NobleChairs vs. DXRacer vs Maxnomic PC Chair Comparison Review

Are you looking for the best PC gaming chair? This NobleChairs vs. DXRacer vs Maxnomic comparison review will help you make the right purchase decision.

But even away from these two manufacturers there are more and more smaller manufacturers trying to assert themselves on the market.One of these small manufacturers is noblechairs from Berlin.I took this as an opportunity to look at a chair of each of the three manufacturers in a triple comparison.

Which is the best gaming chair? Let’s find out in the test!


The models

The following models are in comparison:


First of all, I have to criticize DXRacer. I’ve never seen such a confusing naming scheme at a manufacturer.

It is far from easy to see through DXRacer what kind of model you have right now.

For this test, I have the DX Racer1 increased, which is after all the best-selling desk chair on Amazon. If you are looking for a challenge, go to the DXRacer website and find the DX Racer1.

What Amazon sells as DX Racer1 is apparently the OH / FD01 / NR, which is probably not a very memorable name.

Everything is a bit easier with Maxnomic. This is where the Office Comfort arrives.

The whole thing is even easier with noblechairs. Currently there are only the EPIC SERIES, but in two versions, once imitation leather and once with real leather.

All chairs are of course also available in different colors!


Construction: NobleChairs vs. DXRacer vs Maxnomic

For all models, the structure is largely the same. Mount the gas spring mount on the underside, then the backrest and pack the whole thing on the base.


Even in practice you do not need a completed engineering education. With the DXRacer and Maxnomic I would call the assembly very easy and also easychairs at the noblechairs.

With the noblechairs, the backrest did not quite fit between the two wings on which it is screwed. Here I needed some help from a second person who had pressed the whole thing together so that the screws could be screwed in properly.

All no end of the world, Maxnomic and DXRacer alone are good at setting up, for noblechairs I would recommend two more helping hands.


Massiveness and feel

Basically, there is a lot of similarity in the structure of the three models. Especially the noblechairs and the maxnomic are very similar.

I would not be surprised if both models come from the same Asian Contractor.


Just the “mechanics” on the bottom of both models is optically identical. It could also be said to be identically good, because in both of them the mechanics are very solid made of thick metal.However, this is not much worse with the DXRacer. Here, too, both the seat construction and the mechanics are robust.

classy chairs

In the NobleChairs vs. DXRacer vs Maxnomic comparison, the seat also has a metal frame. The Maxnomic Office Comfort and the DXRacer “OH / FD01 / NR” also have a metal frame in the backrest.I’m not sure about noblechairs EPIC SERIES here. It could also be a metal frame, but could also be a wooden frame.

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This is difficult to say because the backrest is very evenly padded. The DXRacer on the other hand, the upholstery is a little more economical. There where the back does not touch the chair, there is no padding and the metal frame is simply covered with fabric.

That sounds worse than it really is. The DXRacer is just the cheapest chair in comparison. You can also see this at the base, which seems to be made of plastic, while the noblechair and Maxnomic are set on metal.However, one must also let the DXRacer that it is not cheap 0815 plastic. This looks very robust, so it is probably the highest quality plastic you can get.

The lateral support for the backrests is Qualitativ for all three approximately the same high quality classify. The adjustment for the backrest, on the other hand, is a bit higher quality and gentler on the Maxnomic Office Comfort and noblechairs EPIC SERIES.

There are also small differences in the roles. The noblechairs EPIC SERIES seem to me a bit calmer running.

The bottom line is that I would not classify a chair as bad or inferior. However, the Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort is felt to be the most massive. In second place is the noblechairs EPIC SERIES and in third place the DXRacer “OH / FD01 / NR”.

  1. Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort
  2. noblechairs EPIC SERIES
  3. DXRacer1 “OH / FD01 / NR”

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How They Compare: NobleChairs vs. DXRacer vs Maxnomic

All three chairs are very different in terms of sitting. The most important difference which immediately stands out is the hardness.

The DXRacer is by far the softer chair of the three while the noblechairs are the hardest. Maxnomic is slightly in the middle with its office comfort.

On the DXRacer1 “OH / FD01 / NR” you are sitting really soft, which is partly due to the fabric. Unfortunately, the back is not supported as well as I would like. The lower back area can be pushed very far and a little further up is a slightly noticeable crossbar.

That was probably also DXRacer aware, because you put a back cushion in what this compensates something.

classy chairs

However, the models of Maxnomic and noblechairs are also not much better on this point.

The lower back area could be supported a bit better with both of them. However, I would classify this as acceptable for both. By the way, noblechairs also contributes a back cushion.

Where we are at the noblechairs EPIC, this is a pretty hard chair. Actually, I like to be soft, but I like the comfort of the EPIC SERIES. Although one sits hard but has no pressure sores, it is not as if the manufacturer had saved on the upholstery.

You can not feel the underlying construction! Especially over a longer period of time, the noblechairs EPIC SERIES was much more comfortable compared to the other models. The DXRacer1 is something you sit through after a while. For a while, but also means good 3+ hours at a time.


The Office-Comfort is located here in the middle. It has a bit the “Cheff chair feeling”. So you do not sit too soft but not too hard.

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In summer, however, the Maxnomic Office Comfort could get a bit warm. Both the padding of the DXRacer and the noblechairs is better ventilated.

The next difference is the size. I with my about 1.84 and 90KG I fit in all chairs well, but the DXRacer is noticeably narrower.

If you are a bit wider, you might get problems here. This is due to the “wings” of the backrest which are mounted significantly steeper in this chair.

You will be held in position more here. If you like moving a lot on your chair, you may feel a little more restricted here.

The Office Comfort gives you the most space, but is about the same with the noblechairs.

The next clear difference is the “tilt function”. With all three chairs it is possible to lean back into a slightly inclined position by leaning back.

I call this lovingly the multifunctionality. For me, this is now a must-have. There is nothing better if you can tilt back a bit and get yourself into a more relaxed position.

left Maxnomic, right noblechairs

I like to sit cross-legged on my chair, leaning back in this oblique position.

With all chairs this function can be switched off or the intensity can be adjusted, ie how much force one needs before they tilt backwards.

Unfortunately, the DXRacer completely fails here. I hope that I have inserted suitable pictures so that one recognizes why.

left noblechairs, right DXRacer

The construction is different than Maxnomic or noblechairs. In the latter two, a kind of hinge was used which is sprung by a spring in the normal position. If you lean back now, the chair will actually tilt backwards until it touches down on the lowest point.

This is not the case with DXRacer! Here the chair is simply stored on a movable joint. This means that the chair tilts down the back, but it goes a bit up front.

In practice, you have to repel yourself to get in the lead, while at Maxnomic or noblechairs is much more natural.

Especially with the noblechairs EPIC SERIES the simple shifting of the weight to the rear is almost sufficient.

If you attach a lot of importance to the tilt function, the noblechairs!

The DXRacer gets bonus points for the slightly bent armrests, which are much more comfortable.


Where do you sit best?

After I tried to explain how to sit on the individual gaming desk chairs, let’s come to the question in which I prefer seats.

My favorite chair is the noblechairs EPIC SERIES. This is also comfortable for a long time and the important tilt function is very pleasant and natural. Also, I think that this has the most comfortable shape for me.

The DXRacer is also very convenient in itself, but for a long time the EPIC is preferable. Especially since I do not like the tilt function here. However, the upholstery is comfortable and soft. To relax in front of the TV is the DXRacer class!

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But why not the Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort?

The office comfort is not uncomfortable, quite the opposite, however, there is something that bothers me.

This is also confirmed by a small “non-representative survey” that I have done in the family and in the circle of friends. Here, three people chose the noblechairs EPIC SERIES, two people for the DXRacer and only one person for the Maxnomic Need for Seat Office-Comfort.

Well, the whole thing is a bit “relative” because most of them have just once briefly sat on all chairs one after the other. But why have many decided against the Maxnomic?

It took me a long time to figure out why, it’s the seat. This is almost completely flat on the Maxnomic, maybe even sloping forward a bit.


The noblechairs and DXRacer, however, the seat falls slightly backwards, which is considered more comfortable because it sinks something more into the chair.

Probably the Office Comfort is better from an ergonomic point of view, but it definitely takes some getting used to.

classy chairs

If you have the Office Comfort something and has gotten used to this form, then that’s fine.

Still, if it’s up to me, the noblechairs EPIC SERIES would be my first choice!

  1. NobleChairs EPIC SERIES
  2. DXRacer1 “OH / FD01 / NR”
  3. Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort



Ultimately, all three models have something for themselves. The Maxnomic Need for Seat Office-Comfort is built like a tank, the DXRacer “OH / FD01 / NR” has a very good price performance and the noblechairs EPIC SERIES is just the most comfortable for the longer use.

It depends on your priorities. Is the Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort with 350  – 400 dollars or the noblechairs EPIC SERIES with 340 $ too expensive then the DXRacer1 “OH / FD01 / NR” is a good alternative which is not much worse than the other two models unless you are too tall and heavy.

Even if you like something softer, the DXRacer may even be your first choice in this NobleChairs vs. DXRacer vs Maxnomic review

On the other hand, do you want a chair with the maximum of massiveness which is burdened with everything? Then the Office-Comfort is your first choice. Although I think that you have to get used to this a bit because of the very flat seat but when that is done you feel on this really like a “Cheff”.

However, the test winner for me is the NobleChairs EPIC SERIES . He is the most comfortable desk chair in comparison, especially if you sit on it for more than 2-3 hours at a time and he has the best fit.

There is no NoGo for this. The rocking function is the most comfortable in comparison, the padding is well ventilated especially for the summer without being too cold and also the massiveness is good.

For these reasons, the noblechairs EPIC SERIES has landed as a “primary” chair at my desk. So I would opt for this again, whereby the other two could convince and therefore distributed in the house at other desks.


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