The New Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Cockpit

Acer had products in the pre-IFA 2018 conference, but the Predator Thronos is probably one of the most original.
Acer has been offering computers and monitors dedicated to gaming for a long time via its Predator range. It is therefore natural that the brand will be present at IFA 2018 to present its new range. If it is mainly an upgrade of an existing product, some devices should surprise the visitors to the show. This is the case of Predator Thronos, which presents itself as a cockpit dedicated to video game fans.

The latter is in the form of a chair for gamer overhung by a hoop now a support that can accommodate three screens of 27 inches each. It is also preferable that they are curved and specially designed for the game. Exactly like those marketed by the Taiwanese manufacturer in short. The ones you can see on the pictures seem to be Predator 7271. Not crazy wasp.

The set can vibrate to reproduce the effects of the title you play. It certainly requires space and a sympathetic spouse, but Acer promises maximum immersion in its favorite games. We want to believe it because the screen trio covers almost the entire field of vision of a normally constituted person.

Acer has not yet indicated in which country the Thronos would be marketed, nor its tariff. One can nevertheless expect a particularly high price since it is necessary to obtain three screens and a central unit in addition to the seat. When we love, we do not count.


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