Razer’s Goliathus Extended Chroma Review

The world of peripherals and accessories with RGB lighting is very varied, and in the market you can find many mats that include it. Considering that Razer was the one who bet the most for it and that it has some advantage over its competitors, its product catalog includes normal size mats but also other larger models such as the Goliathus Extended Chroma of the present analysis.

Unpacking and features

The box of this mat has the general aesthetic of Razer, using black and green for her, and may be somewhat larger than usual. The reason is that due to its size it is included rolled around a black cardboard tube to avoid excessive deformation. When removing from the box and stretching it will not have almost deformation and will spread perfectly on the table.

Goliathus Extended Chroma by Razer
Size 294 mm × 920 mm × 3 mm
Weight 560 grams
Type of surface Microtextured fabric
illumination RGB
Connection USB 2.0
Consumption 5 V and 180 mA, 0.9 W
PVPR 59.99 euros

Of course, more than a mouse pad is actually a mouse pad with RGB lighting, which will give a quite improved appearance to the PC settings of any user. It has a size of 294 mm × 920 mm × 3 mm, so it has plenty of space to put a full keyboard and a mouse on it, with enough movement area for the latter.

The lower area has a layer of non-slip rubber, while the upper area has a surface made of microtextured fabric to allow a perfect sliding of the mice. And it certainly does, because if one of the best Razer mice joins in the slippage with this mat, it moves devilishly well. In addition, and without a doubt important, it does it without losing precision thanks to that texture.

The rug has a strip of RGB LEDs stitched around the edge of the mat, and perhaps the only downside that can be put is that it is a single area of ​​lighting. This avoids that you can make advanced lighting effects for it, as it would if you had ARGB -RGB addressable, or in other words, that each of the included LEDs has an assigned address and you can tell it independently what color should take a moment given – .

The cable is connected by a USB 2.0 port, which is enough to give you the 0.9 W of consumption, having the cable 2.1 meters in length and is lined with braided fabric. The quality of the product itself is very high, perhaps as much as the 60 euros it costs approximately.

Personalization program

Razer Chroma Suite | Sync it up

Razer continues to have at the moment the best configuration program for its peripherals in the form of the Synapse 3.0 . Although it is only available for Windows, the previous version can also be used to configure the Goliathus Extended Chroma  for example to use it on a Mac – although with a more outdated interface and some features may be lost.

The advertisements for Razer’s products are kind of funny, and that’s why I added the video after the Goliathus Extended Chroma, or more than funny, they are picturesque. And the video that you have seen a little above is a review of the personalization system of the lighting of the younger sister Goliathus Chroma, which is the same as Goliathus Chroma Extended.

Introducing the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

When you connect the mouse pad to a computer with Windows 10, a screen will appear requesting the installation of Synapse 3.0 if it is not already installed, which makes it very convenient to start up the Razer peripherals. There are some additional programs for which the installation is requested, although they can be disabled, such as Philips HUE to synchronize the lighting with these bulbs.

The configuration does not go much beyond choosing the brightness level, if you want the mousepad to turn off when the screen is turned off, and choose between several quick effects such as spectrum rotation, breathing or detection of the audio being played. There is an advanced editor, which is shown in the first video, which is less intuitive than it should be, but if you spend some time you can get a lot out of it.

This lighting configuration mode allows you to touch parameters such as lighting time intervals, rotation times between different types of lighting effects, and their synchronization with other peripherals of the company. It is in general a good configuration system and a good program for the personalization of a RGB mat or rug.


Razer has a very measured way of creating RGB peripherals, and its own ecosystem of products is very interesting for those who want to fill their PC with colors. I am not one who likes a lot of lighting, but it is true that having one is always pleasing to the eye. And when one wants to concentrate to the maximum, there is always the possibility of deactivating the illumination.

The Goliathus Extended Chroma does not have any but that can be put beyond that it is single-zone lighting instead of multizone as it would allow the inclusion of ARGB lighting on the mat. It is the only point to improve this product that, for the rest, is really good. Its size is for those who want a fully game-oriented PC layout and who like and enjoy having peripherals and accessories with lighting.

The mice move extraordinarily well, and Synapse 3.0 itself will allow you to calibrate the company mice for this mat manually, or you can use the pre-set profile for your mice. As I said, it is an ecosystem that works very well between the different products, especially because of the synchronization of effects, and more so today than practically all, if not all, of those produced by the company have lighting.

For those looking for an RGB rug, the Goliathus Extended Chroma will be a great choice, although its 60 euros are well above what other similar products on the market cost. But in this case, for the quality of the surface and finishes, and especially if you have other Razer products, is a purchase to assess before opting for a RGB mat.


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