Thrustmaster Gearbox Test – TH8A – Compatible with PC PS3 PS4 and Xbox One

This Thrustmaster TH8A is a very realistic gearbox that will certainly satisfy virtual racing fans with its solidity, precision and efficiency. It offers great comfort and is compatible with PC, Ps3, Ps4 and Xbox1.

Thrustmaster – TH8A: description

Thrustmaster continues to amaze us with this new model TH8A gearbox. It is designed for all platforms of the moment (PC, Ps3, Ps4 and Xbox1). The editing is done in just a few seconds since you just have to connect it via USB. With this model, you will be entitled to a quality accessory, with an internal mechanism and a lever 100% metal. Which ensures its rigidity. Regarding the box itself, two grids are included, one of type H (7 + 1) and another sequential (+/-). The lever measures 13 centimeters in height, an exact replica of a real racing head to give the player a better gaming experience during each session.


The TH8A is perfect for those who like to venture on stony paths and play wild races. However, those who are used to playing with a gearbox with a strong feeling of friction may be disappointed. Indeed, the transition from sequential mode to H mode is not as easy as we grow.

Thrustmaster - TH8A - Realistic Gearbox Compatible with PC PS3 PS4 and Xbox One

ThrustMaster – TH8A: main features

The Thrustmaster TH8A features HEART technology or Hall Effect AccuRate Technology for outstanding accuracy. Indeed, there is no potentiometer or “tact switch” in the box. To put it simply, this model has an unlimited life. The presence of magnetic sensor also allows it to be very effective especially during turns, as during a real driving. The position and rotation of the grids and the fixing system are adjustable over 360 °. This, to guarantee you better control of the game. But that’s not all, if you wish, you have the opportunity to update the firmware.


While the TH8A is among the high-end products, but it would be better to change the original pommel because the latter is not the “top quality”. Moreover, this knob is detachable and the gearbox is compatible with the real race knobs . I just coneiller to buy one, especially for just a dozen euros!

Universal Gearshift Lever Pommel …

Electronic appliances
 EUR 7.43

Thrustmaster - TH8A Realistic Gearbox Compatible with PC PS3 PS4 and Xbox One

Thrustmaster – TH8A: the benefits of leverage

The TH8A Thrustmaster has several advantages, if one were to mention only the knob. In fact, the gearbox is compatible with real knobs and is universal type. In other words, you enjoy a great freedom of choice of accessories with this model. Its internal mechanism and lever entirely made of metal guarantee all the strength of the whole. And since metal is a very strong material, the TH8A will hold many years without sagging. The contactless magnetic sensor present in the housing also gives it a high degree of accuracy. And if you are a seasoned racing player, you know how important this criterion is.

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As expected from the Thrustmaster brand, the TH8A surprises with design quality. I advise you to play with a steering wheel of the same sign to be able to make the most of this gearbox. For example, you can pair it with the TRS500 steering wheel for more realism.


In my opinion, this Thrustmaster TH8A gearbox has it all. Besides the comfortable side, it is also equipped with great precision . It will no doubt delight virtual racing fans looking for a strong sensation and a good dose of adrenaline like me. On the practical side, its internal mechanism and metal lever are enough to provide the required quality. They give a strong impression of strength and rigidity. But the TH8A also offers a very realistic gearshift feel thanks to its adjustable gearshift resistance .


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