Razer’s Nari Ultimate, haptic sensation to improve immersion in games

Razer’s commitment to innovation in the sector of headsets to play has focused in recent times in proportion to good quality surround sound. But like everything, as it becomes a feature more and more common in all manufacturers, we must look for new ways to improve the product and, above all, to differentiate it. It’s what you tried with the Nari Ultimate headphones .

Since everything haptic is becoming more fashionable, synonymous with touch, it is a word that refers to providing additional tactile sensation when interacting with something, although usually it would not. For example, the touchpad of the MacBook Pro do not move, but when pressed, some motors vibrate to give the sensation of being clicked. Applied to headphones, what Razer promises in the Nari Ultimate is that you will feel in your head what happens in the game, taking you to a total immersion.

Technical specifications


The Nari Ultimate headphones point very high from the first moment, since the box in which they appear give the idea that they include a special product. The box includes the usual instruction manual reviewing the features of the headphones, stickers, a micro-USB to USB cable, and another with 3.5 mm connectors, one straight end and the other in ele. Both are lined with high quality braided fabric.

The design of the headphones is an aluminum headband with a suspension pad, attached to a pair of headphones with thick leather-wrapped earpads. It is a really comfortable model to use, and can be worn for hours without bothering because you can perfectly regulate the location of the headphones itself. The glass includes the inevitable RGB lighting, controllable through Synapse 3.0 , and a decorative grid that gives the Nari Ultimate a good look.

Nari Ultimate by Razer
Connector / es 3.5 mm, wireless USB adapter
Frequency response 20 to 20 000 Hz
Transducers 50 mm of neodymium
Impedance 32 Ω
Sensitivity 107 dB ± 3 dB
Microphone: frequency response 100 to 6500 Hz
Microphone: sensitivity -42 dB ± 3 dB
Microphone: S / R ratio > 50 dB
Microphone: type unidirectional, retractable
Cable 1.8 m
It works with PC, mobile devices, consoles
PVPR 219 euros
PVP 183 euros (Feb. 2019)

The 3.5mm connector is included in the right earpiece, a micro-USB to recharge its internal battery, the power button, a status LED, a balance wheel between the game sound and the voice chat, and a button to mute the microphone. On the left is above all the USB adapter in the 2.4 GHz band, which is extracted by pressing on it as a spring, the volume wheel, and the retractable microphone.

The autonomy of the headphones is around twenty hours although it will depend a lot on the volume they are placed on, taking about four hours to fully charge. If you leave it always recharging after a game session, autonomy should not result in any kind of problems.

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The headphones have a frequency response between 20 and 20,000 Hz, with 50mm neodymium transducers, and this time they are focused on providing a flat sound instead of enhancing the bass as usual in gaming-oriented headphones . This makes them excellent fresh out of the box to listen to music, and it can be said that they are the best in this field that Razer has in its catalog.

The wireless connectivity with the adapter is perfect. Connectivity is not lost at any time and the sound quality is great. The inclusion of surround sound makes them excellent headphones in the field of sound in games, and to this we must add the star feature: the haptic sensation. This will be discussed in the next section.

The retractable microphone works between 100 and 6500 Hz, and perhaps it is a section in which the headphones weakly, but not much. Record the voice well and play it correctly, but it is advisable to try in Synapse 3.0 some of the configuration options to correct the sound, such as eliminating ambient noise or improving vocal clarity. As they arrive from the factory, they are heard well but can clearly improve.



Although the years go by, Synapse 3.0 is still the best tool to manage peripherals in the market. Razer knows the importance of it, and it is a great evolution of Synapse 2.0 , although this more modern version is still in beta and without being available for macOS.

Through this program you can configure or calibrate the THX surround sound of the headphones, changing in a virtual circle around the user each of the seven points of origin of the sound. The implementation of this sound is great, and with this you can know to locate in a more accurate way where certain sounds come from, which in games is beneficial. To activate the sound you have to make some adjustments to Windows before taking advantage of it, otherwise you can not enjoy the surround sound.

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In the configuration you can also activate a bass boost, for those who really want to feel that range of low frequencies, although it may not be recommended because this work makes it the haptic sensation included in the headphones. The implementation of Razer is that the bass, the lower, more vibrating sensation will provide, making things like explosions or shots feel on one’s skin.

I’m not very fond of vibrations in peripherals, and I’m one of those who have them disabled at the controls of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The implementation of this haptics is very good, but eventually I end up getting tired. For people like me, Synapse 3.0 allows to regulate the intensity of the vibration, and can turn it off completely. I do not deny, because it can not be denied, that the immersion activated is impressive. The explosions and the shots take on another look, almost their own life, and that’s why the Nari Ultimate headphones are unique in the market.



Razer remains at the forefront of the peripheral sector making constant innovations in this sector, and the haptic sensation is one of those ways it has to prove that it is not a manufacturer anymore. It is also something more than a publicity stunt, because it really improves the immersion in the game, and it is also due above all to a good implementation of surround sound, the quality of the audio in general, and a high quality of construction.

They are extremely comfortable headphones, with a good wireless connection and, for a change, all this leads to being headphones for people who want the best of this sector but at any price. Most users will settle for cheaper headphones, and those who are over 50 euros are more than enough to play and have a great sound quality at the moment – it is not a sector in which there have been major revolutions in the last fifty years, because a speaker today is governed by the same technology as in the 60s . But those who want that extra quality and immersion in the game, have in the Nari Ultimate a good candidate to consider.

You can not put any fault to this model, because the structure is well designed, with suspensory headband, and has good finishes. The autonomy is good, maybe the recharge time is somewhat high, and RGB lighting in a headset can be considered as expendable, but it does not bother when you pay more than two hundred euros in a headset. The quality of the sound is good even for listening to music, and that makes them a model of very good wireless headphones for it, although in my case I would miss something more isolation from the outside. If they gave me a Nari Ultimate with a noise canceling button, I would buy them immediately, even if it is a feature that can not be seen in the headphones to play.

Looking at the price of the headphones, is about 183 euros at the time of doing this analysis, and I think that this time can not even be said to be expensive. For what they have, type sound, comfort, quality, etc., I find them a more than recommended purchase.

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