The Tesoro Zone Speed ​​F700 review, a good gaming chair for under $150?

Gaming Chairs are trendy! Accordingly, there are dozens of models from new manufacturers such as Noblechairs or classic “gaming” manufacturers such as Corsair.

What many of these gaming charis have in common is the comparatively high price. Here to find a good model under 250 € is not easy.

Tesoro promises but with the F700 just such a good model and that for less than 150 ¬. Ideal for gamers where the money is not so relaxed?

This is to find out in the test! So how good is the Tesoro F700?

Many thanks to Tesoro for providing the F700 for this test!


The Tesoro Zone Speed ​​F700 in the test

The Tesoro F700 is the “smallest” gaming chair from Tesoro’s lineup. However, this is not reflected in the design again!

The F700 is based on the typical racing chair design, which we have been used to for some years. So you get a faux leather chair with a very high backrest and side wings.

These wings serve to center the user, which theoretically puts you in a straighter and more concentrated seating position. Of course, this is also about a certain design aspect.

Of course, this racing shape has become almost iconic due to various streamer, etc.

In terms of colors, Tesoro currently offers you three options, black and white, black and red or pure black.

However, the color choice decides only minor accents on the artificial leather of the backrest and the seat cushion. The base is just like all metal parts always black.

As for the general design, I can not complain about the Tesoro Zone Speed ​​F700. This does not stand out from the crowd, neither negative nor very positive.

But this is not bad for a model that is designed for a good price / performance.

As far as the ergonomics options are concerned, the F700 offers the standard diet. You can first adjust the height according to the manufacturer between 360-440mm. However, these values ​​are only half the truth, because these values ​​apply to the height to underside seat cushions. The “real” seat height I would put on 450-520mm. But this also applies only to the front seat edge, because the seat falls slightly backwards.

In addition to the height of course you can also adjust the backrest at an angle and also configure the armrests in angle and height according to your wishes.

The mechanism for the backrest is interesting solved in the Zone Speed ​​F700. The backrest is completely freely adjustable, there are no steps here.

You have a slider on the bottom. If you solve this, the backrest can be gently adjusted by pressure. The same applies to the seat cushion, which can be tilted by up to 19 degrees. Have you found a comfortable seating position you can determine this.

This works very well and allows a really nice and comfortable setting of the desired position. In return, Tesoro waived a classic Kippel function.


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The structure of the Tesoro Zone Speed ​​F700 is briefly described in a small illustrated instructions.

All the tools and screws you need are included. In the best case, you want to seek help for the assembly, but normally this works on its own.

The chair is supplied with seven components.

  1. seat cushion
  2. back pad
  3. holder
  4. Gas spring
  5. roll
  6. footbase
  7. armrests

First you have to put the rollers in the base and then insert the gas spring. Then you have to screw the holder for the gas spring and the backrest to the seat cushion (four screws).

Once this is done, it is time to screw on the backrest (three screws) and screw on the armrests (2x two screws).

Last but not least, just put this construction on the base and gas spring and you’re done.

I had no problems with a bad fit! All screws were straightaway easy in the corresponding holes.


Quality and workmanship

At around 140 €, the Tesoro F700 is one of the cheapest branded models on the market. This is noticeable to the chair but also in some respects something.

If you have already built several Gaming Chairs you will know the basic design. This shows up in the F700, but you can also see where was saved.

The most important difference to the Gaming Chairs that I have tested so far is the backrest. The backrest on the Tesoro F700 is not connected to the seat on the sides, but instead has an “angle” in the middle.

This one certainly does its job, but of course is not quite as massive as two links on the sides. The armrests, for example, are only connected to the chair with two screws. The base is apparently made of a solid cast iron, but is not reinforced inside.

These are all no no-gos, but already show the slightly lower price. Although the Tesoro F700 indicates the maximum load capacity with full 120KG, but I would recommend anyone who scratches at this mark the chair. He will be able to withstand 120KG, but over what period of time I can not say.

Pure of the massiveness, I would recommend the chair rather for users in the range 50-90KG with a clear conscience.

Fortunately, one does not notice the better price for upholstery. This looks well done and even the seams are clean!

In general, all the places you look from the outside look very nice. There are hardly any differences to much more expensive models.

In short, yes, there are differences in the massiveness to more expensive models! Unless you push the chair to its absolute limit (120Kg), it probably will not be a problem, but it’s built well enough.

As far as the upholstery is concerned, the Zone Speed ​​F700 is well on the level of 200-300 € models.


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How is it sitting on the Tesoro F700?

Let’s get to the most important point, how is it? Of course, this is a very personal topic, which depends on your taste and of course on your body.

Basically, the F700 is cut relatively wide and relaxed. The side wings are indeed quite aggressive, but the gap between the wings is pleasantly wide. So you are not restricted by F700, but kept in a reasonably even position.

I particularly liked the seat pad, which is incredibly comfortable! This drops slightly backwards, which makes it easy to “relax” in the F700. In addition, the seat pad is certainly a bit softer padded, which supports this again a good deal.

The same applies to the back padding. However, the back padding is a bit of a problem in most of the racing chairs, as it naturally supports the back moderately well. An absolutely common problem with almost all models.

Even the Tesoro F700 is not completely free from this weakness. You can see that Tesoro has tried to compensate for this, which worked well to a certain extent. Especially the smaller testers I had (+ -1.7m) confirmed me a very good back support. For me with my 1.84m I would classify this as average.

Here, maybe a little extra pillow for the lower back area would not have been bad. However, even when sitting for a long time did not cause back pain or the like.

So if you are an average sized user looking for a slightly more relaxed gaming chair, you will enjoy the F700.

However, I still have a slight point of criticism regarding the backrest. This is less stiff in the F700 than I am used to from other models! This is of course due to the design.

I exercise with my + -90Kg pressure against these, I notice a slight yielding. This can be seen as a feature, as it gives the chair a more relaxed feel, as it softens, but in return, the Tesoro F700 does not look “rock solid”.

By the way, smaller and lighter users could not reproduce this.

Finally something positive. The mechanism for adjusting the backrest and the “tilting” of the seat cushion I like very well! On the one hand, it is very easy to get into a really relaxing position, on the other hand, the mechanism has a pleasingly robust and high-quality implementation.

If you solve this, the back does not hit you against the back or give way completely. There is always a certain inert mass in both directions, which leaves a high-quality impression.


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The conclusion to the Tesoro Zone Speed ​​F700 * is positive! Of course, this is largely due to the really very fair price of around 140 €.

For this 140 € you will receive a very chic and good gaming chair. Of course, there are differences in comparison to “high end” models, primarily in terms of “massiveness”, but this is to be expected.

Are you a “problematic” user, too fat ? or too big, this is not the best model for you. Although Tesoro indicates the maximum load capacity with 120KG, but here I would not put my hand on fire as well as this goes over period X.

The Tesoro Zone Speed ​​F700 is ideal for the average to slightly smaller user! These will also receive the best seating comfort on the gaming chair without question.

The F700 is relatively soft padded and just the seat pad is incredibly comfortable! This is of course always something very personal, but the seat pad fits perfectly with me and my butt. The backrest is comfortable, but could support my back a little better. Smaller testers, however, found the back support optimal, better than many other models.

But bottom line, you have to say clearly that the comfort of the F700 is not worse than most 200 € + models.

For a 140 € chair this is already a great result! So if you are looking for a good and simple gaming chair, where comfortable sitting and a good price are in the foreground, then with the Tesoro Zone Speed ​​F700 you are not doing anything wrong!


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