from the chair depending on the preferred position.

classy chairs-epic-gaming chair


The design of a gaming chair is of course a matter of taste. Nevertheless, one can say that Noblechairs has succeeded in creating  an exceptional product with the EPIC .

The choice of high quality materials and the orientation towards the automotive industry makes the gaming chair look very high quality and less playful than many other gaming chairs.

Another positive feature is the variety of options in terms of color and material. This gives gamers the opportunity to design the chair to match the “War Room”.

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Conclusion to the Noblechairs EPIC gaming chair

noble chairs EPIC gaming-chair-4Rarely it happens that a new manufacturer with his first product equal something outstanding succeeds. Noblechairs did just that with the EPIC .

High-quality materials, a harmonious design and a variety of settings options make for a very good test result that puts many gaming chair’s competitors in the shade.


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