Skill Ripjaw’s KM780 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

We finally laid our hands on the new Skill Ripjaw’s KM780 RGB gaming keyboard. Find out if it is a worthy buy or not in this Skill Ripjaw’s KM780 RGB review

Huh? G. Skill is doing periphery now too? Admittedly, I was somewhat surprised when I learned that another, more or less specialized, manufacturer is venturing into the now rather confusing shark tank of the gaming mouse and / keyboard manufacturer. As a reminder – G. Skill we all actually know through their  high-quality memory .  Especially in the gaming sector G.Skill with its distinctive Ripjaws for cooling is a welcome guest in every gaming PC . The more excited I was now when I had the opportunity the current keyboard flagship of the Taiwanese – the Ripjaw’s KM780 RGB- to test and to find out how the manufacturer has packed his DNA into a mechanical gaming keyboard. For my KM780 test, I chose the version with brown Cherry MX switches , for the simple reason that I had not yet tested this type of switch. Of course you get the keyboard in other versions. You can choose between red, blue and brown switches.

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Skill Ripjaw’s KM780 RGB Test – First Impressions

The G.Skill Ripjaw KM780 RGB packaging is quite powerful and large in size. The packaging design is neither pretty nor appalling. Solid, you could call it. The front and back contain all the relevant features and information about the content and that is a lot, as it will turn out in the course of the test.

Of course, the content of the cardboard box is more interesting. Here one is surprised by a few pleasing, delivered features. In addition to the heart, the KM780 RGB, there is still a guarantee, a palm rest and a small box in the packaging.

Personally, I’m a big friend of palm rest and also in the case of the KM780 RGB is no different. You can put the tray to your heart’s content at the bottom of the keyboard and benefit from the additional writing comfort. The tray itself has a rubberized coating with haptic pattern for better grip or sweaty gamer hands (good for the summer;)). Wonderful!

The first highlight, however, is the small box. This is because there are additional key caps. The caps were apparently dipped in fiery glumanda red and therefore stand out not only by their shape. You get WASD caps for FPS players, as well as a few buttons for the Moba faction. I am not a professional as far as Mobas, but I’m not sure if the keys can be combined meaningful, since the W deviates strongly in the form. Kindly, G. Skill has also included a cap puller to make it easier for you to swap buttons. In addition, you can clip the whole box to the top of the keyboard, so that nothing is lost. Here was really well thought!

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From the feature ago I find it all really cool, unfortunately I do not really like the caps. Personally, the shape is too extreme and a grippier coating would not have done the caps bad. However, this is complaining at a high level and easy to fix with their own caps. The gesture counts

On the back of the keyboard you can discover more treasures. Here G.Skill has installed a Bios switch (so that the keyboard can also be operated in Bios without drivers, etc.) as well as an audio / mic input for the headset and a USB 2.0 port for your mouse or a USB headset. But that’s not all: on the aluminum bar on the back side, a movable cable guide for your mouse cable was additionally attached. How good is that? With the KM780 RGB you would not even need a mouse bungee . That seems very sophisticated and almost too good to be true. Respect to the product designers at this point.

Did I forget something else? Naturally. G.Skill has not let it take a grippy metal wheel for volume control to integrate. Maybe you know from other keyboards, but in this case, even an LED display was packed underneath, so you can see how loud you are pumping Sandstorm. Not bad!

The keyboard itself is relatively large in terms of its feature set, and due to the sweeping “wings” on the side, the device takes up quite a bit of space on the desk. From a design point of view, I would write that in an attempt to package the memory DNA into a keyboard. Actually not a bad idea, but personally something too powerful and big. The caps float freely on a high-quality,brushed aluminum base plate . Very cool!

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For a better overview, and because it is actually so much, I list you the core features (in the exterior) again:

  • Wrist rest, rubberized, handy and removable
  • Extra key caps and cap tool, not my case but cool because it is
  • 2 thick textile-coated USB cables
  • Brushed aluminum base plate
  • Volume control with metal LED indicator
  • Audio / Mic input
  • USB 2.0 pass-through
  • Bios-Mode Switch
  • Key cap Case Holder
  • Mouse guidance as bungee replacement
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Dedicated macro keys
  • Dedicated profile switches
  • Gaming Mode Key (of course, also dedicated)
  • Backlight key
  • Timer (I’ll tell you something later)

Wow … So many features and we have not even used the keyboard yet. In any case, G.Skill drives on heavy guns. Let’s see how the keyboard performs in the game or when writing.

The G.Skill Ripjaw KM780 RGB only uses genuine Cherry MX switches . As already mentioned, I chose brown switches for my test copy. These are closer to my favorite, the blue switches and also make funny noises when writing. Due to the noticeable pressure point, you (at least I) generally make fewer errors when writing and in my eyes is more precise on the way – even in the game. For pure FPS players, however, I would always recommend red Cherries.

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If you connect the Ripjaw’s KM780 to your computer, you will immediately notice another feature of the keyboard – backlighting. Of course, this should also be installed in the general-purpose weapon from Taiwan.

G.Skill relies on full RGB lighting in all its facets. Speak synonymous reactive animations are possible and can be  tinkered in the included software in addition to macros and change the polling rate (makes little sense). There are about 6 presets already available and of course you can conjure up a static backlight in all the millions of color combinations besides animated backlight.

Unfortunately, the software is the first weak point that I could find in the G.Skill Ripjaw’s KM780 RGB. The opposite of intuition reveals itself when trying to change the lighting. Unfortunately, I can not offer a tutorial for this test. Personally, I would rate myself as a technology-affine people who has already tried one or the other gaming keyboard including software, but I have never needed as long as to find out how I activate a new lighting setting. After 10 minutes I was ready and could adjust the lighting according to my wishes. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement here. However, if you have tormented by the software, many possibilities for presets (of course, game-dependent) and purely functional, nothing was left out here.The lighting itself is in my eyes not quite as smooth as in other competitions – the penalty RGB or K70 from Corsair is not yet ran. Maybe the best LEDs were not used here, but the reactive presets seem a bit “laggy”.

Last but not least a nice additional feature which was installed in the G. Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB: the timer button . You have the possibility in the software a certain time (of course, depending on the profile also several times) to set. As soon as you press the timer button on the keyboard, the clock (on request also on-screen) will tick and as soon as the timer has expired, you will receive a visual feedback (flashing flash) of your choice on the keyboard. I think of several different uses:

I can always rejoice over such small details. Although it may not be the most meaningful and necessary feature in the world, it is nice when a product tries to innovate things. Thanks for that!

G.Skill Ripjaw’s KM780 RGB Test – Used with CS: GO

As always, I have the keyboard still subjected to a writing test (no major problems except my own spelling weakness) and extensively in CS: GO put to the test. Personally, the brown MX switches are pretty good for me and I got along very well. As a problem I found the extra WASD key caps, For my taste, these were brought into extreme shape and implemented despite grooving not handy enough. Due to the slightly excessive altitude, it is not entirely without Q, E, and R (I use all) to activate. After the first competitive match I also decided to take the caps down again (luckily my case was still clipped on the keyboard and I found it directly) and continue playing on the normal caps. These are wonderful and do an excellent job.

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Of course anti-ghosting is integrated and again there were no problems with fast or simultaneous key sequences. I especially liked the stabilitybecause the chic aluminum plate in combination with the high weight ensures not the smallest wobble while playing. In addition, I’m a big fan of the volume control even if this of course does not affect the game or your own ability to play. I also checked out the macro recording shortly. Although I personally do not use macros, I can understand that it may seem convenient to one or the other to record any key sequences directly with the recording key. I think here of the good old WoW Spellrotationen but possibly also one or the other jump script for CS: GO Cheatbois.

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Skill Ripjaw’s KM780 RGB Test – Conclusion

The G.Skill KM780 RGB Keyboard is a monster brimming with features . One has the impression that the Taiwanese manufacturer had simply probed the market for a long time and tried to pick the best points everywhere. The design of the keyboard is a special one and makes the DNA of the Ripjaw’s RAM modules outstanding as a keyboard. No coincidence that G.Skill was awarded the prestigious IF Design Award in 2016. The processing is one of the best I have ever experienced on a keyboard, especially thanks to the brushed aluminum plate, the smart clipping system including mouse cable management and the ingenious knob + display for the volume.

The only weakness in the keyboard is in my opinion the software, as well as the LED lighting. Do not get it wrong – the backlight is great, but unfortunately it’s not enough for the crown, as there are comparatively better contenders here. If you weigh the pros and cons of the KM780 RGB against each other, you get a fantastic conclusion. For a barely acceptable price, you basically get everything the gaming keyboard heart desires. Anyone looking for an absolute multi-talent in the upper price range is very well advised with the G. Skill Ripjaw KM780 RGB . You get the keyboard for about 160 dollars on Amazon .


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