The Dell U2419HC review, the cheapest monitor with USB C and Power Delivery

You have an UltraBook with USB C port and looking for a good and simple monitor to match it? Then I believe the Dell UltraSharp U2419HC is the right model for you!

In addition to the well-known workmanship of Dell, the U2419HC also scores well in terms of image quality, as well as a USB C port connectivity.

This USB C port pursues an “all-in-one” approach. This allows the Dell U2419HC not only the transfer of the image signal, but also controls an integrated USB hub and can charge your notebook. All this with a USB C cable!

Sounds great, right?

It gets even better if you look at the price of a fair € 280. But what about in practice? Does the USB C port work as well as promised and is good for the picture quality?

Let’s find out in the review of the Dell U2419HC UltraSharp!

At this point, thank you Dell for providing the U2419HC for this test.


The Dell U2419HC in the test

Dell sets in the U2419HC on a very chic and simple design! On the front of the 24-inch monitor, the pretty small frames immediately catch the eye.

When switched off, it even appears that the monitor has no frames at all. This is because the protective plastic disk extends beyond the frames to the edges of the monitor.

But even when switched on, the frames remain pleasantly compact, so that the Dell U2419HC looks beautifully modern.

Extremely chic is also the base and the back of the monitor. Although Dell goes a very minimalist way, but also relies on high-quality aluminum.

This aluminum covers most of the rear of the U2419HC, as well as the entire pedestal. The color of the aluminum is not quite silver, but a little bit darker tinted. This makes the monitor a little more elegant and professional.

But even apart from the choice of materials, the stand is very exciting because it offers all the ergonomics options you could wish for.

You can adjust the height of the Dell U2419HC, pan left / right and turn it upside down if you want. All these settings are very “robust” due to the high quality base.

Much better you can not design such an Office Monitor!

The connection selection can only be described as very solid. The biggest “highlight” of the Dell U2419HC is of course the USB C port, which is ideal for MacBook or Dell XPS owners.

The USB C port not only serves to transmit the image, but also supplies the four integrated USB 3.0 ports in the monitor, the 3.5mm output for speakers and can charge your notebook.

The Dell U2419HC can therefore be used as a kind of mini docking station, where a cable is sufficient for picture, sound, data (4xUSB) and power.

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Excellent! Bear in mind, however, that the USB C port delivers 65W of power. This is more than enough for 13-inch notebooks like the Apple MacBook Pro 13 or Dell XPS 13, but it can be a bit small for “big” 15-inch notebooks, especially if you put them under full load.

In addition to the USB C port, the Dell U2419HC also has an HDMI input, a DisplayPort input and the mentioned USB ports as well as the audio output.

Two of the USB 3.0 ports are located on the underside of the monitor, two on the left edge. One of the two USB 3.0 even has a separate power delivery function for your smartphone.

Display panel

Dell relies on a quite classic Full HD IPS panel in the U2419HC. Full HD at 23.8 inches is a reasonable resolution.

Texts and pictures are sufficiently sharp, no complaints here.

Due to the IPS panel synonymous agree the angles, which are specified by Dell as usual with 178 degrees in all directions. Practically, I can confirm this value as far as possible. The picture quality of the U2419HC does not fall in any direction above average.

Like most of its displays, Dell also uses a matte display coating on the U2419HC. This makes it easy to avoid reflections and is at the quality level of Dell’s more expensive models.

As far as the refresh rate is concerned, the U2419HC is a classic 60Hz monitor.


Color space

As usual we start with the color space. Dell promises a 99% coverage of the sRGB color space, 85% of the DCI-P3 color space and 99% of the REC 709 in the U2419HC.

But what about in practice? Do you agree with this information?

Sadly, sRGB is not quite there. According to my tools comes the U2419HC “only” on 93% sRGB coverage, which is OK. A few years ago you would have licked your fingers afterwards.

Meanwhile, 93% sRGB for a monitor of this class are well average. There are clearly models that do more, but also some that do not.

U2419HC tonal display

The 70% coverage of the AdobeRGB color space is certainly nothing to brag about, so Dell probably did not say anything here, but also as far as okay for a monitor in the under € 300 price range.

The Dell U2419HC is certainly not a monitor made for photo and video editing, but in a hobby setting this is easily possible on the monitor.

Especially since the U2419HC is incredibly well calibrated from scratch!

Ignore the small outlier in turquoise, this is probably due to my gauge. Apart from that, the Dell U2419HC has a Delta E of less than 1, which is great! Many professional monitors are not calibrated so accurate by the house.

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Unfortunately, we come to the biggest weakness of the Dell U2419HC, the brightness. Dell gives this with 250 cd / m², which is not excessive.

But how does it look in practice?

Unfortunately, these 250 cd / m² are not reached! In my test, the U2419HC only managed 229 cd / m², which is not much!

229 cd / m² are enough, it is said that 140-200 cd / m² are necessary for the workplace. Nevertheless, the U2419HC offers a comparatively small buffer, should be a light source in the back.

I would not call that NoGo, but there is still a lot of room for improvement here.

The same applies to the illumination. The U2419HC is subjectively okay so far, there are no halos or anything like that, but in a completely dark room with a black image you can see that the upper area is a bit darker.

I would not declare that overly tragic.



The contrast is Dell at the U2419HC with the IPS usual 1.000: 1. But is this true?

As usual, no. I feel the manufacturers do not measure here at all …. “IPS Panel? then the contrast is 1,000: 1! “.

However, the U2419HC 840: 1 offers even a very good contrast for a cheap IPS monitor! This makes the Dell U2419HC even better than many expensive models.


Subjective impression and the practice

Subjectively, the Dell U2419HC offers an absolutely sensible picture! This did not blow me away, but I would have no problems sitting in front of the U2419HC 8 hours in the office.

Just the contrast of the monitor surprised me a bit, because it works even stronger than it says the readings. But this could also be something at the lower maximum brightness, which makes black look even blacker.

The maximum brightness was sufficient for me in practice. I usually run my monitors at 70-80% brightness, but I had to turn up the U2419HC to 100%. Everything below seems to me subjectively dimmed.

Bonus points are available for the very small frame. This is hard to explain, but it always seems a little different when sitting in front of a monitor with a super slim frame, rather than a model with a thick frame. The U2419HC looks much more modern here.

As already mentioned, photo editing is possible on the monitor due to the good calibration. I would not recommend the Dell U2419HC to any photographer, but for the holiday pictures or even a video for Youtube the U2419HC is fully suitable.

How about gaming? Although the U2419HC is not a pure-blood gaming monitor, it is still suitable for normal gaming! I was able to measure an input lag of 9.4ms in the middle of the picture and 2ms at the top, which is absolutely great! Had the U2419HC more than 60Hz, this would be really good for gaming.

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The USB C connection worked satisfactorily well in combination with both my Dell XPS 13 and Apple MacBook Pro. Simply plug in the USB C cable and 2 seconds later the image appears on the monitor.

Also, the notebook starts charging immediately, and in the case of the XPS 13 and MacBook Pro 13 even at full speed! You do not need the original charger at all.


power consumption

Let’s conclude with the power consumption. Dell advertises the U2419HC with an A + Energy rating, which I can confirm.

Even at 100% brightness, the monitor needs only 15.3W of power, which is very little. At 0% brightness, still readable in a completely darkened room, it only needs 7.9W.

Again and again it is exciting to see how much energy the LED backlight eats.



The Dell U2419HC is an absolutely solid allround monitor! This can score with a good, but unspectacular, image quality, as well as with a very good workmanship and ergonomics and of course the USB C port.

The Full HD display panel used here by Dell generally makes a good impression. Colors are strong and the contrast is strong too. Multimedia applications just like Office look good on the U2419HC.

Only the maximum brightness is weak! With 228 cd / m², the U2419HC will be sufficiently bright unless you have a window in the back, but a little more air upwards would not have been bad.

Apart from that, the Dell offers U2419HC image quality over which you can not complain at a price of less than 300 ¬.

What you can not complain about is the case and the base. Both are qualitatively top class! Especially in terms of ergonomics options, the U2419HC is really outstanding. Even in the higher price ranges, I know few devices which are so smart and robust.

But I think the most important thing about the Dell U2419HC is the USB C port. This allows you to charge a suitable notebook with a cable via the monitor (65W), to transmit the image signal and also to control the four USB ports in the U2419HC.

If you have a Dell XPS 13 or Apple MacBook Pro, the U2419HC is like a docking station! Class!

In short, the Dell U2419HC is reasonably solid monitor, which is primarily interesting for users of USB C notebooks. Here is the price / performance completely. With 260-280 € , the Dell U2419HC is one of the cheapest models on the market, which can also charge your notebook via the same cable.



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