SSD vs M.2 SSD?

Whoever wants to assemble a PC these days or simply wants to treat himself to a proper performance boost with an SSD disk, is faced with the question of whether he should choose a normal SSD or M.2 SSD – I want this question for you illuminate today so that you do not stand in front of a wall (like I did before).

M.2 SSDs – successor of the conventional SSD

The successor to traditional SSD drives is much faster – and M.2 SSDs consume less space in your computer case. On average, M.2 plates are only about 25 millimeters wide and about 80 millimeters long. Another advantage of the M.2 SSDs compared to normal SSDs is the switch to an NVMe protocol, which is now used by most M.2 SSDs. Thus, the hard disks have become even more effective, considering the behavior of the hard disk during parallel accesses look. In addition, the cores of multi-core CPUs of M.2 SSDs are better utilized, which can be one more step towards high-end PC. Significant performance improvements can also be observed in terms of instruction rates, latency and especially in terms of efficiency.

M.2 SSDs – a “must” for everyone?

Especially long load times are history with M.2 SSDs – and these are the cause of many gamers still regularly smaller nervous breakdowns. No one wants to wait 30 seconds or longer to start gambling today.

An M.2 SSD does not automatically provide better load times when compared to traditional SSDs. Only the first start of the game works about three to four seconds faster than normal SSD disks, since M.2 SSDs do not need so long to “cache”.

Is the purchase of a M.2 SSD hard drive really worth it?

Quite clear and clear: is it worth buying M.2 SSD disks or not? This is simply not possible to answer as everyone has to know where he sets his priorities. On the one hand, you get a novel technology for your money, which can be very helpful in the daily reading and writing of large amounts of data and saves a lot of time – up to five times the speed unlike mSATA SSDs can be observed at this point.

On the other hand, however, the card offers gamers (almost !!) no added value – the charging times, which can often be saved in games through M.2 SSDs , are not necessarily noticeable and disappear as the charging process continues. The price, which is almost twice as high as conventional SSD disks, can not be justified here in my opinion, which is why not every gamer with such a M.2 SSD may be well advised.


My conclusion: nice innovation in the field of hard drives, but by no means a quantum leap into a new era of hard drives, even if the purchase can be worthwhile.

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