xCloud, the Netflix of the Microsoft video game in October

We were expecting a lot from Microsoft’s June 9 presentation. While it was confirmed for 2020 a new console under temporary name Scarlett, nothing too concrete was unfortunately shown. We know that it will be powerful and equipped with SSD but physically it has not been shown.

Microsoft has instead chosen to focus on its xCloud service that will be deployed in October. This is a streaming service like Neflix for cinema or Spotify for music in which all games in the Xbox catalog will be offered. Basically, mobile devices, Xbox consoles or computers can connect to xCloud. It will be basically a service similar to that announced by Google with its service Stadia, with the difference that Microsoft will rely on an impressive catalog of games. The xCloud service will allow you to play together between mobile, PC and Xbox.

Note however a blur on the price of the service and its precise date of launch. While Sony has PlayStation Now and Stadia is coming, will there come a time when we will need several monthly streaming service subscriptions? What will be the impact on our Internet plan?

I still have my doubts about the actual effectiveness of streaming services for games. Video presentations always seem perfect without ‘lags’ as if people were pretending to play, I just ask to be pleasantly surprised, for now I’m watching and you?

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