The Dell S2719DM Gaming Monitor Review

In addition to its computers and servers, Dell is also known for its excellent monitors. One of the latest models in Dell’s range is the Dell S2719DM. This monitor should not only score a very good picture quality but also a strong HDR support as well as an extremely chic and minimalistic design.

But Dell also wants to have a scarce $500. A proud price for a monitor which offers no 4K resolution. But can the Dell S2719DM still score? Let’s find out in the test! Thanks to Dell, who gave me this monitor for a test.

The Dell S2719DM in the test

The design of the S2719DM is a very important point in this monitor. Dell is clearly targeting minimalists here and I would almost say Apple users, at least in terms of design. The front of the monitor consists more or less exclusively of the display panel. The frame of the monitor is almost nonexistent. Especially in the off state, the edges are barely visible.

Only at the bottom is a slightly wider frame with Dell logo. Broad is very relative here. The Dell S2719DM looks pretty slim and simple. This impression remains even when viewed from the side. The S2719DM is very thin with a silvery aluminum back, which tapers to the sides, making the monitor even thinner. Centered on the back are the ports, as well as a large Dell logo attached. The connections offer in my view, but some room for improvement. We find here two HDMI ports, a headphone output and the connection for a power supply.

An additional USB C port would certainly have been great here to be able to connect a MacBook or Dell XPS directly to the monitor. But two HDMI ports are basically okay too. As usual with slim monitors, the Dell S2719DM also has an external power supply, which has a high-quality look.

Unfortunately, Dell made a few compromises on the base, probably for design reasons. The base itself is very stable and looks well done. But it lacks a height adjustment and the ability to rotate the monitor. It is also not possible to install a VESA mount. So you depend on the stand. After all, you can change the angle of the monitor.

The keys for control and connection selection are easily accessible at the bottom of the display. The keys can also be pressed well. Praise you have to pronounce Dell for the OSD. This is less complex than some other monitors, but easy to navigate! The important settings are of course still available.

Resolution and panel

Dell uses the S2719DM on a 27-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. Thus, the S2719DM offers a noticeably sharper picture than a normal Full HD monitor, but is less difficult to operate than a 4K resolution, which will make gamers happy. 2560 × 1440 pixels to 27 inches is a very pleasant resolution for all applications. There are few reasons to go from a neutral perspective to a higher resolution.

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As far as the refresh rate is concerned, the S2719DM offers the usual 60Hz. It also supports AMD FreeSync, which is more of a gimmick in this case though. More interesting is the support of various HDR standards. Also on board, besides the very important HDR10, is the somewhat newer DisplayHDR 400 standard. For example, HDR10 is supported by the Playstation 4. But more on that later. The surface of the monitor is matt by Dell. Reflections are not a big problem.

Brightness and contrast

Dell is aggressively advertising the S2719DM with its brightness of 600 cd / m² “An unprecedented sight: the maximum brightness of 600 cd / m² allows for brilliant pictures on the brightest ultra-flat monitors currently available.” However, if you scroll a bit down, you can see that the S2719DM can only reach the 600 cd / m² temporary “peak” and that the regular brightness is only 400 cd / m². Only here, of course, something understated. 400 cd / m² is already very bright for a 27 inch monitor, if this value were reached, there would be no reason to complain.

The advertised 400 cd / m² are even slightly surpassed with 435 cd / m² in the maximum. This makes the Dell S2719DM the brightest monitor I’ve ever tested. But how does Dell come to 600 cd / m²? These 600 cd / m² can only be accessed in HDR mode to simulate backlight or similar. If a constant 600 cd / m² were reached, this could possibly lead to premature aging of the LEDs or excessive heat development. Dell probably reduced the brightness to 400 cd / m² during normal operation, which is still very good. What about the contrast? This is specified by Dell with the IPS typical 1000: 1.

At 790: 1, the contrast is slightly lower for the S2719DM than stated. 790: 1 is not outstanding, but a solid value for an IPS Panel Monitor.

Finally we come to the illumination. A perfect illumination is not self-evident even with monitors of the 1000 € + price range, then what about the S2719DM? Dell advertises that inside a light guide plate made of Corning Iris glass uses. The light of the LEDs, which are installed behind the panel and ensure the illumination of the monitor, must be distributed. For this purpose, monitors usually rely on several Plexiglas plates, semi-transparent films, etc. But Corning offers with the Iris glass a thin all in one solution, which should distribute the light in the best possible way and at the same time enables an extra thin design. Does this work?

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The illumination of the Dell S2719DM is “okay” with a maximum deviation of 17% in the upper left corner. Otherwise, the illumination is sufficiently uniform. Likewise, there are no halos or the like that bother.

In short, there is still some room for improvement, but I have seen worse.

Color spectrum / color space

The S2719DM is not positioned by Dell as a professional monitor, but one tries to address this quite amateur photographer or graphic artist. As Dell advertises “An impressive color gamut of more than 85% DCI-P3, more than 99% sRGB coverage and QHD resolution provide stunningly realistic images.” Let’s take a look at the whole thing in practice. Are these 99% really achieved?

With 100% sRGB color gamut coverage and 76% AdobeRGB coverage, Dell’s S2719DM delivers solid performance that does justice to its price. Thus, the monitor is basically really suitable for semi-professional to professional work, at least as far as the color space is concerned.

What about calibration? Is this already good enough by nature or is a calibration tool needed?

Jupp this is already pretty accurate from the factory. There is the usual outlier in the turquoise color spectrum, which is probably due to the Datacolor Spyder 5 ELITE meter. Otherwise, we find a Delta E score of 1 or less, which is excellent!

Subjective image impression and HDR

The first picture impression is very good. The Dell S2719DM looks sharp, with strong and good colors as well as a strong brightness.

However, the black point leaves something to be desired. Especially with the Windows taskbar the S2719DM does not produce the deepest black. However, this is at least somewhat due to the high brightness, which is set by default. Add to that the rather mediocre contrast.

If we reduce the brightness to 200-250 cd / m², then this is less noticeable. Of course, the contrast and the black point are not bad, but if I had to point to one of the worst on the S2719DM, it would be this one.

Apart from that, the S2719DM produces an excellent image that does not have to hide behind professional monitors like the BenQ SW271 . Photo and video editing is easy to do well and accurately on the monitor, among other things, due to the high color accuracy.

But also for multimedia the Dell is very good! Especially if you are interested in HDR content, the S2719DM is very interesting. In combination with the PS4 and games like Horizon Zero Dawn you get a very nice and pronounced HDR effect. However, no miracles are expected here either.

HDR is rather a slight but noticeable contrast enhancement. Especially things like clouds and, of course, generally the lighting is more plastic. HDR, although a very good HDR, as in the S2719DM, still falls into the “Nice to have” category.

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Although the S2719DM is not a “gaming” monitor, it is of course also suitable for the usual casual gaming. A particularly high Imputlag or the like I did not notice.

Although it always sounds stupid, but it always feels different to use a monitor without a thick frame. Of course, this does not change the picture quality itself, but the perception of the picture changes. Subconsciously this gives you the feeling of having a more modern device in front of you. So also with the S2719DM.


Power consumption

Dell indicates the power consumption of the S2719DM with astonishingly accurate 20.74W on its website. If this value is correct, this is quite energy-efficient for a 27 incher with 2K resolution.

The Dell 20, x W are a bit optimistic, but achievable. At 100% brightness the monitor needs 29,7W, on 50% 21,4W.

Dell’s statement thus refers to a brightness of 40-45%. For a normal monitor, this would be a bit low, but due to the high brightness of the S2719DM, 45% still corresponds to about 220 cd / m². This is a pretty good value for normal office work.

So the Dell S2719DM is a very economical monitor.



The Dell S2719DM naturally tries primarily sell through its design. If you did not care about the design, there would be the possibility to get a comparable monitor for a few euros less. Then stop with thicker housing and frame.

However, the S2719DM does not just live on its design. The picture quality is strong! Here stands out especially the high brightness, as well as the good color spectrum.

The latter, in combination with the good calibration that comes naturally, also allows the Dell S2719DM to be used for photo and video editing.

Here also helps the slightly higher resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. Another big plus is the good HDR support, which, thanks to the high maximum brightness, is one of the better ones I’ve seen so far.

This, together with the good picture quality, makes the S2719DM a super multimedia monitor. Even gaming, especially in combination with the PS4, makes a lot of fun on the S2719DM , although this is of course not a “gaming” monitor in the narrower sense.

So far so good but what speaks against the Dell S2719DM? On the one hand the lack of height adjustment and on the other hand the somewhat mediocre contrast.

That was it already. So, if you’re looking for a sleek, slim-line monitor that works well for both office and multimedia use, then Dell’s S2719DM is the place to be.

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