The best mouse for PUBG – Top Models 2018

After the first release of the Battle Royale mode in the early access title “H1Z1”, it became clear after a few weeks that this type of game will be cashed out. What the developers of H1Z1 did wrong was thoroughly analyzed by the Bluehole studio and greatly improved. Better PhysX, Anit-Cheat, Map and most of all better gameplay. Since the Early Access Release in March 2017, there have been daily updates with more content, improved features and gameplay. As so often, it also shows here that consistent updates with meaningful innovations in a newly released game suddenly pave the way to the top 1 of the currently most played games.

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Not even 1 year after the release, there are millions of dollars in prize money, the first e-sports organizations set up pro teams and the renowned tournament organizers are building the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds immediately in her diary. Not only a certain dedication and passion for the game make a good player. With the right mouse for the right game, the chances of success and the performance curve are raised. As always, we have done our homework and present you our best PUBG mice in a small summary. Since the game is considered more of an FPS title, there are many mice that are ideal for optimal gaming experience. At least as many are not suitable, such as the Razer Naga Chroma, which has a dozen thumb buttons. Certainly important for an MMO, rather unsuitable for quick reactions and accuracy.

Our ranking for the best PUBG gaming mouse

1. Razer Deathadder & Deathadder Elite

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With only two additional keys, it may seem a bit meager to one or the other, but for the mouse offers other, extremely important, qualities. With the Deathadder Razer has done everything right and packaged a good workmanship in a handy ergonomics, using the best sensors for optimal mouse guidance.


  • Very good and precise sensor with a high DPI number
  • Good ergonomics and extremely good workmanship
  • Gaming optimized mechanical mouse switches
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  • Not suitable for left-handers
  • Small hands are difficult
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2. SteelSeries Rival 700

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The majority of progamers swear by the tremendous power of the sensor and the absolutely impeccable workmanship. The Rival 700 is definitely among the best PUBG gaming mice currently.


  • Exchangeable items in the event of a defect
  • Best optical sensor on the market
  • OLED display can be used as information window (display of the current DPI, how many medications are in the bag, etc.)
  • New vibration pattern programmable for status messages


  • Ergonomics designed for big hands
  • Modular parts do not always promise the highest stability

3. Logitech G903

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Logitech’s G903 works in both wired and wireless modes. It is amazing that no lag in wireless mode is noticeable.


  • Best optical sensor on the market
  • Surface optimization possible in the software
  • Weight adjustable and infinity mouse wheel
  • Suitable for left and right handed people


  • Ergonomics designed for big hands
  • Modular parts do not always promise the highest stability

4. Zowie EC-2A

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With BenQ we have a rather unknown manufacturer for a gaming mouse here. The design is very reminiscent of the SteelSeries Sensei range. Although the manufacturer’s hardware is mostly advertised only during the Dreamhack events, this mouse is a daily companion for many professional players (Niko, traps, etc.)


  •  Good ergonomics and workmanship
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Available with different sensors


  • For large hands rather uncomfortable

Which gaming equipment is needed for PUBG?

First of all, the only true best PUBG gaming mouse does not exist. Manufacturers like  Razer , SteelSeries, Corsair & Co. are trying to produce high-quality yet unique mice, covering as many key features as possible, but the ergonomics and tactile sensation of each player can not be analyzed. Nevertheless, there are some good variants.

The key features for the perfect PUBG gaming mouse include the built-in sensor, the processing, useful additional keys and optimized weight and ergonomics.

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The additional keys are therefore so important, for example, just to heal or just equip another weapon. Also, the workmanship and ergonomics are not negligible, because PUBG is one of the titles, which requires a lot of stamina and a good concentration. Slippery material and uncomfortable hand movements or palm rest are counterproductive. In the choice of sensors one is quite limited as a player, because there are only two proven technologies. The laser sensor  is well suited for changing locations when gambling. Table, fabric, plastic, even metal surfaces are no problem for a laser sensor. Optical sensors are slightly more sensitive and are best suited for use with a  mouse pad made of textile or short fibers. This combination brings a deadly precision, a clean sliding feel while moving back and forth and does not allow any hardware-related influence on the pointer movement.

Conclusion best PUBG mouse:

Our top selection of best PUBG gaming mice! Of course, what suits you depends on you. Anyway, no matter which of the mentioned top models one decides, all are currently playing in the absolute upper class for gaming mice. Who puts emphasis on high-quality workmanship, error-free sensors and a good gaming experience, makes with none of the presented PUBG gaming mice what wrong.


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