Warfame: Fortuna in Test – Death and Taxes

Who in the Corpus in the debt trap, it goes to the substance. The tax collectors of the rich and powerful corporations not only make use of the belongings of their defaulting payers. If necessary, organs and mechanical parts of the body are also lovingly taken possession, until at the end of the guilty party nothing remains.


And where in real life Peter Zwegat climbs into his debt rocket to see what can be saved, only the Tenno can help in Warframe . So we go to the Venus colony Fortuna and help the defenseless and weak in the fight against their greedy oppressors.

This is not quite funny in a free shooter, which makes the players of his AAA competition .

Final story

With Fortuna comes the second large, open planetary surface into play. Let’s start our adventure there with a terrific intro sequence and a song who now has over three million clicks on YouTube. Then our way leads us over a small quest line from the bulging player-filled hub to the snowy new game environment.

The hub in Fortuna is packed with players.  We pose with our Excalibur Prime.The hub in Fortuna is packed with players. We pose with our Excalibur Prime.

The mission chain is very low level and can be created for players of all calibres. Too bad that the story ends here after not even an hour of play time at its peak and currently does not continue for now. After all, there is finally something tangible about the faction of the Corpus. So far, these were just types with square helmets and relatively little substance.

The story that Digital Extremes begins with Fortuna is definitely thrilling and beautifully set (English). Hopefully it will not take another year or more to continue. Until then, let’s face new enemy types like Robo Spiders, Ferris Wheels and Archfies Nef Anyos Minions.

Tons of rewards

After the introduction, as with Plains of Eidolon, we embark on bounty missions, collecting fish and ores and enjoying the beautiful open world. At her, we explore every square centimeter, leave none of her caves untouched and clean the venus hills of nasty crawlies.

As a new feature, we track down endangered creatures on their footprints and other legacies, stunning them and shooting them (humanely) into orbit for relocation. As a reward for our efforts, new clothes for our operator, as well as tailor-made secondary weapons, the so-called kitguns.

Garuda is quickly covered with blood. Greetings from Dragon Age!

Depending on the installed components, these work like a laser, an automatic rifle, a grenade launcher or a shotgun. Should the weapon be specialized for status or critical damage? Large magazine or fast reload speed? The better our reputation, the more choices we have.

Similarly, the construction of the new MOA Pets works. Depending on your taste, these mechanical corpse companions will knock down our enemies via knockdown effects, hack terminals, or temporarily control enemy robots. The new cocks and combat companions fit in well and are neither too weak nor overpowering. On top of that, there’s a cool new means of transportation.


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