The NobleChairs ICON in the test, the perfect desk chair?

Finally we have the NobleChairs Icon PC gaming chair. With the ICON NobleChairs has launched its newest desk chair on the market. I was happy about this model. NobleChair’s first desk chair, the EPIC , is, from my point of view, the best all-round desk chair currently on the market.

This could already score by an excellent seating comfort, a great look and great quality.The ICON is not to be considered as a direct successor or larger model, but simply as an alternative. But is the ICON as good as the EPIC ? And who is which model worth?

This and much more is to find out in the test! How is the noblechairs ICON and how is it sitting?


Assembly and installation

Have you ever assembled a gaming desk chair? If so, the principle of the noblechairs ICON will be familiar to you.

The whole chair basically consists of five components: the base, the gas spring, the tilting mechanism, the seat cushion and the backrest.

    You need to connect these components together. Unlike many other comparable models, the armrests are already pre-assembled. The screws for the backrest are already screwed in the deletion.

This has the advantage that you do not have to worry about the appropriate screws. So there are no “type AB, type CB etc.” screws with different lengths.

Only the screws for the tilting mechanism, which also holds the gas spring, are in a small box. Also in this box is the mounting material.

Do not be surprised noblechairs is adding spare screws! So it remains even after correct assembly, two pieces left.

The structure is in quick form as follows:

Screw the tilting mechanism to the seat cushion, screw the backrest onto the seat cushion, press the rollers into the base, place the gas pressure spring in the base, place the base together with the backrest and screw on the side covers.

That’s it already! Practically, this also worked quite easily. The backrest was a bit annoying but that was not a big problem. Especially with two people, the ICON would be assembled in a few minutes.

    Bonus points gets noblechairs for attaching two pillows, which are just incredibly soft and comfortable!


The NobleChairs ICON

noblechairs markets its EPIC and also the new ICON as “Gaming Chairs”. Of course, this does not mean that these chairs are only for “gaming”, quite the contrary.

Just the ICON I can imagine very well in a manager’s office, an architect, etc. Unlike many other gaming desk chairs, the ICON is very discreet and noble. Of course, this is due to the leather look of the chair.

Gaming Chairs are basically based on car seats, while many competitors such as DXRacer and so on sit here more on seats as these occur in a tuning / racing car, the noblechairs ICON acts more like it came from a Bentley or Aston Martin.

The chair is a little less aggressive in shape and in turn looks a little thicker and more powerful. For this slightly higher quality impression also fits the choice of materials.

The ICON is available with imitation leather as well as genuine leather! The latter is something very rare, especially under Gaming Chairs.

However, the real leather version of course costs a certain extra charge, which, however, at around 200 € is not too high. If you look at what a “real” designer leather designer chair cost, you will not be surprised, since the almost 500 € for the ICON almost seem like a bargain.

Incidentally, I have for this test “only” the normal version with faux leather and let’s face it, the artificial leather looks great and feels great too!

The NobleChairs ICON are available in different colors besides the different material options. Here, however, the artificial leather versions differ only slightly.

Here you have the choice of black, white, red and blue as the accent color in addition to the black base color. But this is just the color of the seams, so the whole thing is really very discreet.

Like the EPIC , the ICON utilizes a blend of smooth material, covering the shoulder and parts of the back and a perforated (synthetic) leather for the seat and lower back.

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This perforation is of course an important visual element, but at the same time provides for improved ventilation.

Especially in summer you stick less to these holes surfaces than to the normal smooth areas. So I see this decision by noblechairs as positive! Although dirt and crumbs can be put into this extinguisher, but this was no major problem with the EPIC. Just tap the surfaces occasionally and you’re done.

Noblechairs specifies the seat height at the ICON with 48cm-58cm. With me on the chair I measured about 47cm – 57cm, the difference is simply that you push the pad and the spring something, if you really sit on the chair.

If this is too high for you, noblechairs also offers a shorter spring . Buy these but in the best case in advance! Although the spring is only stuck in the chair, but by the weight of this experience is bombed firmly pressed into the base and you have a lot of fun to get out of there again.

Speaking of optional accessories. The noblechairs ICON has 60mm wheels. These are also very good and smooth! However, there are wheels for 30  which can be fixed, you should use the chair in combination with a steering wheel.

A certainly something special accessories, but nice that it is offered.

What about the ergonomics options? As already mentioned, you can of course adjust the height of the chair. In addition, it is also possible to adjust the backrest from slightly diagonally forward to completely flat.

You do not have to be afraid that you are tipping over, even if it is a bit scary at first to lie completely flat on the chair.

In addition, the ICON also has a tilt function. This allows the chair by shifting the weight in a slightly oblique position, so I call the whole thing like the Kippel function. This can be adjusted in their intensity or completely shut down.

The armrests of the noblechairs ICON are so-called 4D armrests, so they can be adjusted in four axes. This includes the height, the angle, distance to each other and the move forward / backward.


Quality and value

If you buy a desk chair for around € 350, you expect it to last a while. Therefore, I try once to assess the quality of workmanship and material quality.

The noblechairs ICON worked under the hood similar to the EPIC or other high end gaming desk chairs. I’ve seen a few gaming desk chairs by now and suppose most of the models come from the same Asian paver, which of course makes adjustments to the choice of materials and massiveness depending on the job.

However, there are some parallels with, for example, a Maxnomic Need for Seat Office Comfort, Corsair T1 Race, etc. as far as the basic structure is concerned.

However, the noblechairs ICON has an above-average level of cleanliness in terms of welds and general processing. Even compared to my test sample of the EPIC, the ICON is still a step cleaner, even if the basic structure is quite identical. That may of course be explained by a certain variation in the production runs.

Noblechairs sets the ICON the highest “material quality. That means this possession a metal base frame, both with the backrest as well as with the seat cushion. For many under € 250 desk chairs, wood panels are used, see hjh OFFICE LEAGUE PRO.

The metal frame makes a good impression and is sufficiently thick and solid. However, the armrests are not bolted directly to this frame, but on a welded plate. However, this should not be less good.

However, the armrests are probably the only criticism I have about the quality of the ICON. Unfortunately, these wobble a bit. I do not mean the basic construction, this is bombproof, but the upper part. The mechanism for adjusting the armrests could be a little firmer.

But that is quite a small point of criticism. Apart from that I have nothing to complain about! The processing of my artificial leather model is absolutely top. The seams are absolutely perfect and the material itself is very even and sufficiently thick.

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The base, which is made of plastic for the $330 Corsair T1 Race, seems to be made of aluminum. This is a little bit unusual, as most manufacturers use “steel” here, but the cross seemed a bit too easy for steel.

Especially since the base is not too thin or cheap. This is completely made of a single casting and has internal cross bracing for increased stability.

The gas spring is like a chair in this price range a class 4 gas spring.

In short, the noblechairs ICON has worked its price range and the maximum weight rating of 150KG appropriately. Although there are certainly models that are built even more massive (AKRacing Onyx or Maxnomic Office-Comfort for example), but you can not really complain about the details and subtleties really.

The ICON is already at the upper end of the material quality! Of course, the chair may develop some weakness or weakness for years, but I can not anticipate that at the moment. After about 2 weeks now, I could not detect a possible breaking point.


How is it?

Let’s get to the most important point, how well do you sit on the noblechairs ICON? Although I try to describe the chair in a neutral way, it is not easy to hide your personal preferences. In addition, the sitting feeling can vary depending on how big and heavy you are.

I’m about 1.84m tall and weigh around 90KG, so I should quite easily fit on the chair, which is approved for up to 150KG. I will also often refer to the noblechairs EPIC in this part of the report . The EPIC and the ICON are approximately in a price range, so here’s the comparison.

Like the EPIC , the ICON is a relatively hard desk chair. That sounds more negative than it really is. The upholstery of the ICON is absolutely top, so you will not feel the underlying metal construction, but you will not sink into the chair.

You do not sit on the ICON “like on clouds”, in return you do not sit like on a wooden bench.

Especially when sitting for a long time, I prefer this somewhat firmer upholstery. It is practically impossible to sit through the noblechairs ICON. 8 hours in a row on the PC? No problem!

The firmer padding in combination with the perforated artificial leather also ensures a good ventilation.

The ICON is one of the cooler and airier faux leather desk chairs I’ve encountered so far.

Noblechairs specifies the ICON to 150KG, so one would have to assume that the chair is also suitable for slightly wider users? This is partly the case. The noblechairs EPIC is significantly narrower and more restrictive compared to the ICON. Most gaming desk chairs, like racing seats, have fairly aggressive wings. In the car, of course, these should give the driver a halt, on a chair these are usually more decoration and provide at most an upright basic position.

The noblechairs EPIC had quite aggressive shaped wings, which almost hugged the user. For normally built users so far no problem, for broader users or those who like to sit a little free, however unfavorable.

Here is the ICON better. The chair gives you a lot more freedom and thus feels a bit more airy, but still offers a good grip. So you are still held in a fairly straight basic position.

For example, this was a problem I had with the AK Racing Onyx. It offers a lot of space, but doing a bad job of keeping the user in a comfortable position, you slipped and almost had to actively concentrate on sitting straight.

When ICON is sitting as a normally built user automatically straight. However, the ICON also has a disadvantage compared to the EPIC. Many or most of the “gaming desk chairs” have at most mediocre lower back support. Therefore, all manufacturers always put a pillow for this area.

The EPIC was a small exception here and offered above-average support of the back, the ICON is here in the direct comparison rather at the level of most competitors.

Converged EPIC vs. ICON:

If you are a small to normal built user I would almost prefer the NobleChairs EPIC , as long as you could handle a “narrower” chair.

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Are you a normal to slightly wider built user I would prefer the ICON. This offers a little more space and airiness.

If you are really very broad, I would rather prefer the ICON, although this one would not be my first choice for users who really scratch the 150KG mark.

Both noblechairs models are absolutely top! There is no “is clearly better” both are from the seating comfort, if you like a bit breezy and maybe a little harder, absolutely great!

Especially with longer work on the PC, the models of noblechairs are absolute upper class and with the best, what you can get for money.

With the armrests noblechairs uses a 4D design, which means that they can be adjusted in a variety of positions. Just the adjustability of the height is, I think, well done, the range is pretty perfect here. Fortunately, here noblechairs renounces any strange shape of the armrests themselves, these are normal “hard pad” pads without a bend or the like.

What I also appreciate the noblechairs ICON, is its Wippfunktion. This of course not exclusive to noblechairs to find, quite the contrary. Most other gaming charis have something similar too.

However, by and large we can distinguish between two mechanisms. The “cheaper” which comes with many cheap DXRacer models used and the more expensive, which is also used in the ICON.

Both of these mechanisms allow you to tilt the chair slightly backwards, resulting in a more relaxed position and generally not allowing the chair to feel so static and firm. Also, if you are bored, you can rock something like a rocking chair.

The more favorable mechanism, which is built like a “T”, you have to actively repel the ground to get into the slope, the higher quality mechanism, which is built like a “Z”, is sufficient to shift the weight.

I appreciate this rocking mechanism very much and I am happy that it can also be found on the ICON!



The noblechairs ICON is with around $370 certainly not a purchase, which one does on the fly. As a rule, the trial seat would certainly offer here, but unfortunately this will hardly be possible.

So I’ll try to summarize how sitting on the ICON feels like.

The ICON is well padded but relatively hard. You do not sit on this like “on clouds”, but in return it is hardly possible to sit through this chair. Therefore, a longer stay of 8 hours or more is not a major problem.

In addition, the ICON feels comparatively airy. This is also due to the perforated texture of the artificial leather used. This makes the chair less sweaty or sticky in the summer.

In contrast to the noblechairs EPIC , the ICON is a bit wider and more open. On the one hand, this has a comparatively large seat cushion, on the other hand, the “wings” of the backrest are less aggressive compared to the EPIC and many other “Gaming Chairs”. However, the chair nevertheless ensures a very good grip.

So does the ICON offer for wider users? Yes, certainly! The noblechairs EPIC was in my view rather suitable for smaller (narrower) to normal built people. The ICON, on the other hand, is the most suitable for normal to slightly broad users.

However, those who really scratch the 150KG mark, or even slightly over it, will probably get along better with an AKRacing Onyx.

All in all , the ICON is one of the best and most comfortable desk chairs I’ve ever used!

Also the haptics and optics can convince the noblechairs ICON. Here, the name of the manufacturer also reflects something the product. The ICON is not a “colorful” and overly eye-catching desk chair, the ICON looks a little more upscale and upscale and certainly makes a good figure in a real office.

In the quality of workmanship and the choice of materials, I have no complaints. The ICON does not look like a chair that only lasts for a few months, but rather a more long-term purchase.

So I see the price of around $ 370 as justified. Once you have sat on a high quality desk chair like the noblechairs ICON , you will not want anything else!


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