Xbox Scarlett, also called Xbox 2, will arrive in 2020: Separate CPUs and GPUs, like a PC, to be able to play in 4K

New rumors to the load, where this time directly affect Microsoft . Apparently, a presumed industry expert quotes the E3 of this 2019 as the date where the Redmond will make a big noise with their new Xbox console , taking advantage of the confirmed absence of Sony to such an event. Apparently, the intention is not to present the console itself, but to reveal some specific information about it, such as GPU or SSD .

Xbox Scarlett, also called Xbox 2, will arrive in 2020


The final date of presentation, and much more limited after the latest leaks, says that both Sony and Microsoft would launch their consoles for sale at some point in Q4 next year, where apparently and according to the latest rumors both companies would have arrived to an agreement to fix it in November 2020.

This implies that we are still a long way from that event, but what is rumored today leaves some hope for the long period that this entails. And it is that, although the rumor can be taken with tweezers, since the author has not been revealed, if it has enough logic. In any case, this subject claims to be an alleged expert in the industry , so we will have to be cautious when reading his statements.

According to the filtration, Microsoft will give a lot of data (some concrete) about the specifications, features and capabilities of the company’s next gaming console. All in the best possible scenario in this 2019: the E3.

After what Sony offered in the interview with Wired , Microsoft seems to be reacting by putting meat on the grill for the first time officially. Given some features of the future Sony PS5, much will have to tighten Microsoft to take the hype cat to the water in front of its rival.

Sony leaves the path clear to Microsoft

Xbox 2

The absence of Sony leaves without margin of reaction to the Japanese before a possible eventuality as described by the leak. Since, although it is not going to reveal the console as a whole, far from it, if it leaves the company without margin to act before what could be a great presentation focused on key points that increase the interest towards Microsoft and leave Sony in the background.

This would be the first time in history that Sony does not go to an E3 , which is an advantage for Microsoft, but at the same time it is a burden.

All eyes will be present in them, which seems to be adding a lot of pressure to the team in charge of the event, where it is expected that in addition to providing data on the GPU, memory or SSD of Xbox 2, they present technologies such as Ray Tracing for console , a novelty that at the moment Sony has not dared to ensure 100% for its PS5 and where Microsoft can take advantage by having DXR .

That said, it is more than likely that Lisa Su at Computex 2019 will mention in some way her chip for both companies, where we can see a small preview of what awaits us at E3 .

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