Nvidia would use a single version of GPU instead of two for each of the TU104 and TU106

That is going to end shortly since Nvidia would have been producing a single chip of each one for a long time, which would be the TU104-410 and TU106-410 , that the manufacturers of graphic cards could use in any of their models. This is not that they are more powerful as they are saying in certain headlines, but that they are potentially more powerful .

There will still be models of RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 that work at reference frequencies and there will be others whose chips are uploaded from the factory , as is the case until now. The difference is that even models that operate at reference frequencies have the potential to allow higher operating frequencies comparable to those that arrive from the factory, but it has one drawback .

As Nvidia was ensuring that the series -A had a minimum of additional rise, now no model will have ensured that additional minimum rise beyond that indicated by the company, so comes into play the tombola of silicon . You may be touched by a chip on a basic graphics card that allows more upload than a graphic card oriented to overclocking – like the ASUS ROG Strix .

Presumably, the possible change – still to be confirmed by Nvidia may have to do with the fact that at the beginning it had less stock of the chips with less capacity to rise and that in these months all the chips are much more even in terms of power of overclocking .

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