Professional video player leaves girlfriend to have more time for “Call Of Duty”

Those who love to play video games often fight with the classic nerd cliché. Such a person sleeps too little and eats too unhealthy, one thinks, is pale, because he goes out too little and a loner, because you hardly get him off the console and into a club. As far as the cliché. If extreme gamers have girlfriends, then those are girls with a motherly streak who will not lose the hope to make their strange sweetheart taste the sunlight someday. Usually, however, one thinks of such people rather as a single.

Professional gamer Douglas Martin with his ex-girlfriend Yanet

All this does not apply to Douglas Martin. He has a bright smile and eagerly does sports. The American plays professionally “Call Of Duty”. Professional means: He is really good and thus earns real money. Currently he has chances to win the “World Championship” of the popular shooting game.

But that requires training. In Douglas’ case: gamble, gamble, gamble. There is not much time left for other things. Apparently not even for his girlfriend. And Douglas’ girlfriend is not anyone: she’s smart, successful, and pretty. Moderator Yanet Garcia , 27, has become known in the US as “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl.” If you see the native Mexican, you know why.

The problem: Each partner desires time and attention from his counterpart. And Douglas was not ready to give Yanet both. He formulated according to ” ” that their careers had both “on different paths” had. What should actually mean: Yanet was not ready to put her own career back.

Video game vs. relationship

And so Douglas Martin ended a relationship for which many men envied him, for the reason many do not understand why they want to have more time for a computer game. He also announced the separation online via  video on his YouTube channel, which has an unpleasant aftertaste. Well, you have to set priorities.


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