OPPO plans crazy smartphone – with 2nd pop-up display

A patent shows some ideas that OPPO has for upcoming smartphones. This is also a relatively crazy, in the above a smaller second display can be moved out. 

In times when the visible display of a smartphone increasingly occupies almost the entire front, we had to fear that the designers are in a dead end and soon all smartphones will look identical.

Quite so bad it happily did not come for several reasons. One reason is exactly these displays. Because where there is no edge, you can not easily place sensors and cameras. This leads to a variety of devices in which – as in the Galaxy S10 / Plus  from Samsung, a hole punch shooter was integrated into the display. Others rely on an extendable top cam or a slider mechanism.

Then of course there is the development with the foldable panels, which also allow original and varied designs. The bottom line is that there are still quite exotic models and the crowd is still on a fairly consistent look. But at least a little something happens.

All this I tell you, because the colleagues of Letsgo Digital have found a patent of OPPO, which shows us a few upcoming smartphones or outlines in which direction the Chinese company is considering. They also experiment with quite unusual designs, which in this case also refer to the display and not to the camera.

On the one hand, there is a slider smartphone, in which a second display can be extended laterally. Foldable displays I have already mentioned above, so opens up the story with a second, extendable display only partially. It’s probably easier and cheaper to produce than a foldable alternative. But you do not have a seamless experience for that. I could imagine that you can gamble on the main display or watch a movie, while perhaps outsourced controls to play or movie-watching on the second display. Or you give us the opportunity to keep track of notifications, time etc in this way.

Incidentally, the images were once again created by Letso Digital itself on the basis of the patent sketches, so pictures in this post here come from the Dutch colleagues. But let’s get to the next device and that’s even crazier than the one shown above. But see for yourself:

Exactly: It’s a smartphone with a pop-up display! In this case, this will run out at the top and will be much smaller in height and width than the main panel. If you ask me, it looks incredibly stupid and even with a lot of thinking I do not remember why you should build something. Especially since the selfie cam can be found in the frame above the actual display.

Sure, here you can view additional content, but it seems to me just smelly and not really practical. But it’s just a patent and not so confirmed device. I think it’s right that companies like OPPO think in many directions and also experiment a little bit more. But with this model, one is a bit over the finish, or what do you think?

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